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Any Accent

Novel By: Kirkyb

Third installment of the Accent series with Christine Sommers and her Band that's rocking the world... Married life is it all what it's supposed to be... how will people react to that whole thing and will old enemies come back to haunt and hurt again... will Chris's ever so un-normal life ever become anything but insane.... You'll have to wait and see View table of contents...

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…… Chad seemed distant as we made our way from the awards to the after party, both bands had jumped into one limo. I was waiting for him to go down the paparazzi line with Nickelback like he normally did but he waited for me to get out of the car, his arm pulling me close into him. Mike looked at us and then said something to Kerion who just shrugged.
Chad didn't leave my side as we got our names called it was a rare thing that we would allow ourselves to be photographed together at all. Chad pressed his lips to my temple making the flash bulbs go crazy.
"Are you feeling okay?" I looked at him "I mean PDA…"
"I'm fine. I just don't want anyone else to have a piece of you right now" he smiled. There was something else behind the smile. I got the feeling of lead weighing down my stomach. What the hell was Mari doing now…
"We have to do an interview" Lukas said coming over "They want Chris"
"I'm going with her" Chad answered quickly. We all looked at him "What… I can't be by my wife's side when she's getting an interview?"
"No it's just…' Alfie started "well not what you guys do"
"Yeah well" Chad shrugged as Lukas walked us over to the reporter waiting for us her face lighting up like a Christmas tree when she saw Chad and I together.
"Wow this is an unexpected treat Chad Kroeger and Christine Sommers both together" She beamed Chad standing slightly behind me his hands resting on my hips "So how proud are you of her?"
"Immensely" He nodded "but that goes the same for the guys as well" He gestured to where the guys were now being interviewed by some playboy bunny "They all work there asses off on tour some nights putting us to shame"
"So Christine you have the backing of one of Rocks biggest bands in your career… How does the down time work are you all still cooped up together or do you all split and go your own way?"
"Down time" I laughed "I don't think we've had down time since this whole thing started we tend to sleep on planes and in cars a lot of the time"
"So what do you call 5days in a villa in Bali" I felt Chad grip me tighter, I hesitated unsure of what to say I wasn't expecting a question about Bali
"A good time" he butted in
"So what do you say to the reports we have that you two got married at sunset while you were there?" the reporter was tentative as she asked the question
"Reports from whom?" I tried to keep my composure and the smile on my face
"The Minister that married you" the reporter was edging more to us. Chad sighed and poked his tongue in his cheek "And that has to be at least an eight carat diamond on your finger"
"You know Never West won an award tonight our first award at that" I smiled changing the subject I felt Chad's hand hold mine
"Changing the subject can be classed as a way to dodge round the answer" she giggled
"What I do and what Chad does when we're not on the clock is our business" I was trying to be nice, but I was beginning to fail at it
"But are you doing things together. That's what we all want to know?" She pushed "Are you two a couple" I opened my mouth to tell her that the interview was done but Chad's voice came out strong and slightly hard.
"Yes we are" he nodded "Chris and I are together and yes we got married" Okay my breath caught in my throat. "And the stones a little over ten carats"
"Oh" the reporter was taken aback and I swear the expression on Lukas's face was a picture "Er… well… er congratulations"
"Thank you" I managed to croak out okay that was something that wasn't supposed to happen. The reporter realized she'd got the scoop and was beaming
"With all this going on what do you think to Arron Harsh's sentence being over turned and what was the deal with all that?" I clutched onto Chad tighter at the mere mention of Arron's name and the fact it was coming off the lips of a reporter meant someone had been digging.
"Whoa" Chad jumped in "I think we're done" Chad turned me away and pushed me gently to Lukas "I'm drawing the line on this I gave you what everyone's been after so please let Chris and the rest of Never West enjoy the high of tonight" He stepped away from her Lukas had already pulled me inside the building.
"What the fuck was that?" I threw up my arms
'Chris not here" Lukas looked round
"Don't tell me not here. What the hell was with that question about Arron?"
"Arron" Alfie choked on his drink, he hated the mention of Arron since the night he'd attacked me and Alfie had driven me away, Chad hurried in through the door.
"And what the hell were you thinking?" I looked at him "We agreed not to say anything about getting married till we'd spoken to Jess and you go and tell her on TV"
"I know Baby but…"
"Don't but and baby me" I shook my head "And the Arron thing?"
"Let's go somewhere quieter" Chad put his hand in the middle of my back. the pain etched all over his face
"No" I stepped back "What the hell are you guys keeping from me?"
"Chris we only found out tonight" Lukas swallowed hard as people were watching "The I got a call when you were all heading back to the awards" He was standing blocking me from most people's views "with the revelations in your Mom's book and what some people perceive as you when it's just the stage you… well to make it blunt" Lukas let out a huge sigh "He's out of jail Chris" It felt like I'd been kicked I held onto the wall behind me
"Sweetheart I'm sorry" Chad reached out for me I held up a finger he stopped.
"You knew?"
"Lukas told me after we presented you with the award" he nodded. I shook my head
"Excuse me" I walked by all of them
"You can't keep things like this from me. You can't when were you planning on telling me?" I walked back over to him and stood in front of him
"Chris… Nothing would change it if I told you later or tomorrow" he snapped "I wasn't going to ruin the high tonight"
"Yeah well too late" I walked out of the side door where the limo's were all parked. I walked over to the one that we'd just arrived in and got in the driver looking slightly shocked. "I need to go to the hotel"
"Yes Ma'am" he pulled away as Chad walked out of the hall with Mike after him………


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