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My Barbecue Stained Shirt

Novel By: kidarox123

Lilly Smith has finally reached her senior year! Although she has been able to glide through her previous high school years, her last year comes with unbearable heartbreak, a sprouting love, and doubts about her life. Who knew that a barbecue shirt could effect so much? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 3, 2009    Reads: 342    Comments: 9    Likes: 2   

The sun rose thoughtfully, slow enough that the light wasn't a shock to my eyes, and fast enough that I didn't fall back asleep. I sighed, today was going to be a good day.

The euphoric feeling didn't leave as I went through my erratic morning. What to wear? I looked around my closet feeling like I had no options although it was as stocked like a fat boy surrounded by chocolate. I picked up one shirt after another feeling like nothing would work. I started digging through my laundry basket. This one smells okay… I only wore it for a couple of hours to that one thing… The yellow aeropostale shirt was calling my name; it was the perfect fit for my new Hollister jeans. I noticed a small stain on the 'A' in aeropostale and remembered why I had thrown it into the basket from the beginning. Oh well….no one will notice! It's just school! I threw it before grabbing my binder and running out the door.

"Well don't' you look lovely in yellow this morning." My mom smiled before handing me a cup of orange juice.

"Ew, didn't you wear that yesterday?" It was just like Sammy to say something like that.

My mom glared at her, "Be nice to your sister!"

I stuck my tongue out at her, defeated against the intense urge to do so. "And it was Two days ago!"

I grabbed my keys, the ones with the pink flip flop charm on it, and climbed into my car. Shoot forgot to eat breakfast! Darn Sammy for distracting me! I growled before reversing out of the drive way, barely missing the mail box in my haste.

I turned the radio on in hopes to salvage my original good mood. Channel one: No.

Channel Two: No. Channel Three: Defiantly No! Channel Four: Is that even English? Channel Five: Is this guy tone deaf?

Forget it. Silence is good.

By the time I had made a decision I was pulling into my regular parking space. Right in front, left of the bicycle rack, and behind the C building. In the name of McCracken! Where did I put that parking permit?? Will they tow my car? My parents would kill me!

The sun was being just as evil as normal. It foreshadowed a good day, and then sent me head first into a bad one. I knew then that my shirt choice was going to eat me whole.

Come on! No one is going to see a little circle of barbeque sauce…

"Lills!" Coco was strutting her way up to me full force in her tiny heels. Now don't get me wrong, I love high heels, pumps, and stilettos, but the campus of Crismen High School is a big one and with three flights of stairs to conquer, no way! However, rain, shine, or snow Coco was guaranteed to be flaunting her colorful (and dangerous) heels.

"Coco! Hey how are you!" We hugged before she fell into step with me.

"Why didn't you text me back this morning?" Coco's second addiction was her baby, fuisha. (aka her iphone)

"Oh shoot! I forgot to turn my phone on!" I pulled my sidekick out of my pocket, pushing the on button and watching as it came to life.

She gave me a doubtful look. Usually, my phone was always on.

"Sammy." Was all I needed to say. Coco and I had been best friends forever and a half. I know it's clich� but we have been friends since we were babies filling each other's diaper's with dirt. It was common knowledge around Crismen, and if there was ever a community event if one was going the other was sure to be there. No major decisions were made with out consult. In middle school we had used webcams to pick out outfits daily. Don't worry, we are much more independent now, but I'm sure you get the jist.

She is the fruit to my loop, the bendy straw to my juice, the Friday of my weekends.

Coco: One new text

Hey Lil! Call me Asap! Senior group pictures are today! Don't forget! We have to match!


Senior pictures!!! Noooooo!!

I yelped and dropped my phone.

"Ahhhhhh!! Nooo!" I said as I picked my phone up. Coco just shook her head, " I sent you three emails, wrote it on your hand, and called you this morning! That was all you!"

"Ugh, Coco, save me! I can't be remembered like this! My kids are going to look at this picture someday and ask, "What is that thing in the corner?!" We sat down at one of the outside tables by the cafeteria, she handed me a mirror and a tube of our favorite mascara.

