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Any Accent

Novel By: Kirkyb

Third installment of the Accent series with Christine Sommers and her Band that's rocking the world... Married life is it all what it's supposed to be... how will people react to that whole thing and will old enemies come back to haunt and hurt again... will Chris's ever so un-normal life ever become anything but insane.... You'll have to wait and see View table of contents...

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….. I walked into the hotel without much trouble a summer storm had kicked up and it was pouring down.
"Congratulations, Miss Sommers' the girl behind the reception called out as I walked to the elevator. I managed to smile at her even though right now I was a perfect mixture of mad and scared out of my mind. Why the hell couldn't it have just been Mari trying more crap… anything but him. The elevator door closed behind me I heard my phone vibrating in my purse I pulled it out. Dropping it because my hands were shaking so badly. I picked it up and answered it
Chad * Chris where the hell did you go?
Me * I had to leave before I said something that I wouldn't be able to take back
Chad * where are you?
Me * about to take a really hot shower and climb into bed
Chad * 'I'm on my way back
Me * why?
Chad * because I love you and I'm worried about you
Me * really… You should have told me right away about Arron, you know how I feel over all of that and how I was scared something like this could happen
Chad * we'll talk about this when I get there
Me * yeah we will
I hung up and turned off my phone. I went to our suite and turned on the shower and stripped out of my clothes and jewelry and got under the almost scalding jets. All the fun had gone from tonight tainted with my worst fears. Memories of the things Arron had done to me replayed over and over in my mind terrifying me as I relived the pain and the hurt and the humiliation.
My Knees gave out as the steaming hot water made the scars on my arms from the knife marks stand out more. I sat on the floor of the shower shaking and holding my head in my hands. My safe bubble had been burst. I didn't hear Chad step into the room, the water turned off and he was on his knees next to me wrapping me in a towel and holding me as tight as he could. I couldn't cry I couldn't focus every time I closed my eyes all I could see was Arron's face etched with anger and hate as he tore into me with his fists and his feet and the sensation of the cold steel as he cut my arms.
I heard the door to the suite open and I could make out voices but whose they were all blurred together as I felt the tile floor of the shower go from under me and I was carried to the bed and the soft warmth of the comforter was pulled over me. I could feel my teeth chattering even though I didn't feel cold my whole body was trembling.
"I'm going to get the doctor" Mike was pacing the floor of the room looking at his brother as Chad tried to hold me to him "This isn't right… Chris isn't right" Mike sounded scared.
"Go" Chad looked at him "Hurry" Mike took off running "Baby" Chad stroked my face pushing back the wet hair. "Sweetheart it's okay, you're safe, I'm here" a single tear rolled from the corner of my eye he wiped it with his hand "I'm sorry… I'm so so sorry" he pressed his lips to my cheek
"What if he comes back?" I managed to croak out "what if he touches me again?" the shaking stopped and the near hysteria took over "You'd leave I'm already half what I should be…" Chad cut me off pressing his mouth to mine and kissing me as the door opened and Mike ran back in with the doctor. The other guys were in the living room of the suite Lukas nervously filling them in on what exactly the call had been about.
"I'm not going anywhere sweetheart" he stroked my cheek making me look at him while the doctor took my pulse and blood pressure "I'm right here. The guys are right here. No one's going to get anywhere near you" he kissed my forehead as the doctor gave me a shot. Almost instantly my eyes felt heavy and I slipped into blackness. "What the hell did you give her?" Chad voice rose at the sheer shock of how fast I went out.
"It's just a sedative" the doctor reassured Chad. "Her pulse was way too fast and her blood pressure was spiking… What happened to get her this way?"
'She had some bad news" Chad looked back as me and stroked my hair "How long will she be out for?"
"At least 10 hours, I'll be back and I'll check on her in a few hours to see if her blood pressure has stabilized" he got up and picked up his bag "If not she will be admitted to the hospital… But if there is a chance she's pregnant we need to call 911?" Chad looked at Mike and then at the doctor as Mike dropped his head
"No… none at all" he rested his head against mine
"Okay I'll be back. Just make sure she's kept warm and someone is with her all the time" the doctor walked out.
"Bro go get out of those wet things or you'll get sick" Mike handed Chad a towel "I'll stay here with Chris"
"I shouldn't have tried to keep it from her" Chad looked at him "I feel helpless my own damn wife if so much of an emotional wreck over what this guy did and I can't do anything… hell she chewed me out over Mari and me trying to handle that on my own she was so strong" he rubbed his thumb over my jaw "Now look"
"When someone threatens something you love what do you want to do…" Mike didn't give him time to answer "You'll do everything you can to protect them and that's what Chris does when Mari causes trouble" Mike put his hand on Chad's shoulder "Go get changed" Chad Nodded and got off the bed Mike took his place pulling me into a hug as I slept. "No son of a bitch is going to hurt my favorite sister-in-law" Chad had to smile at Mikes big brother reaction……………………


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