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Novel By: keshnia12

Amisha Singh was living a lonely life with her brother Rohan after the death of her father until the handsome and sexy superstar Jai Banshi(JB) comes into her life. She found herself attracting to this mysterious man and also in a world whom she hated to her core-the film industry. View table of contents...


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Hi guys, I've been wanting to write a story about either a superstar or a rockstar since long. Finally after racking my brains, I've got an idea. Hope you all like it. This is my second story and again it is inspired by the show Madhubala. I've put my heart in this story and have planned a lot for it. It's really close to me. And please do give me some feedback. It would be very encouraging. And happy reading to everyone.



Amisha Singh


Chapter 1
My brother and I got into the taxi and were headed to our former house in Mumbai. The last time we were here dated back to the year 2006 and father was with us then. Now five years later, we were alone and back home. I sighed as I looked out of the window and felt the eyes of Rohan on me. He was worried for me; of course he would be. Losing our father was not easy and now we just had each other. I would have to look out for my younger brother as he had to look out for me.
I glanced at my watch in a hurry to reach home. It was still 6.15 a.m.

My name is Amisha Singh and I just turned nineteen years old two days ago. In this cruel world I had no one anymore except my only brother Rohan. He was the one who I loved more than myself, respected and took pride in.

My mother had died while giving him birth and now my dad has died of blood cancer. Yeah!

Could we get any more unlucky?

But we had to live for each other and I knew that being sad and dejected like this was not going to help anything as Rohan was relying on me now. I was his only family and he was young. He was just fifteen years old, still a child for me. My baby brother.

I turned to Rohan with a fake smile on my face. He looked sad. "Hey Rohan, do you want to eat something?"
He looked at me for a second and then shook his head. I should probably give both of us a little time. After all it's just two months since father was gone.

The taxi driver switched on the radio and I listened to it uncomfortably. I don't really like silence but at the moment, I'd no wish to listen to anything. Before father had died, I was a very fun and outgoing girl; I took pleasure in every small things. Now it was different but I would try my best to bring myself back again.

The man on the radio started to babble about some superstar J.B and I again glanced out of the window, irritated.

I hated the film industry. Both my father and mother were junior artists and as far as I know this industry has taken a lot of things from them instead of giving. It's not that I don't watch movies. I liked them, I liked actors, I liked their acting but I hated this fake industry.
"Here we bring to our listeners the latest news about Superstar JB," the disc jocker said. "His next movie will be released on march 2011, only two months away guys. Isn't that a happy news? But he also tweeted that he is producing a movie this time which will be a surprise for his fans. He did not divulge any information about it yet but said that the story is very confidential. So we can only wait for it and again hope that this movie becomes a blockbuster like his earlier six movies."

I was fed up. "Excuse me," I said to the driver. "Do you mind switching the radio off?"
He gave me an odd expression. "What? You don't want to hear about the superstar JB."
I frowned. So what? What was there to be shock about?

"That's right," I simply said, without bothering to ask about the reasons.
"Wow", he said impressed. "You are probably the first girl who is telling to switch off the radio especially when such important news about JB is being disclosed. Normally girls tell me to turn up the volume."

I pressed my head against the seat, letting him talk. He did not seem to be in the mood to listen to my request. It's okay. Rohan was simply listening to us and I pressed his hand gently and smiled.
He smiled back and then put his head on my shoulder, closing his eyes.

After some fifteen minutes, we were at our door, trying all the keys that I had in my hand. Considering that it has been a long time since I've been here, I'd already forgotten which key was the correct one.
"Give it to me," Rohan said, reaching for the bundle of keys. I handed it to him and glanced around. A few people were staring at us and I was not bothered by it at all. We were here after a long time, so we could not avoid the staring. It was obvious and normal. But I did recognize the old man who was on the phone at the right side of the road. Mr Sippy was our neighbor and I remembered that I used to play with her daughter Nita in kindergarten. I gave him a huge smile as his eyes locked with mine. He returned my smile in the same way and approached us.
He signaled me to wait till he finished talking on the phone and I waited. Nick was still struggling with the keys and I looked down out of boredom.

"Yes Nita," the old man said. "I will bring the poster for you. Of course I remember the name. Superstar JB."

I sighed. Why was this name on the lips of everyone? Though he was a complete stranger, I felt a twinge of hatred for this superstar. Since I came here, I had only been hearing about him, first from the taxi driver, then from the shopkeeper and now from my neighbor. And with it a new realization came. Everyone seemed to know this guy but not me apparently. Oh yeah! I was living under the rocks. Since some years, I had been shielded from all types of media. Of course I would not know him and was not even interested to know.

"His film is not yet released dear. Yes, I will not forget. Promise," he said and cut the call in relief.
"Teenagers, I tell you," he said, shaking his head.
I gave him a smile and he took the bundle of keys from Rohan. "Let me try. I've more experience in this case."

