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An Unexpected Surprise, Dream Babies Series

Novel By: Kavanya

Kavaya Jackson landed her dream job, working at one of the top companies, Brights'Jim Foundation Inc. She never dream would end up there. Everyone was going well until she had bad run in with the CEO of Brights' Jim Foundation. She carry a secret she doesn't want know one to know. What will she do when people starts to find out but little doesn't she knows that she carries a secret that even she doesn't know about.......
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Beep! Beep!

Kavaya jump out the bed and check her time. It was 5:00AM in the morning. She was too excited becasue she starts her new job today. She will be one of the junior executive in the marketing department at Brights' Jim Foundation Inc. They owned many small businesses all over the world. Now she will be working in the main branch which is in Boston, MA. Well, it's an intership that can lead to a permenant position with the company. Her professor had gotten seven people from their class into the intership program at the company and they also get pay, too.

Kavaya jump out of the bed and ran to the bathroom to get ready. She stay in an apartment with three other roommates, Melissa Dell, a tall blond Sweden girl with with cruve, Alexia Jones smooth chocolate skin with very long drak brown curly hair, she was from Chicago and Min Fong, yellow skin tone, black straight hair with light red highlight, she was from Hong Kong. It was an apartment complex for students going to Northearn University. It has four bedrooms with two bathrooms. The living room was big with a sliding door that leads to the patio outside. The kitchen wasn't small either.

Kavaya check her self in the mirror. She put her honey dye aubrun hair in a bun. Her skin was like the candy caramel and smooth. She put on a light blue dress shirt and a gray skirt that reach to her knees. She put her heels on and check the time. It was time for her to go. They start at seven on the dot. It just turn 6:00. Kavaya was ready to head out the door when one of her roommates came out their room.

"Already leaving this early in the morning? the girl asked as she yarned. Melissa Dell hair was a mess. She was Sweden. She was also in her class too but was going to another company to do her intership.

"Yes. I start at seven so I better getting going. I think you should get your self ready too. " Kavaya said as she headed out the door.

She arrived by subway in 45 minutes to the building. She met up with few other people from her class. They were excited just as she was. They were all chatted as they entered the build. They met with the guards at the front of the build. One of them direct them where to go. They were ushered inside a large confrence room. They waiting for 10 minutes until a couple of more people were ushered into the room. Then a lady appeared at the front ofthe room. She clear here throat to get everyone attention. She was kind of tall with long straight blond hair down to her back. She look around her earlier twenties just like a couple of them.

"Okay now that I got your attention we will began. My name is Iris Livington and I will be explaining what the process will be for the remaining of the time you are here." She explained coldly. "This is how is it going to be. All of you should already know what department you going to in and you will be assigned to one or two of the group in that department. They will be watching your every move to see if you got what it takes to work here. This is a very challenging job so you better are prepared to work hard to keep the position. You won't see the chairman of this company because he's a very busy man but he will stop by to see the newbies. Now I will call your name and tell you who you'll be working with."

A few minutes later Kavaya was set up at her station. They were on the sixth floor. She was with Daniel Simmons, Clarie Playton and three other people she didn't know. Their supervior was no other then 'Icy Blue' that the name they gave her. Well, she just won't get on her bad side. Kavaya thought in her head. She already had a nice piles of work for everyone one of them. They were assign to a desk and they had to process each paper work in the system. Kavaya was alway a fast learner so she was done within two hours. The rest had half of their tasks done. Icy Blue (Iris) came back with more and plop them right on Kavaya desk.

"Here you go. Another stack for you." she said expressionless. Kavaya jaws drop as she watched her walk away. Okay she got this. It's nothing to it. In another hour or two Kavaya was finihed with that stack. She double check to make sure she input the data correctly in the system.

"Great! I'm done. What about you guys?" Kavaya asked them.

"I'm almost done but don't say it too loud or she'll br-" Daniel started to said but was cut off by Ice Blue who came back with more stacks of paper but this time she had crates full of doucments inside them. She gave each of the four except for Kavaya. She gave her four extra.

"All this need to be done by the end of the day. You can take your lunch at 12 but be back at 1:30pm." Ms. Livingston anounced. Her icy piecre look make you want to hide behind a counter. She seems to put the fear in everyone except for Kavaya. She was annoyed by her already and it's only the first day.

By the time lunch time roll around Kavaya had tree crates left. The others had three or two crates left. They went to the cafe to grab them something to eat but headed back to the office because they wanted to finish by the end of the day. Kavaya didn't go back because she know she going to finish those crates in less then an hour since shegotten the hang on the pattern. She decided to cruise around since she still have time left before she go back. Kavaya went to the fifteenth floor and walked around. She knew that most of the people were at lunch but the rooms she past didn't seem like offices.

Kavaya came to a stop when she notice a path that lead to a balcony. She went outside into a big beautiful garden. She walked further into the garden. She didn't know they would have a place like this. There was even a fountain in the center. Kavaya Went to go sit in one of the swinging benches. It was peaceful. She sat there for a few minutes before she notices someone watching her. She nearly fell off the swing and hit her face on the ground. Wow that was graceful. Kavaya though to her self. She quickly got of the ground and straighten herself. She gave the guy a very nice show of her butt.

"Are you alright?" he asked with an heavy english accent.

His eyes was crystal blue like the sky but they seems to be laughing at her. Kavaya can feel her face become very hot with embrassment. She nodded her head and ran out of the balcony. She went to the bathroom to check herself first vefore heading back. She can't believe she felt flat on her face with her butt high in the sky giving anyone who pass by a nice view of her undies and in front of a handsome guy. At the end of the day, Kavaya finished all her crates.

