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Novel By: Kayyla

Lacey Lockyer is in her last year of high school at Valley High. Her life involved getting picked on, drinks thrown on her, tripped up and people making fun of her until she meets Mr Sax (Rodger Sax). Mr Sax is a producer for DJs, Lacey runs into him on accident and now he changes her life, her looks and everything about her when he asks if she wants her future career to become a DJ. What will happen with Lacey?

Colton Minley is a cocky, immature, guy who is in the long run for becoming a DJ. He has all the girls he wants, gets everything he wants. Colton doesn’t care about anything besides his career in the DJ World. But what will happen when Mr Sax brings Lacey Lockyer to meet him?
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Walking into school was tuff. I could feel people staring at me and then I could hear them laugh at me. I wanted to run away and never show up to school but I knew that could never happen as I was in my last year of high school and I was going to stick it out no matter what.

I saw Robert, my only friend, standing next to his locker with the door open and his hand grabbing books and putting books into it. I walked up to him and pushed my glasses up. His head turned and a huge smile was planted on his face.

"Hey Lacey, how are you?" Robert said a little to happily for my liking.

"I'm alright. Do we have any classes today?" I asked him.

"Err, hang on." Robert said as he dug through his bag and pulling out a white piece of paper, "We have English, Maths and Science."

"What periods are they?" I asked.

"Second, third and fourth." Robert smiled as the bell went.

"I'll see you in second class." I smiled and walked away.

I fixed my bag up and my glasses as they had slipped down my nose again. I looked down at my clothes and sighed. I was wearing an oversized shirt, a pair of three quarter pants and a pair of sneakers. I walked into class and took my seat in the front row as Mr Ramm started telling us about what we were doing for the assignment. We were doing things on STD's and stuff like that. Sex Ed class are always fun. NOT!

"Lacey wouldn't know about that since she is a virgin!" Gordan Reefs called out and the class laughed.

Gordan has been bullying me since we started high school. If there was something to pick on me about she would. I remember one time, she grabbed a chocolate milkshake and poured it over my head in front of the whole school. I ran out of the cafeteria when she did that.

Mr Ramm looked at her before saying, "Office, NOW!"

I looked up and pushed my glasses up once again as I watched Gordan stand up and grabbed her stuff. She walked towards the door before turning and looking at me. A smirk on her lips.

"Geek!" She laughed and walked out of the classroom.

I got up and grabbed my stuff and ran out the classroom, there was only so much I could take and lately that wasn't a whole lot. I kept running until I was out on the football field heading towards home. I slowed my running to a walking pace. I jumped the school fence and kept walking. I looked down at the ground as I walked and didn't look up until I ran into something that felt like a brick wall. I looked up to see a handsome man standing in front of me with concern written all over his face as he looked at me.

"Shit, are you alright love?" The man said as he put his hand out.

"Err, yeah. Sorry." I said as I got up and kindly rejected his hand.
"Are you sure, love?" He asked.

"Yep, I'm sure." I replied and pushed up glasses up.

I started to walk away when he called out again.

"Hey kid! What do you want to be when you grow up?" He asked.

"I seriously don't know. Maybe a doctor." I shrugged.

"How about a DJ?" He asked with a smile.


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