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Kickflip My Heart

Novel By: Kimmay

Kimberley Stewart is a professional skateboarder. When she is signed to the T-ReX, a professional skate troupe she thinks she has found a place where people truly understand her love for skateboarding.

Ryan Wilson is currently #1 in the world for street skating and is a popular member of the T-ReX troupe.

When Kimmie and Ryan meet, they instantly hate each other and will do anything to get under each others skin. But when partnered for a pair’s competition, they must put their hate aside and try to focus on winning the competition. Can they do it? Only time will tell.
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Hey Everyone! Sorry this chapter took so long but it is finally here! I just have to say that my next chapter may take a while as my exams are starting and I must study! After that though, I will be rapidly releasing chapters :D Thank you all so much for support this novel thus far! It means the world to me!!!
Love you all!
~ Kimmie
Chapter 9 - Our First Date
When his hand touched my arm it sent shivers down my spine.
'What Ryan?'
'Go out with me.'
'You mean on a date?'
Ryan's POV
The pain of waiting for her response was agonizing. I mean it only took her a few seconds to respond, but my heart was already kick-flipping all over the place. When I heard her say those 8 little words, my heart relaxed.
'Yes, I will go out with you, Ryan.'
'Great, I'll pick you up tomorrow at 7?'
'Sounds fine to me.'
'Okay, I will see you later then.'
I started to climb into my car, but then Kimmie knocked on the glass of my car door.
'Uh, Ryan….We still have practice…Remember?'
Oh right. I totally forgot about actually practicing because I was so caught up in my emotions for Kimmie. I laughed and got out of my car.
'Right…Sorry about that…Shall we go inside?'
'Yeah, let's go.'
As we walked back inside, I had the urge to hold her hand. I mean she had agreed to go on a date with me, not be my girlfriend. But her soft purple nail painted hands just looked so tempting. I figured I could just see how it goes.
I quickly tapped her on the shoulder and made her look the other way, and then swooped in and intertwined her fingers with mine.
I didn't know what kind of reaction I was going to get but I sure as hell didn't expect her reaction. She smiled and held on to my hand tighter. I smiled back. I guess she must like me.
As we walked back into the ReX, I was holding hands with Ryan. His hands felt soft and it just felt right being so close to him. I can't even describe my hearts feeling towards him. I guess the only way I could describe it is that my heart was doing kick-flips. I know it's such a lame skater analogy but that's how it felt.
When we walked inside, I started to notice a few people staring at the closeness between Ryan and I. I just brushed it off. I had no problem being seen with Ryan. If anyone's rep was in jeopardy it was Ryan's. That's something I have to actually ask him later. I've seen how those secret relationships turn out and I will refuse if Ryan asks me to be his secret love because he's embarrassed of me or something.
As we continued to walk towards our designated ramp to start to practice, I saw Ryder wink at us as we walked in. I just rolled my eyes. I knew Ryder had a motive all a long for partnering Ryan and I together and that wink just summed it up. I guess he could see our growing affection before we even knew it our selves.
When we finally reached our ramp, Ryan and I got straight to work. We continued to work on our routine and we began to actually do the stunts at the same time. Our routine consisted of a few kick flips, some slides and grinds on the rail and ended our routine with some synchronized aerials like 180's, 360's and 540's. Our routine looked golden. With some sick music and some colour-co-ordinated clothes, Ryan and I were sure to win at ThriLL this year.
After packing up and getting dressed into normal clothes, Ryan gave me a drive home. I wasn't really expecting such affection from him so quickly. It was nice though. I liked seeing Ryan as a gentleman. It made him more real; I mean everyone at ReX was getting sick of his 'I'm King of the World' bullshit.
When we got to my house, our conversation got really awkward. You know like in movies where you had just ended a date and your not sure what to say or what to do, or if you should kiss him or hug him or something? I mean this wasn't our date, but it still felt like one of those kind of moments.
I started to unbuckle my seat-belt and went to open my door. As I did this, I thanked Ryan for driving me home.
'Thanks for the ride.'
'Yeah, No problem.'
'I guess I will see you tomorrow…'
'Yeah, I will pick you up at 7.'
'Okay, Bye.'
As I started to get out of the car, Ryan grabbed my hand.
It all happened really fast. He pulled me back into the car and cupped my face. He leaned in close and then whispered.
'I know I should wait until tomorrow, but I can't resist.'
I made a funny face, but he soon leaned in and brushed his lips with mine.
Ryan Wilson just kissed me.
Our first kiss was short yet magical. His lips intertwined with mine for those few seconds and it just made my heart melt.
When he pulled away, my face had become red. He just smiled at me and then let me leave his car.
As I was walking up to my house, he shouted good bye and then drove off down the street.
As I walked inside, all I could think about was that kiss and wanting tomorrow to come even faster then before.
It was coming up to 6:30 and I was almost ready. The last 24 hours had been a nightmare. I was excited, yet nervous and just trying to countdown till I had to get ready.
I didn't know where we were going but Ryan texted me at 3 about what I should wear.
3:01 pm
From: Ryan
Hey beautiful. Wear something nice tonight. The place we are going to is somewhere special. Wear a dress or something.
Cya tonight,
I smiled when I got that message. He called me beautiful. I sighed and then raided my wardrobe.
I picked out my best dress. I mean, I didn't own a lot of dresses but my parents had bought me this very skater-friendly beautiful purple dress. It made me look good in all the right places, and it wasn't too short that it made me look like a whore.
I had found these cool purple and black vintage flats to go with it. They looked like they were from like the 80's rock scene, which is why I loved them so much. I only wear them on special occasions, and I guess you would call this date a very special occasion.
