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The Marines' Wife


Zoey, a 22 year old wife of a Marine and, a mother of a baby girl, struggles when she finds out her husband is Missing in action some where in the Iraqi deserts. She clings to all she has left of him with her life. She struggles with the fact that hes not coming home but, still has hope that her husband will be found weather hes dead or alive. She wants to know that he is back in the United States even if it means his body is covered with an american flag. View table of contents...



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Being Married to a Marine isn't the easiest thing. I've been married to my husband for four years, and every deployment gets harder. His love, and his letters keep me going, the same way my love and my letters keep him going. While he fights a war, i fight to keep him.

Every time I hear a knock at my door my heart races, and my mind goes every where. Could this be a marine in uniform telling me my husband will be coming home covered with the flag?

I lay awake at night hoping and praying for his safe return. When I promised him forever I never thought our forever could end by one shot from the enemy.

Acheron, my husband told me before we ever got married that the Marines' were his life and, this was what he was going to do for the rest of his life. I respected that, and I admired him for it. When he spoke of the corps or wore his uniform I could see the pride and honor that he held in his heart.

It was love at first sight when I saw my husband, He made every girl look when he walked down a street. He stood six foot four with dark brown hair an beautiful green eyes and a smile that would turn any frown into a smile. When we married I wasn't but 18. I was young, and was ready for what ever life could throw at me but, I never guessed that it would throw a deployment, and a baby in the mix. I stayed strong while he was away.

The baby came 2 months early. I stayed in the hospital with the baby watching her grow as, i waited for my husband to come home. Acheron, Had 2 weeks to go on his deployment when he got his new orders saying he had an added 5 more months in the sandy deserts of Iraq. I was devastated, when he called and told me the news, but like any Marine wife I sucked it up, and waited until I could be back in his arms.

As I lay Sapphire down for her nap in her crib, I hear the door bell ring. My heart skips a beat as I fear my dreams are coming true. I look down at my sleeping angel and, run a light hand over her brown hair. The door bell rings again, this time startling me. A sick feeling ran through my now shaking body.

I softly leave the room, leaving the door to the nursery half cracked in case the baby wakes. walking down the stairs slowly my legs feel like jello. I get to the door not wanting to open it to face the man that tells me my husband won't be coming home.

I turned the door nob shaking. The door opened fully. Two men stood in front of me wearing dress blues. My heart caught in my throat as i tried to breath. All color in my face drained away slowly.

The two men took off their caps, "Can i help you?" I spoke. My voice was hoarse.

The two men looked at each other than back at me, "Mrs. Henderson may we come in?" The one with soft brown eyes asked, in a sincere voice.

I looked back to the stairs were saphire was sound asleep, "Please." I forced a smile as, i backed up a little letting the door open wider.

The two men followed me in to the living room. They both sat on the couch in front of the love seat together. The one that hadn't said anything, sat a file on the coffee table in front of him. I sat on the love seat oppisate of them.

"Can i get you anything? Water, sweet tea anything?" I asked nervously, looking in between the two men.

The one with the soft brown eyes smiled, it didn't reach his eye though. "No, Ma'am."

The man on the left of the man that has spoken so far looked at me with a cold face. No emotion to be found. Not even in his eyes. "Ma'am, Your husband Lance Corpral Hendricks," I shudder as my husbands name and rank rolled off the mans lips. Tears threatened to fall but, i wouldn't let them. "Was found to be missing in action. Last night while he was on patroll, he and six other men were attaced by the enemy. Five of the men were killed, we know who those men are they were part of another delta company. The two other men however survived from a blast of explosions. We know this because their bodys haven't been found. We believe that your husband along with another man are now prisoners of war."

As i hear these words my world slowly starts to fade as i think of all the terrible things they could be doing to my husband. I shake off the feeling of dread because, i know i have to stay strong for the little girl who lays asleep in her crib upstairs.

I sat there looking in to space. The gentlemen who had told me asked, "Ma'am is their any one you can call to be here with you at this time? We will not leave you here on your on in your time of greaf."

I looked up at them," Yes ,I can call my mother she doesn't live far." They both nodded.

As I get up slowly from the sofa, I walk towards my phone then i begin dialing my mother's number praying she picks up.I listen to the phone ring an ring, the answering machine comes on so I leave my mother a message asking her to call me as soon as she can.I end the calland begin dialing my mother in laws phone number, dreading how shewill take the news of her only son being MIA.

I listen as my mother in law picks up her phone.

Mary, My mother-in- law picks up with a cheerfull hello, "Hello sweet heart, I'm glad you called! I was wondering if I could come an visit you an my grandchild for the day?"A new feeling of pain washes over me as i hear her vocie.


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