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Our Serendipity (Editing)

Novel By: kimmysweetie08

(Completed) Elle Henderson goes back to Dublin after her sister, Sandra Henderson, invited her to her wedding. Going back to Dublin means remembering the memories she had tried to forget for some years now. No matter what she do, every door always leads her to the man she tried to hate all her life. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Sep 28, 2012    Reads: 193    Comments: 15    Likes: 5   

A/N: Hey there lovelies! So, I got myself an editor. This novel is already done, but I'm doing major edit. So if you're done reading this, you might want to read it again to see the difference. Anyways, thanks again! :) Tell me what you think about it! Thank you!

Chapter 1:

'Elle,' Trevor said. I looked up at the sound of his voice. 'You have one minute.'

I nodded and took a deep breath. Here goes nothing.

I glanced at myself in the mirror one last time. I had been waiting for this moment. People were finally going to see me as one of most renowned supermodels in the whole world. Wow. Just the thought of it gave me chills. Life had been so good to me. I got the chance most people only dream of: to rub elbows with some of the world's most influential people. I let out a deep sigh before leaving my dressing room. I was wearing a white Francisco Gilliberti ivory lace ball gown. I felt like a princess in it.

Trevor, the fashion show director, walked towards me and quickly assigned my position. Tonight was going to be different. I was no longer just an extra model. Instead, I was the star of the show now. The lights were turned off, and Trevor signaled the first model to start strutting down the catwalk. The theme for tonight's show was 'The Modern Day Royals'. Tonight was expected to be exciting since I was the center of attraction now. The second model started walking down the catwalk wearing one of Ella Channing's masterpieces. The black strapless chiffon ball gown looked so beautiful on her.

Everybody was awestruck when they saw that dress on the runway too. Ella Channing was such a talented artist. One by one, the models left the backstage and strutted down the catwalk. The last model to walk down the ramp was I. The moment Trevor called out my name at the backstage; I let out a deep sigh and prepared myself. I did rehearsals for my grand entrance to the catwalk last night. The curtains opened as the spotlight turned at my direction. I made a dramatic pose for a while before I walked down the ramp. The flashing cameras of the press people almost blinded me. Here goes nothing, I thought, and then I let myself enjoy the spotlight. Nights like this will turn an unknown model face into one to watch. This event will definitely elevate my career status in the fashion industry.


The show was really successful; in fact I got a lot of offers from some of the world's most famous couture houses. Francesca Geneviève Cassé, one of Burberry models, surprisingly approached my direction.My eyes widened as she came closer, wanting to say something but my mouth not moving. I was so awestruck. Francesca looked so beautiful in person. Her long curly blonde hair looked effortlessly beautiful. She had icy blue eyes paired with a Cupid's bow mouth. And yeah, she was so tall and thin too. Francesca has a fair skin, which made her look like an angel. Hands down, she deserved to be one of Burberry models.

'I saw you at the runway,' she said in a perfectly French accent. 'You looked so beautiful.'

Hearing that compliment from someone like her was like Coco Chanel asking me to be her muse. Seriously, all I wanted to do that moment was to check myself on a mirror and see if she was telling the truth. Geez, she just told me that I was beautiful! I beamed at her.

'Thank you so much,' I said. 'You look beautiful too, as always.' Francesca smiled and revealed a row of perfectly white teeth.

'Congratulations. The show was very successful,' she said and left my table.

Trisha came to my table together. She was walking with Caleb, my super hunky model-of-a-boyfriend. Caleb and I had first met in Rome. Both of us were visiting as tourists. We literally bumped into each other at the Trevi Fountain as I was about to throw my coin into the water and make a wish. I came to Rome to mend my broken heart. It just so happened that Caleb went there too for the same reason. All I ever wanted that time was to find a new love and forget about what happened from the past. And my wish came true.

Caleb came into my life and managed to help me forget the heartache my past love had caused me. Tonight, Caleb looked so handsome in his black tuxedo. His hair was brushed up. I kissed him on the lips as I took the bouquet of flowers from his hands. Perfect sweet Caleb. He always came prepared to shower me with gifts.

'I thought you were in Rome?' I asked, smiling.

'This is your big night,' he said and smiled back. 'I can't just let this pass through without me by your side. Plus,' here, he grinned. 'who else is going to tell all those guys just waiting to talk to you to back off?'

That was so sweet of him to say that. I gave him a peck on the cheek. My eyes flicked to Trisha who was standing awkwardly on the side while she watched us love birds. I grinned at her.

