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Boss's Love Battle

Novel By: Kavanya

Coliava Ling doesn’t like working for people who think there better than everyone else but what can she do. One thing is she will not let her self be swept off her feet by any guys. But what do you do when your stuck in between a battle…. View table of contents...


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"Get up! GEt up! GET up! GET UP!" someone shouted in her ears. Coliava Ling jumped and shook in the air. She felt on the floor.


"What the-"

"GET YOUR ASS UP! YOU'RE GOING TO BE LATE IF YOU DON'T GET UP! YOU KNOW WHO THIS IS!" the voice kept on yelling. Coliava reached for the dress to turn it off. It was not there. She struggled off the floor and search in the dark for the alarm. She step on something hard and felt a sharp pain shoot up her left leg. She found the alarm. Coliava grab it and shut it off when someone turns on the light. She looked her roommate in the eyes.

"Sooooo… you didn't here your alarm go out?" her tone sound flat because she was still sleepy.

"Oh, sorry. Rina. I sleep hard. You know that. Ha..ha. yeah" Coliava murmured rubbing her face. She checked the time. Her eyes almost popped out of their socket. She was going to be late. Coliava rushed out the room and ran straight down the hall to the bathroom.

"Here we go again." Rina mumbled and walked to Coliava's bed, more like flow over to her bed. She plops on top of the bed. "1… 2… 3…-"

"OH MY GOD! I'M GOING TO BE LATE!" Coliava shouted. She came from the bathroom and when into the closet throwing clothes all other the place. Rina started laughing as she watches her roommate run around getting ready. Rina chuckled.

"What hell is going on? Is she late again?" Karen, Coliava's other roommate and best friend, said as she walked in the room.

"I don't have time. Bye girls!" Coliava yelled and ran out the door.

"This got to be a new record. How she manage to take a shower, fix her hair and find some clothes to wear in three minutes?" Karen asked Rina.

"Beats me. I was trying to figure that out myself." She yarned and felt back sleep on Coliava's bed.

Coliava manage to make it just in time for work given that she live in town and have to come to the city for work. She straightens herself. She checked herself from the full length mirror in the elevator.Hey honey brown eyes stood out more matching the color of her natural shoulder length curly hair. She was 5'4 and weigh 115 with a big butt. A lot of people love her caramel skin tone and her figure. Coliava doesn't think much of herself. She felt that she look alright but not extreme. It was 7:30 on the dot when she stepped into her cubical. Stacy waved at her and came by her desk.

"Girl you are lucky. Because he not here yet. Debbie said he just pull up as soon as you walk in the office." Stacy whispered. Coliava smiled. Good. She doesn't want to here his voice in her head. Stacy was blond, tall, fair skin, with clear blue eyes. She always has some guys flaunting behind her trying to get her attention. They have been friends with each other since grade school. Stacy dragged a chair to sit next to her.

"I heard the head of Michael Tech is coming in today and he is looking for someone to be his PA." Stacy whispered.

"What happen to the one he hired last week?" Coliava asked.



"Yeah, oh, got to go." Stacy quickly got up and when back to her cubical. Paterson McDoward walked in with a stern looking on his face. Ever since she started working here five years ago she never seen him cracked a smile. He always frowns at everything no matter how good it is. He is gorgeous. Tall, black, handsome African man. He has soft, curly, brown hair that goes well with his complexion. His form is well build. He definitely works out at the gym. She would like to see how-

"Ms. Ling!" she jumped and notices that Mr. McDoward was standing by her desk.

"Yes, sir?" she said a little embarrassed.

"In my office. And bring the Kelly's Project." He said with force. Coliava flinched a little and quickly got out her chair. She looked in her file cabinet for the file and quickly rushed to his office. When she steps inside his office there were two more men in the office. One of the guys has blond hair that is a little long, cute dimples, soft blue eyes, tall and look like Brad Pitt. The other guy was red hair with green eyes, tall, tan skin. He looked like a model in the men magazine. Coliava feel like she just dropped into handsome kingdom. Too many gorgeous guys are going to make her nervous and act funny. They stop talking when she walked in.

"Impressive." The blond hair guy said. "That was fast."He seems surprised that she was quick with getting the files.

"Yeah that if she can manage to bring herself early almost everyday it would be good." Mr. McDoward expressed. Coliava made a face behind hoping the others didn't see her. "Well, let get started. Ms. Ling explained to them about how this project work." Ling explain how this project work… naw..naw…naw..naw. I'll show you how this- Coliava cracked a big smile before she say something that would get her fired.