All I had to do left was my hair and make up. I was trying to figure out what to do with my hair. I mean today it looked so dull and brown. I mean my hair is brown but it just looked ugly. It didn't have the bounce and shine that it usually did. So I decided I would just put my hair up into a messy yet sexy bun. I dabbed on some foundation and then applied some glittery purple eye shadow on my lid and I put a nice silvery shine eye shadow on my brow line and in my crease. I applied black eyeliner and mascara and I looked ready to go.
I put silver studs in my ears and a few silver bracelets on, and I felt complete.
By the time I was ready, I heard a knock on the door. I was glad my parents were out of town this week, because I didn't want my family to meet Ryan just yet.
As I opened the door, I saw Ryan in this beautiful black tuxedo with a purple tie. The tie struck me as it matched my dress. It was like he knew I was going to wear purple.
His facial expression change as I closed the door. He grabbed my hand and whispered to me that I looked beautiful.
He led me to his car and opened the door for me and then ran to his side of the car and got in.
As we drove along the streets of the city, I kept asking where we were going.
'You're just going to have to wait and see.' He said. Smiling with his perfect teeth and delicious pink lips.
When we finally pulled up to this beautiful wooden shack, I knew we had arrived.
As we got out of the car, I realized where we were. It was beautiful.
We were down by the beach. I remember always passing by the shacks along the beach wondering what they were. I guess you could rent them for dining and stuff.
He grabbed my hand and led me inside.
Inside was a table for two all dressed up from the table cloth, to the vase of flowers on top.
He pulled out my chair and I sat down. He sat down as well and a waiter appeared with our dinner.
He opened the tray and inside was one of my favourite foods.
Subway Sandwiches.
I was surprised that he knew that I loved Subway but he told me that a little birdie had helped him plan the meal tonight. I guess I would have to thank Scott later for helping Ryan make the perfect date.
As we ate, we talked about various things ranging from sports to music. When we were done, He led me towards the beach.
'Where are we going?'
'What did you think our date was over already? The best is yet to come.'
I smiled and followed him into the sand.
This date was becoming more and more perfect by the second.
Sitting by the beach was amazing. The ocean's breeze, the palm trees swaying from side to side, the stars shining brightly. It was just the perfect scene for a date.
We sat side by side just talking but it just felt…right.
I knew just by how tonight was going that I really wanted to get to know Ryan more. I had so many unanswered questions.
'Ryan, Can I ask you something?'
He smiled. 'Sure, what is it?'
'Why do you all of a sudden like me? I mean before Scott came, you and your friends used to make my life living hell…'
He took a deep breath and sighed. 'And I'm sorry for that. When you first came to ReX, I did think you were really good looking but as soon as I saw your talent, I just became angry. I was used to being the best around ReX and when you showed up everything changed.'
'There is something I have to tell you Kimmie.'
I looked at him. The way he was talking it sounded really serious.
'What is it?'
'You know Lauren? The blonde girl who is Leo's girlfriend?'
'Yeah, she and Leo were trying to get me to join their troupe…'
'Well, I have a long history with Lauren. I used to date her. She broke my heart. See she is one of the best skater-girls I know. Me and her ruled the scene for awhile and were a household name around here. She cheated on me with Leo. She broke my heart right before my chance to get noticed as a skater. She not only broke up with me, she competed against me and won. She tore out my heart and beat me at the one thing I'm truly good at. When you came to ReX, you reminded me of her. You are this beautiful skater-girl that could potentially break my heart. I tried to be mean to you and knock you down to feel better, but when Scott came and actually got to know you, I was jealous. I wanted to get to know you so badly, but because of my past experiences with Lauren, I was afraid to take that chance with you. I'm so sorry I made your life hell. I honestly wish I could take that back.'
I was stunned. Here I am thinking I want to know more about him and he pours his heart and soul out to me. I was happy to know that he actually wasn't the biggest jerk in the world, but hearing about his problems made me feel happy that I actually am getting the chance to know him.
'Ryan, I forgive you. I'm so sorry you had issues in the past but you need to let it go. You need to forget about those people and move on'
'I know. I'm glad I finally found the courage to ask you out. I just knew from the start you would be something special.'
We sat in silence, hands intertwined after our little heart to heart. I wanted to ask him more about himself but I think I learned enough about him for tonight.
As we walked back to his car, he stopped and picked up this funny looking shell and gave it to me.
'Here, a little safe keep from our first date together.'
It was about 11:30 when we got back to my house. On the drive home we sang at the top of our lungs to random songs on the radio and just overall had a good time on our drive back.
Remember that awkward moment yesterday with should I hug or kiss him before we say good bye? Well this time it was just natural.
He leaned in for the kiss. Our lips intertwined more roughly then our previous kiss and he even slipped in a little bit of tongue. It lasted longer then our first kiss and he caressed my hair as I pulled my hands through his.
When we finally managed to pull apart, I giggled. It was just so unreal that I was kissing him.
He chuckled a bit and pulled a strand of hair out of my face.
'Tonight was nice.'
'I think we should do it again sometime. Let me take you out for lunch tomorrow.'
'We have practice tomorrow.'
'Fine, let me take you out for breakfast.'
I laughed. 'Well if you insist.'
He smiled and then I kissed him on the cheek.
As I got out of the car, I turned towards him.
'Good night, Ryan'
'Night beautiful.'
And with that he drove off.
As I walked into my house and went up to my room, thoughts of our magical date swirled around in my head.
Tonight I wouldn't be dreaming of rainbows and butterflies. No tonight I would be dreaming about Ryan. Ryan and mine's body intertwined.


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