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Love Triangle!

Novel By: KiiaX

FINISHED - Josh and Tom are best friends.Josh fancies Kate so much. But Kate already has a boyfriend, Tom. Tom has no idea Josh fancies Kate. The love between Josh and Kate has always been there, but the words haven't been spoken. Will Josh and Tom's friendship be ruined or can it still survive, even though they both love the same girl? It's a love triangle, but will it end in tears, or a happily ever after?
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Submitted:Sep 20, 2009    Reads: 1,157    Comments: 5    Likes: 2   

I ran into the train and chose a row of seats. "Here!" I cried out to my best friends,Tom and Kate. We weren't going anywhere far, just a really special place, where me Kate and Tom hang out.

Tom carried Kate in, on his shoulders. She was laughing, that special happy laugh, which I so wanted to be the laugh she gave me! Tom sat down, and Kate sat down next to him. Tom banged his fist against mine, as mates do. And I felt a pang of guilt. Tom was my best friend, why was I thinking so many mean things about him? Jealousy, thats why. I sighed to myself. This was so typical of Kate and Josh! Well they were going out! Arghhhh! They were snogging now! Kate was laughing. I have had a crush on Kate for ages! It is agony to watch your best friend and his girlfriend, who you fancy so badly kissing and showing public affection.

And as if that wasn't hard enough, I had to be the one who gave advice on Kate, to Tom. I am always tempted to give advice that would put Kate off Tom. But that would just be mean.

I don't fancy Kate, I love her. Deep love. I am suffering more, from jealousy, every day. I am so jealous of Tom. "Come on guys, can't the snogging wait!"

I couldn't help it, I know I was being selfish! Just thinking about myself! But it is purely repulsive seeing the love of your life being snogged by your best friend! My position is awful! The worst part is, I have to pretend like I don't have any feelings for Kate! I have just had my 14th birthday, that day and my Dad, who is a photographer by the way bought me a camera. He had encouraged me, since a young boy, to become a photographer. It's fine with me to be honest! I love taking pictures. I love the fact you can capture a moment forever. It is so magical! However bad your memory becomes, you can see the same picture you saw that day, that many years ago.

"I'm just going to read this book. Okay?" Kate asked me, and Tom.

"Oh yeah, fine!" I replied.

It was so boring, what with Kate just reading a book. I pulled a funny face at her. But she didn't laugh. I felt upset, if Josh would have made that silly face, she would have laughed! Then she looked me directly in my eyes. I felt a shock of electricity, as our eyes met, but then she began reading the book again.

Tom told me a joke and I laughed out loud! I hoped that me laughing, would catch her attention. Then we swapped seats and I had to watch Kate and Tom kissing, again! It's so fustrating. All you want to do is tear them away from each other, but you can't!

Then Itook a videoofTom and Kate together. But Kate wasn't stupid. She looked at me, and realised I was only videoing her.Our eyes met and I felt this amazing feeling all round my body! She was so beautiful. I was just watching her face.

All of a sudden Tom broke out gaze, by kissing her on the neck. I saw her smile. For the rest of the journey I kept videoing them smiling together. I just wished I was the one, with my arm around her, instead of Tom.

The train stopped and we all got off.


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