"Absolutely!" she said with pride going out the window. "Kelly's project is a company that manufactures computer engineering equipments that will benefit us in the future. They already have a prototype on different types of software's that improve the computer to mover faster. They are other thing they-"

"Okay, thank you. Very impressing. I would like to meet with the head of the company to talking future on with this project." The blond hair said a little coldly. It like she can feel a draft inside the room when none of the windows were open.

"Ms. Ling you will be removed from this section and will be going to the 18th floor.You will be working for Mr. Clarkson and Mr. Donavan. They are the president of the companies." Mr. McDoward explained to her. Then he dismissed her without a glance and continue to talk the head of the companies. Coliava stoop there blinking her eyes then she turned around to walk out the door.

"Oh, Ms. Ling please clear your desk and move up stairs today. I would like to get started today." The blond hair, Mr. Clarkson, told hold. It sounded more like a demand. Damn! I can't believe I'm going to work for another cold boss and on top of that he's the guy who owns the place! Ava yelled in her head. She just smiled and left the office. She when and clear her desk. Everyone in the office was looking at her and she could here someone them whispering among each other. She already knew they think she got fired but she not going to say nothing to them. They like to gossip around the office. Stacy came by her desk with a worry look on her face. Ava gave her a reassurance look.

"Don't worry." Ava giggled a little. "Help me pack up most of these things."

"What's going on? Did he fire you?" she asked whispering.

"No. Both of the guys that came in earlier that our major boss. They own the damn company. I just been bump way to the top. I will be working for Mr. Clarkson." Coliava whispered back.

"What really. Ava your luck."

"I don't see it that way." Ava mumbled. They came out the office and approach her desk.

"Are you ready? We'll send someone to bring the rest of your things up." He said and begin to walk towards the elevator. Ava looked back at her desk and follow him. Stacy was behind her with more of her things. They went up to the 18th floor and Mr. Clarkson told the guard they were with him. He show Ava where her office was. It was kind of big and she had a small room where she can store all her files.

"You can just put your things on the desk and fix it later. And… you are?" He turned and looked at Stacy.

"I'm Stacy White. Work on the fourth floor. I put your stuff here, Ava. See you later. Nice meeting you, Mr. Clarkson." Stacy said and quickly head out leaving her alone with the guy. Ava let out a big sigh and turn to face Mr. Clarkson but he was no where around.Ava took this time to look around the office more. There was a window view of the sea. This office was more spacious then her small little cubical. She walked into the file room. There was a desk at the back a small window to her right.


Ava jumped and turned around to see Mr. Clarkson standing there with an irritating look on his face. He was already annoyed with her! She didn't even start yet.

"I was wonder when you were going to follow me to my office. I would like to get them on the phone to schedule a meeting. I don't want a PA that going to space out all the time." His was tone was cold. She actually can feel a cold draft seeking into this room and she shrived up inside. Ava pushed it aside. She not is going to let this guy get the best of her.

"I do not day-" she started to say but was cut off.

"Is this going to be a problem here?"

"No, but-"

"Ok then now in my office now!" he demanded and headed out the office. Ava was hanging open at the sound of his command. Oh, hell no! She not going to get all ghettos on him she going to play it cools, Ava said in her mind. She walked out of her office and into his with the files in her hands. They went over the documents and Ava made some few calls to set up some appointments. Lunch time roll around and Ava was just about to get in the elevator when someone grabbed her from behind.

"What the-"

"Where do you think you're going?" Mr. Clarkson asked her.

"Uh, it is lunch time." Ava told him shrugging off his hand from her shoulder.

"I order lunch for-"

"How do you know what I like to eat?"


"Don't answer that. But I am entitling to a lunch time. I may work for you now but I like to take break away from the files and everything else." Ava told him. He just stared at her with a very cold stare and this time she could feel the dislike coming off of him.

"I not taking any of your lunch time away from Mr. Clarkson but let me remind you that as my PA you WILL be here when I need you, you WILL NOT talk back to me if you still want to work here and I the ONE who makes the rules here. If I say you staying to have lunch here that mean you are to have your lunch here. I'm not going have an employee in my company thinking they can say whatever they can to me. DO I make myself clear?" he said harshly to her. She was so shock, no words came out of her mouth and he was waiting for a reply. "DO I make myself clear?"

"Yes very clear."


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