He was right. The door opened a few minutes later after he turned the third key in the knob.
We all coughed as we entered the house. It was as I remembered. A big mansion but full with dirt and spider webs now. Rohan put the luggage down and I turned to Mr Sippy.
"Thank you for helping us," I said gratefully to the man.
"The pleasure is all mine. How is your father? It's been a long time since I saw him, almost five years."

Our expressions changed and turned to grim ones. Rohan replied for me. "He is dead."

"What?" the man said immediately in shock but then recovered. "I am sorry."
We both nodded, hoping that he would not ask us any more information. Because if he did, we would not be able to tell him everything without shedding few tears.
"Well, I guess I'll see you later children. If you need anything, then you can come to my house. I am sure you still remember it."

I nodded gratefully and he went away, murmuring to himself. We both wandered our eyes to the entire house. Oh god! We definitely had a lot of work to do.

"We'll clean the house and then unpack," I suggested. Rohan nodded at me and took my hand. "But let's eat something first."

After swallowing the biscuits that we had bought from the shop, we switched on all the lights in the house. We had already made full arrangements before coming here. Rohan had talked to the necessary people so that we can have electricity and water in our house. But I still had to do something about the telephone line and internet. Both Rohan and I would need them a lot in the future.
Father had left us a fund which had considerable amount of money in it and for a few months, I knew that we were both safe. But still, I had to search for a job and I have already asked one of my old friends to search one for me. Hopefully I get one soon.
We both took some hours to clean the entire house and by the time we were finished, we sat on the sofa exhausted and breathless.
"Thank god, it's over," Rohan murmured.
"Let's take a bath. I feel so dirty."
He nodded.
"You go first.", I urged. "Meanwhile I'll just prepare something to eat and then we'll unpack."
"Okay," he said, getting up to go to the bathroom. At least he still remembered the house. Initially, I was not sure that Rohan would know where the bathroom was. He was just ten years old when we left but I was glad that now I would not have to inform him about each place.

A quick glance at the clock informed me that it was three o'clock; that would give me enough time to unpack, prepare for Rohan's first day at high school and also go for a walk in the evening.

Everything worked as I planned. After bathing and eating, we both unpacked and chose our bedrooms. It was a mansion and there were several rooms in it. But I don't think that we were going to use much parts of it. We would simply use the kitchen, bathroom, the huge hall and our bedrooms. A sadness swirled inside me as I looked at the house. It looked so lonely and abandoned, like a haunted house. It was like no one ever lived here.

I pushed these thought away and told Rohan about his day tomorrow. "I've already talked to the principal and you will receive your schedules tomorrow. Mrs Hale will help you to adjust."

"Did you tell them about the choice of my subjects?" he asked dubiously.
How could I forget that? He had reminded me a hundred times already. "Yes. Psychology, biology, calculus, basic computers, English, sociology and PE."

"Thanks," he said, glad that I remembered all his subjects.

When evening came, I left Rohan in the house by lying that I was going for a walk and would return soon. If I'd told the truth, I doubted that he would have let me go.

After one hour, I was at my favorite place. It was a place where father used to bring us in childhood. I missed it so much.

Rohan must be asleep by now, I thought to myself as I sat on the grass. This place was one hour far from the house but I was not afraid as I sat here; I just wanted to be alone for sometime and take control of my messy and miserable life.

Even the rain does not bother me anymore. And so when it started to rain, I did not care. I simply stayed in the dark and continued to think about my family, my life, my future and most importantly about Rohan. I'd to live for him now.

Hours must have elapsed but I had no idea of time. When it continued to rain torrentially, I then realized that it was not going to stop and probably I should make a move.
Reluctantly I got up and glanced around. No one and no vehicles were in sight. But just then I noticed a red car on the other side of the road. It Iooked like an expensive car and I realized that it was a Ferrari Enzo, definitely the possession of a rich brat.
I ran to it and knocked at the window several times but there was no answer. Oh my god. I was freezing and there was not even anyone around. How was I going to reach home?

Rohan must be worried about me and I did not even have a mobile with me nor had we a telephone at home yet.
Perfect situation, I thought sarcastically. I peeked in the car but there was no one. I stayed there looking back and forth, searching for help. But my gaze lingered on a small brick house which rested on the left and I looked at it thoughtful for some seconds.
Quickly I weighed my options. It was better to take shelter in that house instead of freezing here.

When I reached there, the door was wide open. As I entered, I looked around, hopefully not to catch anyone off guard but apparently it was empty.
I removed my wet jacket and put it on the floor and looked outside; I was still freezing.

Just then a roar of thunder cracked and I folded my arms across my chest, afraid Walking slowly in the dark, I accidentally bumped into the small table and the metal on it fell down.

I yelled in fear and my hands automatically caught hold of something.

I did not what I was holding but I refused to let go till I realized that it was a person to whom I was hanging to like an idiot. The first thing that I noticed was the brown leather jacket that he wore because my hands were on him. I removed them immediately and he held me there, looking into my eyes.
His beautiful black eyes bored into my brown ones.
"Hello stranger," he said in my ears. "I am Jai."


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