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Now, It's Your Turn

Novel By: Kayyla

Nina Davison is a girl who doesn't believe in love, she sees love as something that breaks you. She gets a fresh start at a new school, St. Hayden High. She is a nobody and has no one. Until the school's handsome, sexy jock comes and speaks to her and trys to get into her heart.

Simon McLeod, the school's smart, handsome, sexy jock, never thought that any girl at St. Hayden High, was good enough for him until he meets Nina Davison. Little does he know Nina doesn't want a relationship, let a lone be near a jock.

Does Simon win her over and Nina let Simon into her heart? View table of contents...


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"We're moving?!" I shrieked.
"Yes, darling," My mum said, "To a small town called St. Hayden."
"Is it because Dad left? Is it because of me being so upset because of him?" I asked as tears welled up.

"No, it's because we both need a new start. He who is not to be named is at the same school as you and you keep seeing him with her and making you more miserable, this house has too many memories that I want to forget and we already have a house there." Mum said.

I just stared at her, not being able to believe my ears. Is this woman serious?! I couldn't believe it. I turned on my heel and headed to my room to pack my shit up. I wasn't going to win a fight with her.

Chapter One.

It has been six months since we had moved from my old town to St. Hayden and I was getting ready for another crap filled day of Day Prison A.K.A St. Hayden High. I hated it there, mainly because I have been here for six months and yet I don't have any friends. And to make matters worse none of my old friends bother to ring or text me, nor do they answer my phone calls or texts. Some friends there are. Sigh. I pulled my hair to the left of me and start putting a fishtail braid in it as the song, Can't Keep Your Eyes Off Me by the most sexiest artist ever T Mills played on my iPod docking. Seriously, I would bang the shit out of him and keep him tied up in my closet.
A few minutes later, I had finished my braid and sprayed half a can of hair spray all over my hair so it stayed in place. I slipped my feet into a pair of Nike high heels and left for school. I drove a Ford Mustang GT. I only drive this car because when my parents' divorced about five months and two weeks, my mum took half of everything he had besides his stupid business that was way more important to him than his own wife, well ex-wife, and me. God! I hate him!

I pulled into the school car park twenty minutes later. I grabbed my bag before getting out the car and shutting the door as I walked off I pressed the lock button. The bell was going to go in five minutes so I made my way to my role class that was filled with all the jocks and popular girls. It is such a fun class, not. I got closer to my role room and I could hear the loud laughs coming from the jocks. The first one to come into view is Simon McLeod. To him I am nothing but dust under a cabinet. But it didn't bother me because he was the biggest player in the school but also the hottest, apparently from what I have heard you could get lost in those bluey-grey eyes of his.

The next two to come into view is Jerry Zee, the best friend of Simon, and Mattew Gills. I admit they are hot but I didn't want anything to do with them. They're arrogant, rude, smart ass dickheads.

I sat on a bench that was furthest away from Simon's crew and sat there staring at nothing. I hope the bell goes soon and the day goes quickly so I can go home and do what I wanted. My Mum wouldn't be home until five which meant I had the house to myself. I just hoped we didn't have take-out like we normally did. Mum is always exhausted from work as she is always showing people houses since she is a real estate agent. I kind of looked like my mum with my facial features but my dark hair and brown eyes I got from my dad.
"Hello." I heard someone say.
I looked over to see Simon sitting next to me, "Err, hi."
"You look nice." Simon smiled.

If you called wearing a pair of skinny jeans with rips in them, a tank top, a Varsity jacket and Nike heels nice. Note my sarcasm.
"Thanks." I replied as I hoped the bell hurried up.
"What's your name, girl?" Simon asked.
"Nina." When I said that the bell went and the door to the classroom opened.

Mr Rodwell appeared in the door way smiling at us. How could he be so happy to see us? Maybe because this is the last year he would see us. I don't know. I got up quickly and disappeared into the classroom to get away from Simon. I don't want anything to do with a jock.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Finally school was over and I can go home. I walked down to my car just to see Simon, Jerry and Ryan Jangles near my car. Simon was leaning against it which made a flush of anger go through me. I stormed down to my car and crossed my arms as I looked at Simon.
"You want to get off my car?" I spat.
"This is your car?" Simon asked in disbelief.
"No, I'm just telling everyone it is." I said sarcastically and rolled my eyes.
"Shit, you drive an awesome car, baby girl." Simon smiled as he moved away from my car.
"Don't call me that. It may work on other girls who are stupid enough to fall for your charms but not me." I said as I unlocked my car.

Simon stared at me like I had hit him in the face with a tuna fish. I rolled my eyes at him once again and got into my car. They moved out the way of the car as I started it, I pulled out and looked at Simon who was still dumbfounded. I shook my head and drove off.

A/N: Heyheyhey! So, this is the first chapter of Now, It's Your Turn. I hoped you liked it, I wrote it like three times before I found the perfect chapter. I really do hope you liked this ay. I feel this is going to be my best novel by far. Anyways, what do you think of the characters so far? I know you don't get much of Simon or his 'boys' but anyways. Comment if you wanna be kept updated or I won't know if you want me to KMU. Also, i change the summary a little bit. Sounds a bit better now, well to me anyways.


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