'Thanks for being here, Trish,' I said and smiled gratefully at her.

'You're welcome,' she said and winked an eye at me.

'Where is your man?' I asked.

'He is not here,' she said and sighed. 'He went to Brooklyn.'

'He went there without you around?' I frowned.

'Well, yeah, sort of,' she mumbled

'Well, that's weird,' I said and shook my head.

'Don't worry,' she said and smiled at me. 'Anyways, I'll leave you two to catch up now,'

I watched as Trisha walked away from us. I could feel something was wrong between her and Paul Holman. Whatever it is, I'll know it tomorrow when I call her. I turned to Caleb who was now sipping a glass of martini while watching Maroon 5 playing on the stage.

'Are you free this weekend?' he asked.

'Ah, no, I'm not,' I said.

'Too bad,' he said and pouted his lips childishly. 'I was hoping to take you out for a dinner.'

'Aww, I'm sorry I can't,' I said. 'I booked a flight to Dublin.'

'Why do you have to go to Dublin?' he frowned.

'It's my sister's wedding next month, remember?' I said, smiling 'I have to stay there for three long weeks.'

'I wish I could go with you,' he said and sighed. 'I have to go to Philippines for the upcoming fashion week.'

'I understand,' I said and kissed him on the cheek.

Maroon 5 started playing their song 'Sunday Morning'. Caleb and I danced the whole night. It felt so good to have him around me. We hardly go out together because of our tight schedules. He was such a gentleman. We had been together for three years now [if they had been together for three months, Caleb would've already known about her sister's wedding], but he still had not met my parents yet. Sam, my sister, saw him once when we came to visit her in London. Sam liked him for me, and I was so happy when she said that. She even told me that Caleb was for keeps. She was totally right. Caleb was the one I had been waiting for. The party lasted until 3 o'clock in the morning. I had so much fun especially because I had Caleb with me. Caleb offered a ride home. I just told my personal assistant, Mara, to take my car with her.

'Do you want to come inside and have a cup of tea?' I asked and beamed at him.

'I would love to, but I can't,' he said.

'That's okay,' I said and smiled, 'Thank you for spending the night with me.'

I gave him a peck on the lips before climbing outside his car. He blew a kiss at my direction and drove off. Caleb and I were an old fashioned type of couple. We decided not to rush things. Both of us did not like too liberated couples. Caleb believed in the beauty of marriage. His parents had told him that it was not right to sleep with a girl without wedlock. We were very aware that it was the modern day already, but we still believed in that thing.

Mr. Grey, the security guard of the condominium building, greeted me as I walked inside.He was like a second father to me. I could still remember the time when Grey saved me from being trapped inside my burning room. Yes, he risked his life just to save me. From then on, I started to treat him as though he was my second father. I smiled at him and waved my hand.

'How was the fashion show, Ellie?' he asked, smiling.

'It went great,' I said and smiled. 'Thanks for asking, Grey.'

I handed him a brown paper bag that contained muffins inside. Caleb and I bought it for him because we knew it was his favorite snack. He smiled gratefully and thanked me. I hugged him before I took the elevator. The moment I arrived at my floor, I quickly entered my apartment, threw the keys on the table, and went into the bathroom. It was time to relax. I took a bubble bath. Though this day had been exhilarating, it also had been tiring.

Tomorrow, I'll call up Trisha and meet with her. Something was happening between her and Paul that she was not telling me. I wanted to cheer her up. As her best friend, it is my duty to help her in times of trouble or sorrow. Trisha and I were friends since high school years. My family and hers were good friends too. They were like an extended family to us. Trisha and I shared same interests. Both of us loved to sing, act and dance. We even made ten songs together and have them all recorded.

I got out of the tub and wore my robe. I glanced up on the wall clock. The time was 4 o'clock in the morning. I only had three hours left to sleep because I have an early appointment with my manager this morning. I lay down on the bed and wore my pink sleeping mask.


The beeping sound of the alarm awaked me. I took off my sleeping mask and turned off the alarm. It was seven o'clock in the morning already, and I had to get ready for my appointment. I took my cell phone from the table and checked the message inbox. I smiled when I saw Caleb's message on top of the list. He was used to send me a message in the morning.

'Good morning beautiful! Rise and shine. Love you, Caleb. :)'

He was a very sweet man. I quickly composed a message for him about how his message had completed my morning. I checked the inbox again and saw a message from Trisha. She wanted to see me today after my appointment with Ricky. I dialed her number and waited for her to answer the call.

'Good morning, Elle,' she said cheerfully.

