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Katrina's Light of Shine

Novel By: Kavanya

Katrina Gomez work for a top notch company which almost every single female in the building fell for Multimillionaire Marshall James Cartwrights. Katrina had a huge crush on him even thought she never met him in person until one day his personal assistant went missing he made Katrina his new personal assistant. Katrina was surprised and very happy. She didn't mind working for him and her current boss but something happen that cause commotion throughout the office. It became worst when she found out some truth about her boss. Katrina learned that things were not what you expect them to be and her boss, Marshall, didn't want her out of his sight. Katrina find herself in deep trouble and need to find some answers find before it's too late to save herself and her family.
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"Wooooo! Yeah! Score one!" Katrina Gomez shouted and danced around her office then quickly covered her mouth with her hands after her fifteen paper balls went into her wastebasket. She quickly pick up the rest of the paper balls on the floor threw them away and ran back to her desk. As soon as she faced her computer, her boss enters her small office.

"Is... everything alright in here?" he asked with an amused looked on his faced. Katrina had an embarrassing look on her face. She couldn't believe her boss caught her dancing and trying to throw paper balls into her wastebasket. She nodded her head yes. "Well, it is almost closing. I'm leaving early because I have a family dinner to attend. If anyone calls please take a message."

"Yes, sir." she said still embarrassed. He turned to leave the office but stopped.

"One more thing?" he said turning around. "Don't forget to put the office Christmas party notices in everyone inbox."

Then he left. Katrina let out her breath she been holding for a while. She couldn't believe what just happen. She works for a major multimillions dollars marketing company that does businesses all over the world. It was pure luck when she landed this job right after graduating from college with an AA in Business Administration. She wanted to open her own business but she didn't know what kind. For a couple of months, she will be filling in for the multimillionaire CEO Marshall James Cartwrights' Personal Assistant because she was on maternity leave. Her current boss, Bobby Lee, was glad to lend his personal assistant, her, because he wanted to move up in the business. That more pile of works she has to do. Bobby told her if she screws up he would fire her and make sure no one hires her anywhere. This is the first time she seen their main boss. She never really met him when she started working here. All she knows was that his father was the founder of this company and passed it down to him, the eldest out of five siblings. He had two brothers and two sisters. He was more handsome in person then pictures what she heard. He wall tall, dark and handsome. He had gorgeous soft baby blue eyes that change color when any lights hit it. His body was build like an athletic with smooth tan skin. He had natural straight blond hair that makes you want to run your hands through them.

Katrina let out a sign and looked at her watch. It was nearly six thirty. Her heart was still racing. She didn't know he could have such an effect on her. Just the thought of him made her heart stop. She had to get up and walk around the office to clear her head. She looked at the pile of folders on her desk. She had to finish this. She manages to finish all have Bobby paper work and Mr. Cartwrights paper works, too. Mr. Cartwrights had five calls which she took messages from all of them. She packed up everything to leave and put the office Christmas party information in everyone boxes. The Christmas office party is always held at the ballroom in this building, one floor above where she currently working now. It was an annual thing for the employees. She can't wait. This was her fourth year going. The office was empty by now. There were a few people who were still working late in the office. Katrina walked towards the elevators down the hall. She wasn't paying attention in front of her and ran right into an opened door hard. She fell back to the floor. Two guys that work on the same floor as her were staring down at her. Without evening see if she was okay or all right they turned around and left.

"I can't believe it! They didn't even bother to see if I was alright or help me up!" Katrina said furiously as she stood up and picked up the files that were scattered on the floor.

