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Any Accent

Novel By: Kirkyb

Third installment of the Accent series with Christine Sommers and her Band that's rocking the world... Married life is it all what it's supposed to be... how will people react to that whole thing and will old enemies come back to haunt and hurt again... will Chris's ever so un-normal life ever become anything but insane.... You'll have to wait and see View table of contents...

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................ The next few weeks the speculation about mine and Chad's relationship had ramped up to an insane level, since the night in the club we'd both been careful that we weren't seen out together alone. Like we had before we'd gotten married. Some grainy pictures had turned up in a few magazines of us, but we'd spent more time laughing about them because they were so bad it could have been anyone in the pictures. The last few times I'd been out I'd got my ring turned round so that the diamond was on the inside so at a quick glance my finger looked bare.
We were in New York and getting ready for the VMA's, I walked out of the room I was getting ready in.
'Well don't you scrub up well" Mike whistled I turned on the spot trying not to trip on the hem of the dress I was wearing.
"Gee you make it sound like I'm a slob" I laughed "But look at the shoes they are awesome I lifted the bottom of the dress to shoe the shoes that had studs all over them
"Still rock and roll baby" Chad's arm wound round my waist "and Damn you look stunning" He kissed me.
"Rocking the diamonds there as well Chris" Ryan smiled as he pressed the elevator button
"Yeah but they have to go back" I pouted "they're museum pieces" Lukas managed to squeeze into the elevator with us
Okay we have two limos one for each band Alfie and the others are already down stairs" He explained "Chris you and the guys need to try to get done with the red carpet as quickly as you can because you have to get ready to go onstage… and why was I told I couldn't see the outfit" he looked at me making all of the others look at me
"She's wearing it" Chad wrinkled his nose as he kept a hand resting on my ass
"I think he's talking about the stage one" I pushed my tongue in to my cheek "And because it's… well It's new" I laughed
"Okay that sounds intriguing" Chad patted my butt
"Yeah well you'll all have to wait and see won't you" I laughed, the doors opened and the others got out Chad pulled me back to him and kissed me. "I love you Mrs. Kroeger and I'll see you there"
"I love you too" I grinned as he walked out, Damn I had one hot guy right there
"Hey Chris" Lukas snapped his fingers "We have to go" I stepped out of the elevator Corey was now heading the entire security team for both bands. He put his hand in the small of my back as he moved me to the car, it was good having him around the first Limo had already pulled away as Pete slid into the seat next to me and the door was closed.
"Okay anyone else terrified of this?" he asked looking round at the rest of us
"What running the red carpet or the performing?" Kerion sighed, his ever present drum stick already beating a rhythm on the seat next to him
"Both" a nervous silence fell over all of us this was something huge about to happen and everything was riding on this and we couldn't fuck it up….
The door of the limo was opened. Alfie looked at me as we saw Nickelback already out on the carpet.
"Ready for this?" I nodded. This was the first time we'd been back in the US for the first time since we'd got a break when all hell had broken loose with my parents.
"First time back here since" Kerion lifted my left hand the diamond catching the light through the open door on my all important finger
"I'm expecting someone to ask at least once tonight" I sighed
"I think we tell them you and Chad got married" Alfie shrugged "Let them deal with it"
"Yeah but it's not just them dealing with it is it?" Pete butted in "People will look at us and think like they have in the past that because Chris is in bed with Chad every night then that's the reason we're where we are"
"We don't have to prove ourselves to anyone" I looked at them "Record sales are proof enough the first two singles went to number one in so many countries you head spun" I pointed to Kerion "The people who need to know the truth already know it… and Jess has the right to know before everyone else and not through a phone call either"
"And we won't say anything you know that" Pete smiled "Come on we're supposed to be opening the show and your husband is already half way down the red carpet"
"Yeah but I'm here with you guys" I laughed
"He does he know about your costume for tonight doesn't he?" Alfie grinned as Kerion stepped out.
"Nope" I poked my tongue out and stepped out of the car, The heat of the New York summer radiated from the buildings
"Oh he's going to choke" Pete laughed
"He's going to do something" Alfie got out after me.
"I hope they have the paramedics on standby incase his old heart gives out" Kerion teased swatted him as we were pulled by producers onto the red carpet to have pictures taken before heading to the media platforms to do interviews.
"Finally the band everyone wants to talk to" one of the reporters laughed "Okay Never West is five months of the way through your shows with Nickelback how's life on the road treating you?" someone asked
"We can't wait to get home and sleep in our own beds" Pete Smiled
"And where do you all call home"
"Florida" all the guys laughed at the same time
'We've brought places not far from where we all grew up in Tampa" Alfie elaborated
"What about you Chris?" she turned and looked at me
"I don't know where I'm going to buy a place I'm a mid west girl that likes the cold winters"
'I hear Canada gets cold" Kerion laughed pushing his tongue into his cheek
"Yeah so I've heard" I nodded keeping my left hand firmly behind Alfie's back out of sight
"Canada would be good with Chad" she cocked her head
'Who?" I put on an innocent face
"Come on Chris you have to tell me" the reported pleaded "have you tamed him?"
"Nothing to tame and nothing to say on that?" I smiled with a slight shrug
"So that has to be an admissions we've all seen the ring and those grain photos from a club in Australia"
"I think a lot of people have taking some really bad photos I'm sorry but I couldn't tell who was in the picture and as for diamonds I like diamonds what girl doesn't" okay now I was getting a little uncomfortable
"Did you and he tie the knot? that's what everyone wants to know"
"She doesn't even tie laces" Kerion laughed as Lukas hurried over
"Sorry Never West has to get inside now they're opening the show" He smiled as sweetly as he could, moving us off of the stand. The reporter turned to the camera
"Once again Chad Kroeger and Chris Sommers both not giving anything away, but I did get a closer look at the ring and wow all I can say is Chad you can buy me diamonds any day" I glanced at Kerion who was laughing
"Maybe you should leave it off and see how long it takes for people to say something" Lukas suggested as we went inside.
"Well you need to tell him to take his off as well" I chuckled.
"What am I supposed to take off" Chad walked over
"Your ring" Pete looked at him.
"Yeah right no chance" he looked down at the band on his finger, it was one of his old rings because we just hadn't had the chance to actually get a wedding band for him "Not till the real rings ready" Lukas was flustered for once
"Chad you need to go sit" He pointed toward the auditorium "and the four of you need to go get ready you can't screw this up"
"Oh they won't give a damn about the show" Pete smiled I shot him a look
"What's he talking about?' Chad put his hand in the middle of my back
"I don't' know" I shrugged
"Oh I hate when you do this" he groaned
"I'll make it up to you" I trailed my fingers down his chest
"I'll hold you to that?" He kissed me "and did I tell you how hot you looked tonight?"
"Yes but I'd just got out the shower and the only thing I was wearing was these" I held up my left hand "you told me I looked stunning"
"Yeah that's what I meant" he laughed
"CHRISTINE MOVE YOUR ASS" Kerion yelled across the room
"You'd better go" he kissed me again as I hurried away..........


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