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Any Accent

Novel By: Kirkyb

Third installment of the Accent series with Christine Sommers and her Band that's rocking the world... Married life is it all what it's supposed to be... how will people react to that whole thing and will old enemies come back to haunt and hurt again... will Chris's ever so un-normal life ever become anything but insane.... You'll have to wait and see View table of contents...

Submitted:May 24, 2011    Reads: 933    Comments: 97    Likes: 12   

............... "Can't do what?" My voice was stronger than I expected it to be "You leaving me?"
"What" he looked at me in disbelief "Why?" he spluttered his arms suddenly wrapping round me and pulling me on to his lap his head nestled In the crook of my neck "Never" He pressed his lips into the hollow of my collar bone
"So what can't you do?" I pulled back from him and made him look at me "What's SHE doing now?" I literally spat
"It's not you"
"Bullshit Chad she wants to fuck you over because you've moved on" I got up and reached for a towel and handed it to him He got up and pulled off the wet shirt "What's she doing?" I lowered my voice this time.
"I have to go to court" He looked at me as he stripped off the rest of his wet things "She's taking me to court of support" I gripped the counter behind me "She's trying to get the house in Mexico" the door knocked
"Guys you coming to dinner"
"You go we'll catch up" Chad called back as he wrapped the towel round him and sat on the counter and looked at me "We need to talk about this when I' m not naked and when we're alone" He put his hand over mine
"I still don't get what you can't do to me" I begged
"Chris please not here" He sighed getting down "I'll get changed and we can go" He opened the door for me to wait in the dressing room for him I Looked at the guys .
"Okay I'm going to point out the obviously and say you're wet" Dan rubbed his hand over his jaw. Lukas was sittin in chair
"You couldn't have told me" I looked at him "You walked away…"
"Chris it's not his fault" Chad was behind me
"Someone needs to stop her"
"Chris not here" Chad bit at me I looked at him.
I took a deep breath. The others got up and walked out after a few words with Chad about meeting up. Lukas was going to meet us in the bar at the hotel. Chad walked over to me
"I know you're mad…"
'Mad… that doesn't come close" I held out my hands "You were in the shower, sitting clothed on the floor, piss wet through because of that bitch" he held my arms "We've had shit from her since we were in Canada hell I was naked in the damn tub with your band and her in the damn room with me"
"I know and I'm sorry… But you don't need to worry about this" He touched the side of my face
"Don't' patronize me" I got up 'It's okay for you to be there when I fall apart but the minute you show any sign of weakness you want to hide it from me… What's this?" I held up my left hand "What does this mean?"
"It's your engagement and for now wedding ring and it means you're my wife" he got up and pulled me to him
"Exactly I'm your wife not some girl you picked up… not someone that will walk out when she's tired… I'm your wife Chad Kroeger you were the one that asked me remember?" a smile danced on his lips
"I remember" he nodded
"So we face shit together, like you've been there with everything that my life's thrown at me. You've been right there even before we were together so don't even think you can push me away from this… I went mid west on her ass once I'm damn sure I can do it again"
"You amaze me" he shook his head "what the hell did I do to get you?" He held my face gently in his hands "How the hell can you go from so vulnerable on stage to the point of crying to this wild cat?" his eyes roamed my face
"Someone is hurting you" my voice softened "Someone is hurting someone I love nothing will do that I'll take anything people throw at me as long as you and the few people who I love are okay"
"This can get ugly… and you'll end up being dragged into it at some point" he sighed "Lukas will explain what she's wanting and baby you need to go get changed" he touched the wet jeans I was wearing.
"Give me a minute" I walked away from him and into the wardrobe room as it was being packed up ready to move. I grabbed a dress and a pair of boots that had been sent for me to try on as a gift from a designer in Australia hey Free clothes can't turn that down I changed and walked back into Chad who was on his phone He smiled at me and held out his hand I took it and we walked out to the waiting car
"Sure we'll be at the club in an hour or so… Okay Mike" he hung up his phone. "There've found a latin club" he smiled "I didn't think you'd mind going there tonight" he played with my ring
"You going to dance with me?" I rested my head on his shoulder
"Hell yeah… you taught me how remember" he lifted my chin and kissed me "Damn I don't know how I lasted not touching you till we got home" he rubbed his fore head against mine "I had a hard time focusing on trying to remember I shouldn't have been…"
"Stop" I smiled "You're nervous"
"How can you tell?"
"You talk really quickly and you close your eyes "
"lot in here right now" he tapped his head "I'm scared I'm going to hurt this" He tapped his finger on my heart
"No chance unless you leave" I shook my head as the car pulled up to the hotel "So let's see what Lukas has to say" I got out of the car suddenly noticing that the crowds were even bigger tonight than they'd been all week………..


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