She checks her time. She was going to be late. She promise her parents that she would come over for tonight diner at the house. She always try to find some excuse not to go because they always trying to hook her up with some random guy. She was only twenty-two and they want to marry her off to someone. She quickly ran down some flight of stair to the garage and piled everything inside the small beat up 1996 Toyota. It was old but it still running smoothly. Black smoke puffed out the back of her motor. Well, maybe not that smooth. She made it to her parents in a matter of seconds. She made it before seven thirty. She got out of the car and went inside. The whole family was there already. She had two sisters and three brothers. ,Carlos' 25, Pablo's 24, Suzanna's 17, Pedro's 15, Jennifer's 13. Katrina was mixed. Her father was from Dominica and her mom was from Haiti. Katrina has light brown eyes, natural curly long black hair (which she blow dry some times to make it straight), her skin is caramel/tan.

"Trianna! Finally, you made it!" her father boomed as soon as she stepped inside the house (her father and two older brothers called her that). They live in a small house but had many rooms that her father builds for them as the family grows. There were five bedrooms, a living room, den, kitchen and three bathrooms.

"Yes, Papa!" Katrina smiled at her dad as she kissed him on the cheeks. They were all gathered in the living room. Katrina's dad grabbed her by the arm and dragged her over to a guy she didn't recognize. He was tall, olive skin, brown eyes, red curly hair. He was okay but not the type of guy Katrina would date. He had a wide grin on his face as he stared at her. He looked kind of build but he was giving Katrina the creeps. They stopped in front of him.

"Trianna, my dear. This is my good friend's son, Nelson Mundos," her father said smiling brightly. The guy step forward and took her hands. He bends and kisses the back of her hand. It was wet, sloppy and made her feel disgusted.

"You have a very beautiful daughter, Mr. Gomez." Nelson said in his heavy accent. He grinned letting go of her hands. Katrina gave a little smile.

"Nice to meet you. Papa, mouin bezsoin parle avec ou deyo?" Katrina spoke in Creole to her father. She stepped outside and waited for him to follow. Her father came outside.

"What happen, Trianna?" he asked looking worried. She paced in front of her father.

"How many time have I told you not to hook me up with anyone again." Katrina fumed.

"He just a guest visiting on behalf of my oldest dearest friend from Dominica. I promise, corazon. I won't set you up. Just this once please is nice?" Her dad asked with pleads in his eyes. Katrina tiled her head to the side and let out a sigh. She shook her head and walk up to her dad.

"Sure! I'll be nice but the next time I won't." Katrina warned her dad. Her father jumped for joy and they went back in the house. Nelson was sitting on the cough talking to her older brothers. They stood up when they enter the house.

"I'm going in the kitchen to help out." Katrina said straining her smile. Then she turns around and when into the kitchen where her mother and sisters were.

"Mama, que pasa aqu�?" Katrina asked a little annoyed. Her sisters were giggling in the corner. Her mother sighed.

"You know how your Papa is? Any way I think he's a good catch. El muy bonito, eh?" Her mother winked, elbowing her from the right. She gasped and stared at her mother. Her sisters made a face and giggled louder.

"Si, muy bonito!" Suzanna and Jennifer burst out laughing. She glared at them. They turned around.

"Laugh all you want your next Zanna." Katrina smirked and helps her mom with the food. Suzanna stopped laughing and turned to her mother.

"That not true right Mama?" She asked a little worried. Their mother didn't look at them. She kept on putting more foods on the platters. Katrina and Jennifer started laughing. "That not funny! Papa, have one for you too Jenn!"

"No he doesn't! I'm too young!" Jennifer yelled.

"Girls! Please! Let put the food in the table and eat!" Their mother said in a stern voice. They shut their mouth and did what she said.

"Mama, just so you know, he is not my taste." Katrina whispered to her mother as the walked out the kitchen. Her brothers, the guy and her father were sitting around the table. Her sisters joined them later. After what seems like five hours but was one Katrina was ready to call it a night. Most of the time her thoughts kept going back to her boss image. The sight of him causes goose bumps on her skin. She seen magazine picture of him but seeing him up close took her breath away. She knows she will never get a change with someone like that but a girl can dream. She wonders what would it be like to have all over her. The touch of his soft lips against hers, his hands running up and down her- Katrina kicked the person next to her. They put Nelson next to her and he stared at her. She smiled and turned away from him. She was getting annoyed with him. He also talked about himself a lot which Katrina hates the most. He was very conceited. He tried to touch her on her upper thighs a couple of times under the table. She finally stabs him under the table with a fork. He jumped and everyone stared at him. He smiled and said he was so happy to be here. They nodded their head giving him weird looks.

