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Any Accent

Novel By: Kirkyb

Third installment of the Accent series with Christine Sommers and her Band that's rocking the world... Married life is it all what it's supposed to be... how will people react to that whole thing and will old enemies come back to haunt and hurt again... will Chris's ever so un-normal life ever become anything but insane.... You'll have to wait and see View table of contents...

Submitted:May 24, 2011    Reads: 1,038    Comments: 331    Likes: 14   

.............. Corey was right beside me as we hurried into the Hotel Chad close behind us.
"What the hell happened?" Chad laughed
"The magazine happened" Lukas smiled everyone wants to try to get you and Chris together
"Well I think they just got all but us holding hands then" I looked out of the doors of the hotel to the mass of people 'Hell it's almost midnight"
"Yep" Lukas Nodded "Let's take this in the bar I think we all need a drink" We followed him in Corey and two other security guys staying close to us Chad sat down with his back to the windows I sat opposite him with Lukas between us.
"Okay so what's the full story?"
"Okay to put it bluntly Chad was an Idiot"
"Dude" Chad looked at Lukas "I didn't know she'd pull shit like this"
"Okay back up and tell me what she wants… I know Chad said she wants his house in Mexico and some other stuff" I shook my head as the bartender brought over a bottle of whiskey three glasses and three beers "And something about support" The lump came to my throat quickly "Please tell me she didn't have a baby" okay that came out almost whisper quiet
"No sweetheart I promise you" Chad put his hand over mine "no baby" I nodded, that was one thing I really didn't thik I could handle right now.
"Not that sort of support" Lukas shook his head "She was basically a groupie before Chad met her she had nothing really and you know how he is" I looked at Chad "Hell you got diamonds within a couple of months"
'Okay not helping here" Chad groaned "What he's trying to say is she got to used to the gifts and the lifestyle so when she walked out on me she was left with nothing"
Chad was rubbing his thumb over my ring, I had to smile I realized it was his pet thing with me since he'd given me the art deco ring that he used to constantly tug at and play with, now the stone was much bigger and he didn't take it off my finger
"So because she was the dumbass that left you she wants money" I took a drink of the beer
'Pretty much" Lukas nodded
"Okay so ball park figure what she looking at?" Chad sighed
"hundred grand"
"One off?" I narrowed my eyes at him
"Nope a month"
"No fucking way" Chad swallowed hard "Hell no"
"I know and the lawyers are already working on it… but you have to pay at least ten grand a month right now"
"Whoa okay I thought you never walked down the aisle with her"
I didn't" Chad shook his head
"So she wants basically alimony" Lukas nodded
"Fuck" I leant back
"She can't touch your money at all" he looked at me "and talking of that do you both realize how dumb you both were getting married without a pre-nup"
"Hey we're trying to figure out her not us" I snapped "and who the hell needs that sort of money a month"
"She claims she needs a ton to look after the horses and to shop and do everything she used to when she was living with Chad" I put my elbows on the table and rubbed my head
"We tended to splash out a bit" Chad sighed "I treated her like she was everything" I looked at him I could see this was tearing at him admitting this to me and having to actually tell me about his relationship with her. "I used to take her into the city by helicopter"
"Yeah well you don't have a McLaren" I smiled at him he relaxed a little as Lukas poured us all shots
"But we used to hire a plane to go to Mexico for the weekend and then the house down there she wanted a staff there waiting for us" he leant forward "and I indulged her and everything she wanted"
"Biting you in the ass now" I touched his arm "You know I don't' expect things like that?"
"I know you never asked for anything or never expected anything other than coffee and maybe pizza" he bit his bottom lip "But the difference is you have a back account that is huge considering how long you've been doing this… she didn't she basically stopped working when she moved in with me and lived off of me".
"It might be better if you both admit to the press you're married" Lukas looked at us "I've had so many calls already from reporters and now with this…"
"No we have to tell Chris's little sister first" Chad jumped in "two weeks as soon as the VMA's are done we're heading to Florida to talk to her"
"Okay" Lukas nodded "Then you whole up at home" he directed "Just for a couple of days?"
"Yeah I thin we can do that we have a pole that needs testing and we need to buy a new bed" I knocked back the whiskey "I think I need to take my husband out to blow off some steam"
"Sounds like a plan" Lukas nodded "Corey take Chris out first" Corey looked at me and smiled I bent and kissed Chad
"I can still go mid west on her ass" I murmured in his ear……………


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