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Lasting Bonds-Novel Version

Novel By: KCNiemi

This story follows the evolving love between the main characters Lena Rhodes(A stressed 18 year old teen who has dropped out of her senior year to work full time to support her two younger sisters and sick grandmother),and Scott Davis(A flirtatious 18 year old whose family owns the restaurant Lena works at). But unlike other girls, Lena reacts in comical violence to Scott's flirting which only encourages Scott's infatuation with her. View table of contents...


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My name is Lena Rhodes, and currently I'm making breakfast for my little sisters and grandma.

Ever since our parents died, I've made it my main goal to keep the family happy and worry-free; so I got a job as a waitress at the local restaurant in town, The Blue Moon.

Even though I'm only eighteen, I've already dropped out of school so that I could focus all of my energy on work and helping my sick grandmother around the house.

Glancing at the clock, I notice that I only have thirty minutes to get to my job on the other side of town. I curse under my breath.

Wrapping their breakfasts in foil, I jotted down a quick note for my grandma before placing her plate in the microwave since she wouldn't be awake until ten o'clock.

Knowing that Ava, the second oldest, would wake Julia, the youngest, up for school; I went ahead and grabbed my car keys before rushing out the door as silently as I could.

"Good morning Loretta." I greeted from the doorway as I tied the apron around my waist.

Loretta, the kind old woman who owned the restaurant , smiled gently as she replied with a soft "Good morning" from behind the counter.

"I'm sorry for being late, I lost track of the time." I apologized while grabbing a wet rag from the counter to wipe off the stools.

She just rolled her eyes at me before saying "You don't have to apologize for silly things like that. I know you were busy getting breakfast on the table."

I smile warmly at her, telling her "Thank you" for being so understanding. "Oh, I almost forgot! My grandson Scott is coming to help out from now on since my son moved back to Rainier last week. I'm sure you'll get along great, he's your age you know."

I look at her in surprise, "Really? That's great! We could use an extra hand around here."

"Yes, we just don't have as many waiters as we used to. I'll be right back. I have to go grab the coffee cups from the kitchen."

"Okay." I respond. Looking around for things to do, I saw that the dishes needed to be put away.

But before I could get behind the counter, my attention was drawn to a figure in the doorway.

The obviously male figure let out a low whistle as he smoothly walked towards me. Getting a closer look at him, I noticed that he couldn't have been any older than I was.

He had chin length wavy black hair, tan skin, and bright green eyes; he was certainly easy on the eyes to say the least.

"Hi. I'm Mr. Right; I heard you were looking for me," he flirts with a deep baritone voice that practically screamed PLAYER.

I roll my eyes at his attempt to hit on me, "Hi. I'm not interested."

Okay, so that might have come off a little meaner than I had intended, but who knows; it might do his inflated ego some good.

He simply smirks at me and cheekily states, "Kitty's got claws. I like!" Puffing my cheeks out in anger, I lash out at him by stomping on his foot; although instead of wincing or getting angry, he just starts to laugh hysterically.

Feeling my anger turn to rage, I start to shout at him like some maniac.

"Stop laughing at me you bastard! I'm sure you're used to airheads throwing themselves at you left and right, but please don't lump me with your little groupies! And in case you couldn't read the sign says CLOSED!"

By the end of my rant, I was panting slightly and had a light blush on my cheeks in embarrassment for yelling at a potential customer.

He stops laughing, but he still wears that flirty grin with absolute confidence.

"Hmm. You know, you're the cutest when you're angry." I stare at him in shock "W-What?" I manage to stutter out; he opens his mouth to respond but was interrupted by Loretta's snickers from the kitchen doorway.

"I see you've met my grandson. I hope you were behaving yourself, Scott." She states amusedly with a raised eyebrow, the now identified Scott just flashes her an overly innocent smile "I always do, Gran."

Somehow, I found that hard to believe; and I told him just that.

He feigns a look of shock and holds his hands over his chest, "Why Princess, it hurts that you doubt me!"

"Don't call me that."

"Why not? You're by far the fairest of them all." I turn a dark scarlet at that one.

"Okay Romeo! I think Juliette wants to get back to work."

"Great Idea Granny! Princess here can show me around the restaurant ." Scott flashes me a bright smile while wrapping his arm around my waist.

"Not going to happen." I decline not so politely as I pinch his hand hard enough that he let go.

"Besides-" I continued "You should already know your way around the restaurant ."

He grins sheepishly at me, "Yeah, well what can I say? The idea of following you around all day sounds much more amusing than working."

I really didn't understand why he was so determined to hit on me; wounded pride perhaps?

Well whatever his problem was he could confide in Loretta about it. Besides it's not like he will be interested in me tomorrow; I'm not even that pretty when compared to most other girls.


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