"Oh look at the time." Katrina laughed and stood up looking at her watch. "I have to go to bed early. I have a lot of planning I have to do at work in the morning and lots to prepare. The office party, my new schedule, working for-"

"You can take Nelson with you to the Christmas office party. It will-" her father suddenly bust out. She stares at her dad. Her brothers started laughing.

"Is you- never mind! No! I'm going with Sheryl. We are going to find DATES at the party. I don't want him messing my vibe!" Katrina said proudly. Everyone jaws were hanging opened. She never spoke like that around them. She quickly kissed her parents and headed out the house in speed. She needs to go home and cool her head. She can't keep thinking about her boss like that. She ran towards her car when someone grabbed her from behind. She jumped and turned around. It was Nelson.

"What?" Katrina said irritated looking for her car keys in her bag.

"I want to say sorry about earlier. You are so beau-" he started to say.

"Well, I don't have time. I have to go and thank you. Bye" She cut him off and turned around heading towards her car. He followed her.

"Okay. Let me take you-"
"Have a car."

"Can I call-"

"Hell no! I don't like you." She shouted angrily. "I was trying to be nice but you are definitely pushing it!" She unlocked her car and got in before he could say anything else.

For the next couple of days it was very busy. The office party was before Christmas Eve, the 23rd. Katrina haven't seen Mr. Cartwrights after her little performance. Well, she might see him this year at the office party. He would always leave early with some girl which she heard was his girlfriend or fianc� but she wasn't sure. Some of her co-workers were bringing someone with them. Sheryl Suzuki (work on the same floor as her) came inside her office.

"So what are you wearing tomorrow night?" she asked full of energy. She sat on top of her desks. They have been good friends since the tenth grade. Sheryl was Asian. Her skin was yellowish tan, had black eyes, straight long black hair. She was from Osaka, Japan. She didn't speak English well when she came to America but they became fast friend and she helps her improve her language. Katrina knows how to speak Japanese but not that well. She told her friend what happen at her parent's house. She was laughing so hard Sheryl fell on the floor. She got up and sat back on her desk. Sheryl started joking about the other guys her father try to hook her up with. She looks up at her friend.

"Girl, get off the desk. What if the boss passed by! And That wasn't funny!" Katrina whispered through her teeth. Sheryl laughed and jumped off. She had on a black skirt that was a little bit over her knees, a light red, black, white shirt with stripes. Her hair was up in one of that Chinese hairstyle with the two sticks poking out.

"Girl, our main boss doesn't stay in the office. His own secretary or assistant doesn't even see him." Sheryl told her. She love to gossip. She tells Katrina the craziest things she heard around the office. "Oh I forgot, you are his temporary assistant. You must be pile up with a lot of work."

"No, not really. I done all the necessary paper works for both Bobby and Mr. Cartwrights and I finish all their finances, dry cleaning, and etc." Katrina smiled brightly. Sheryl stared at her.

"Damn girl. When you have time to do all of those things? I know Bobby give you a lot to do. It took you a while to get everything in order." Sheryl said. Katrina winked at her and laughed.

"I have develop a system that helps me maintain things in order. On one side is Bobby's stuff and on the other is Mr. Cartwrights. By the way did I tell you I seen him in person a couple days ago?" Katrina replied.

"No. How could you seen him? From what I heard, his current girlfriend don't want him in the office because she think most of the women here will trying to take him away from her." Katrina put some files away for Bobby and looks over to her friend.