'Good morning,' I replied. 'How are you?'

'I'm good,' she said, but I sensed a bit of sadness in her tone.

'Come on Trish, spit it out,' I said and sighed. 'I know something is wrong.'

'Nothing is wrong, Elle,' she said quietly.

'I'll see you later okay?' I said urgently. "Okay?"

'Okay, I'll just let you know our meeting place later,' she said.

'Alright,' I mumbled. 'Take care.'

'You too,' she said and turned off the line.

I went to the kitchen and cooked something for breakfast. I made plenty of blueberry pancakes that I'll share with Grey later. He loves to eat blueberry pancakes too, especially when I am the one prepares and cooks it. After eating breakfast, I took a quick shower. I wanted to look casual today so I decided to wear a blue silk peasant blouse and a pair of jeans that Chloe gave me as a birthday present. I didn't like putting on too much make-up. Less is more.

I brushed up my long brown hair and tied it up in a messy bun. To complete my look, I grabbed a pair of aviator sunglasses with gold metal that I bought from Ray-Ban. Satisfied with how I look, I walked out the pad and took an elevator going down at the lobby. Grey greeted me cheerfully. I handed him a red Tupperware that contained the blueberries that I cooked. He smiled and thanked me. I smiled back at him and walked outside the building. Mara, my personal assistant, took my car last night. I just decided to take a cab and give her a call later. This is going to be another tiring day for me here in New York City.

I glanced at my wristwatch. The time was 7:30 in the morning. I bet Ricky was already going nuts because I am late at our appointment again. Ricky has been my manager for three years now. He did a magnificent job in booking me to some of the world's biggest fashion shows. The driver pulled up in front of the modeling agency. I handed him the fare fee and a bonus tip, which made him smile. Fred opened the door for me as I walked inside the building. Ricky was in his office talking with some people I don't know. Ricky jumped out of his seat and greeted me.

'Finally, you are here,' he said and smiled at me. 'I'd like you to meet Mr. O' Hara and Mrs. Teller from Alexander McQueen fashion house.'

Oh snap, did I hear that right? The two visitors were from Alexander McQueen's fashion house? What do they want from me?

'It's nice to meet you Mr. O' Hara and Mrs. Teller,' I said and smiled at them politely.

Geez, Ricky didn't tell me that there would be guests today. I should have been here earlier. I sat down on the couch and faced Mr. O' Hara and Mrs. Teller.

Mrs. Teller looked pretty with her peach dress. She had blonde hair and hazel eyes.

'Ellie, Mr. O' Hara and Mrs. Teller came here to tell you news,' Ricky said and smiled.

I turned to them with a smile on my face. 'We would like you to model for Alexander McQueen's 2012 women's fall/winter lookbook.' Mrs. Teller said.

Was I dreaming?

'What can you say about that, Ellie?' I heard Ricky said.

'I'm speechless, Rick,' I said and chuckled, 'I'm lost for words.'

Err, I was utterly happy inside. Dang, that was actually my dream. For the next couple of minutes, we started talking about signing the contract. The meeting lasted for one hour. I waited at the lobby for a few minutes until Mara came with my car.

'Thank you so much, Mara,' I said and smiled at her.

'You're welcome,' she said and smiled back at me.

She was such a nice woman. Mara was like Jennifer Anniston. The only difference was that she was only twenty-two years old. She was tall and had a gorgeous body. I asked her once if she was interested to be a model someday, but she told me bluntly that she didn't want to be one.

I started the engine and drove off. Trisha was waiting for me at the coffee restaurant just a few blocks away from the agency. She was going to be ecstatic when she heard about my Alexander McQueen contract. The people were all quite shocked when they saw me walked inside the coffee shop. Little by little, people were starting to notice me as someone famous in the fashion industry. Trisha waved her hand, and I walked towards her direction.

'I'm glad you came,' she said and smiled at me.

I sat down on the opposite side of the table. Trisha was wearing a pink tank top and navy blue short shorts. She let down her long wavy blonde hair.

'I like how you look today,' I said and took off my sunglasses.

She grinned at me. 'Thank you, Elle,' she replied and took a sip of the cappuccino she ordered.

'How are you and Paul?' I asked.

Trisha shrugged and let out a deep sigh. 'We broke up,' she said and looked at the glass window.

'What?' I exclaimed. 'What happened?'

Trisha crossed her arms against her chest and faced me. 'He has another girl,' she said.

'Do you know who she is?' I asked.

She let out another deep sigh. 'Yeah,' she mumbled. 'She was Tracy Atkinson.'


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