"Breathe. Now Lilly, I knew you were going to forget so I brought these" it was then that I noticed the Victoria secret bag that was in her hand. She set it on the table and pulled out a pink shirt that matched hers. It was a polka dotted V-neck that was obviously from PINK. Next came her make-up case and a portable straightener. (it really is adorable! It's so tiny!)

"What would I do without you?!" I squealed. Nobody saved my sorry butt like her.

"Of course, that's what I am here for! You would have done the same thing!" And I really would have too!

The bell rang, interrupting my vigorous mascara use.

"After third hour!!" Coco hollered at me as she walked off to class. I gathered the stuff back into the bag before sliding into 1st hour just in time.

"Nice." Mark Campbell smiled in approval at my almost-tardy. Mark had been in at least one of my classes since middle school. He was the sort of guy who really didn't care about anything. To him, People's opinions were just opinions. I almost envied his carefree-ness.

Mrs. Zepp is so old that she didn't hear the bells half the time. So usually we get the first ten minuets to mingle. However, today the principal decided to make a announcement regarding the senior pictures. Mostly, just reminders and props to those who wore school colors. I noticed Mark was wearing bright blue and silver, sporting it without holding back.

"So how was your weekend?" I looked up from my phone to see Mark staring at me intently, although I shouldn't be surprised, this had become Monday routine.

"Well, it was okay. Boring." What did I do this weekend? Did I go to the mall? No that was the one before….darn it... what did I do? I was having one of those blank/blonde moments.

" Yeah me too." He smiled, "How's 'Kringle?"

Not this again! Can't he let it go? Kringle was a inside joke and/or 'code name' for a certain special somebody. Okay, okay, it's Chris Jones. He has been taunting me with this perfectness since the third grade when I saw him for the first time. It was love at first sight…well for me anyways. It's hard for the feeling to be mutual when only one experienced the 'sight' part. It was sort of like wishing on a star, only to find out afterwards that it was an airplane.

He soon became known as 'Kringle' to Coco and I. It was around chirstmas time and I walked in right when my mom was watching something on the Hallmark channel, there was an advertisement for a 'Kris Kringle size' sale, and I know it's silly, but it stuck.

Mark only knew about it because he read my notes frequently, ever since we had been lab partners. The deal was that he would do the dissecting and I wouldn't make a fuss about whenever he talks to me. Although he knows the name, he had no idea who I am talking about. It was his habit to ask, either to be annoying or in hopes that it was him.

"Fine." I shrugged, he smiled knowing that he had succeeded at annoying me.

Class started then. My phone vibrated and I opened it from under the desk.

Kallie: New Text

Heys! I didn't see you this morning! Are you here today?

I clicked reply and started to type:

Hola Taco Paco! Yeah I am here! I have the notes you let me borrow! Don't worry they will be there for you in second hour! Cya!


Kallie (Smarty pants) is obsessive about her grades. Anything less than perfect isn't good enough. I am happy just to pass. She forced me to give her my number so she could text me to remind me to bring her notes. She let me borrow them because I missed school last Friday and Mrs. Sampson wrote a novel in notes.

"Lilly!" Mr. Zapp's voice was not comforting. I shoved my phone into my pocket.

"Yes?" I noticed a smirk on Mark's face.

"Is that a phone I spot?"

"No of course not! Just a calculator!" She smiled, "Okay then."

Class carried on as usual. Mrs. Zapp was too easy to fool. By the time class ended I had received 12 texts and sent 14.

"See ya at pictures!" Mark called as I walked out of the classroom, holding my phone in front of my face.

"Yeah, see ya!" I said more to myself than anyone else. I could tell, today was going to drag on….and on…..and on…..stupid deceiving sun.


Thank you so much readers! Don't be a silent reader, comment!! They mean more than you think! If you want more faster please comment! It's just sitting on my computer...waiting for some encouragment....








(ironically each of these characters are from American idol!)


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