For the next couple of months, Ms. Livingston worked them to death. She brought them all sorts of materials for them to do. Project after project she threw at them with the help of Kavaya they finished all of them in time. They were exastusted by the end of the seven months. They all went to the cafe across the street from the building for lunch. Draya dropped helfself in one the booths. She groaned.

"Urggghhh! My God! I just want to grab Miss Icy Blue by the neck and just shake her! Man, we just can't get a break!" she complained. The others agreed with her silding into the booth.

"I know! I don't thinkg my brain can function right now. Kav, I think you need to just slow down just a little bit. It look like she have it in for you." Daniel said.

"Well, I don't let her intimitated me. I can understand she going to be our supervisor but she doesn't have to act like that. She could lighten up a little bit." Kavaya said annoyed.

"Anyway, there going to be a party on Friday with everyone. I'm looking forward toward it. I going to drink and relax." Claire smiled brightly. "Hey maybe Icy Blue might let loose at ther party!"

They all looked at each other then burst out laughing.

"As if!...Ha, Ha, Ha. Can you imagine her shaking her tail feathers at the party!" James joked but quickly clear his throat. He seem nervous now.

"What?" Draya asked.

"We better go." he said. They turned around to see Ms. Livingston giving them an espression they can't decribe but they know it's not good.

"Oh boy that can't be good." Kavaya murmured as they hurry up with their food and left the cafe.

They headed back arcoss the street to the building. They still have some time left before they go back to work. Kavaya told them she will catch up with them later. She went up to the fifteenth floor to the graden in the balcony. Kavaya goes there to think or calm down when Ms. Livigston giving her a hard time. Each time she goes there she always look around to see she was going to see that crystyal blue eyes guy. She haven't seem him since that day when he came to check on her to see if she was alright. She walked into the garden and goes to her spot by the fountain. The breeze was nice as rose petal fell all around her while she swing herself on the bench. Kavaya smiled to herself. She feel at peace here.

"I was wondering if I was going to see you again." someone said in a deep rich English voice very close behind her.

Kavaya whipped her head around and for second time falling off the bench. This time he caught her before hit the ground. She was surprised. Both of her hands were gripping his shirt. She looked striaght into his eyes. She was lost in his clear blue eyes. She felt like the were flying in the sky. She felt her body react to his touch. He stand up with her in his arms.

"Ohh!" she squeaked and wiggled in his arms to get loose. He tighten his grip on her.

"I'm okay. You can put me down." Kavaya demanded pushing against him now. He gently set her down on the ground but still have his arms around her. Her body fit perfectly with his. Kavaya felt like she was going to melt in his arms. She step away from him and this time he let her.

"Are you the only one that comes here?" he asked her.

"Yes." she answered back not looking him in the eyes. She would just get lost in them. "Do you work here? I never see anyone on this floor?"

"Well, yes. I do work here. Sometimes I move from one office to another. What floor do you work on?"

"I'm on the six floor with Miss Icy BLu- Umm.. I mean Iris." Kavaya said catching herself. He laughed out loud.

"Icy Blue? That what you call her?" he grined showing dimples both side of his cheeks making him look more handsome.

"Well, that the name we gave her. I mean she act like she can't lighten up alittle. We worked are butt off in that department and make sure everything get done on time. But she just kept on bring more and more not giving us time to breathe especially me. She double my work but that okay becasue I'm not going to let her imtimdate me. You know what I'm just casually just talking to you and I don't know your name." Kavaya said a mouth full.


"Kavaya. Call me Kav for short."

"Interesting name. Kavaya." saying her name seductively in his mouth. Her heart did a flip flop. Kavaya checked her time and notice it was time for her to head back down.

"Um.. okay... I have to go. See you around." Kavaya said quickly and turn around but he grab her arm. She looked at him.

"Will you be at the company party this Friday?"

"Yes." she replied. He lean closer to her.

"Then I see you there." he whispered and he kissed her.

She was shocked and pushed him away. She turned around and left the balcony. Kavaya sat at her desk still coudn't believe that he kissed her. She wasn't aware that Iris was trying to get her attention until she slap her desk. Kavaya jumped up didn't realize Iris was that close to her and bash her head in her face.

"Offusp!" Iris cried out as she felt to the ground. Kavaya rubbed her head. Then she ran to Iris side to help her up.

"Oh, I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!" Kavaya kept repeating over and over again. Iris pushed her hands away as she stood up. She glared at Kavaya.

"Next time you better be alert when I'm trying to get you attention. We are having a meeting with all the interns in five minutes. I need all of you to head to the 2nd floor to your right is the conference room now!" she hissed.

She turn in her heels and walk back to her office. Soon as the door close the others brust out laughing. They covered their mouth so she won't here them. Daniel grabbed Kavaya hand and dragged her out the office with the rest of them.

"That was priceless!" Draya giggled. The others agreed with her. "I mean did you see her expression When Kav ram her head in her face."

"Yeah I bet she definitly going to have it in for you now." Claire said

"Yeah, I know." Kavaya groaned. They arrived to the conference room. There was quite a few people there. When everyone arrive they they began the meeting. Iris was the one who conduct the meeting.

"As you know. We would like to recognize a couple of people who went beyond and help this company grow. Frist ones are Kavaya Pielton, Claire Playton and Lizzy Lane. They did a tremendous job in their department and made are profit shoot higher than ever. There are others who also play a role in it too. We will be give out awards and certificates on Friday. So everyone dress to impress. Today we are closing early today so.... with that said..... you .. free to go." She said.

Everyone was excited as they leave the conference room. Kavaya was excited too and it didn't have anything to do with the job.


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