"I have dreams about him everyday." Katrina whispered to Sheryl because she didn't want anyone to hear.

"What! Really?" she whispered back. She looked a little shocked. "But that still don't explained how you seen him in person? Have you seen a picture of him lying around here?"

"No. He came to the office to drop off some papers and memos to pass out to everyone. That was three days ago."

"That strange because he usually makes that girl do it for him." Sheryl muttered putting a finger to her lips.

"Really? Anyway, what she looks like?" Katrina asked curiously. Sheryl was applying makeup to her face.

"You know…" waving her hand in the air. "Blond but her natural hair is light brown, cream skin; blue contacts eyes, its really gray." Katrina stops what she was doing and looked at her.

"And how do you know that?" Sheryl closed her makeup kit and dig through her oversize bag pulling out a magazine with a picture of a beautiful woman in the front cover of Vogue. She looked exactly how Sheryl describe her.

"She very pretty." Katrina said I awe. Sheryl snorted.

"Stuck up, spoiled, rude, think she rule over everyone, gets what she wants, Daddy have a lot of money. The list could go on. She is an only child and likes to talk about herself a lot. She a heiress." Sheryl said with distaste. Katrina finished around the offices and grabbed her bag.

"You sure do know a lot about her." Katrina walked over to the small closet to her left. She placed her heels inside and took her flats out.

"She comes in the office once in a while and start talking and criticizing everyone that looks like a target. Well, enough about her. Ready to go shopping for some dresses for tomorrow?' Sheryl excitedly said as she stood up.

"Yes!" She said and looked around the office to make sure she didn't if she misses anything. Sheryl round her eyes and drag Katrina towards the door. She opened it and both of them ran straight into a boarded chest. They almost fell back but caught their selves. They looked up to see Mr. Marshall James Cartwrights, their boss, in front of them. Their jaws were hanging open. He glanced down at them.

"How long are we going to lingered here?" he asked in a deep voice sounding a little irritated. They closed their mouths and moved back to let him enter. Katrina heart was beating so fast she thought it was going to burst out of her.

"Seeing that my assistant won't be coming back to the office, your will be my permanent assistant which always mean my PA." he explained to Katrina. He placed a stalk of paper on top of her desk. Katrina gasped with shocked in her face. Sheryl was beside her self.

"What happen to her?" Katrina asked.

"She moving to another state with her husband. His job relocates him. So you will be taking her job for now on." Mr. Cartwrights said sounding really annoyed.

"Wh-wha-what about Mr. Lee?" Katrina stuttered. He walked towards the door and paused. "You will continue to be his assistant, too. I don't see any reason to hire anyone when your performance lately was tremendous. You will be getting a raised. They will be coming in here in a few minutes to move your things to your new office and Bobby's office will be move closer to yours so you can have access to both office." He opened the door.

"But-but-" He turned and gave her a look. She nearly almost fainted. She shook her head.

"Is there something wrong?" he asked with one eyebrow raised. She looked straight into his baby blue eyes, which melted her heart. She blinked her eyes.

"No sir. Nothing wrong. Thank you very much. I would be happy to serve you- I mean work as your PA and Mr. Lee. Don't worry I can manage." Katrina said embarrassedly and smiled.

"You welcome. See you tomorrow night at the party. Girls." He smiled and left. Sheryl and Katrina stood there for a few minutes before any one of them talked. His colonel was still lingering in the office. It smells really good just like that axel commercial.

"That was something." Sheryl was still shocked. She turned to Katrina. "You were drooling, you know that?"

"Yes, I know!" Katrina groaned and dragged her best friend out of her temporary office. They couldn't leave until they moved everything from her office to the new office. Katrina called her mother to give her the news. She could here her mother jumping and telling her father. She told them she had to go. Sheryl and Katrina left after they had everything moved. They went to a couple of stores with two other girls from there the office. The theme this year was Ballroom Dancing with mask. Katrina doesn't know about wearing those kind of dresses.


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