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Any Accent

Novel By: Kirkyb

Third installment of the Accent series with Christine Sommers and her Band that's rocking the world... Married life is it all what it's supposed to be... how will people react to that whole thing and will old enemies come back to haunt and hurt again... will Chris's ever so un-normal life ever become anything but insane.... You'll have to wait and see View table of contents...

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…………….. it was after two am when we got to the house. I walked into the kitchen and got a glass of water as Chad showed Corey and Danny where the guest house was out by the pool…
"I need a hot shower and then get into bed" he sighed taking the water from me and taking a drink. "You want to scrub my back" he sank the water and put the glass in the sink.
"Only if you wash my hair"
"Come on" He took my hand and pulled me down the corridor and up the stairs he flicked on the light "Or we can just try that out" I smiled looking at the huge bed in the room
"Damn it's hotter than I thought it was in the picture" Chad smiled "That's a bed to…" I turned him to face me and kissed him "Yeah something like that" he murmured as he caught my bottom lips in his teeth "screw the shower"……..
……………. The next couple of days we spent just relaxing catching up on sleep and then becoming deprived of it and I have to say I think every surface of the house if skimmed with a black light would be well… I walked down the stairs Mike was standing in the kitchen drinking coffee.
"Hey you" He smiled at me and hugged me "Well you look a lot better than the day you left New York "
"I feel it and knowing Arron's still in the county jail back home makes me feel so much better" I put m y purse down on the counter as Chad walked in from the dining room
"Going out?"
"Shopping' I nodded I somehow have to find you a wedding band"
"Oooo shopping for me I like it" he laughed "You are taking Corey or Danny right?"
"Danny's coming with me" I nodded "and I think I need shoes"
"Oh my god you didn't really just say that" Mike spluttered "Imelda Marcos had less shoes than you"
"Okay I'll pretend I didn't hear that" I laughed "What time do you guys think you'll be done with the interview thing?"
"Around five" Chad nodded "and it's your turn to cook" he poked me in the ribs
"Okay you two are going to make me throw up in a minute' Mike groaned
"It's called keeping our heads down" Chad rolled his eyes at Mike "If you hadn't noticed I sort of opened a whole can of Hot Damn when I told the world we'd got married"
"Really I'd never of guessed" Mike laughed
"You two are crazy" I sighed as Danny walked in "D thank god someone with some sanity"
"He won't have for long if he's riding in your car with you" Mike laughed ducking as I went to swat him
"I told her to take my car" Chad smiled
"Yeah I want to get into Vancouver this side of the next blue moon" I walked over to him and kissed him "Mac will blow mutton away"
"Really how about Mac's owner Blows Mutton's Owner"
"Okay that's it I'm officially grossed out" Mike banged his head on the work surface
"Maybe later" I winked at Chad and grabbed my purse and keys.
………….. It felt good to be out shopping like a semi normal person… well not everyone have a former Marine walking with them with a side arm. I got a few looks as if to say is that Christine Sommers but with my ball cap and glasses on I wasn't easily recognized .
I looked through a rack of shirts Danny was a few feet away watching the few people in the store as I savored the chance of picking out my own stuff for a change. I turned away from the shirts to the shrine that is holy... the shoes and boots.
"Have you seen Christine Sommers in the magazine" I stalled and backed up to the rack. Danny looked at me and cocked his head a little as I looked across to the two girls standing with a tabloid magazine in their hands. Both of them were about my age. "I still can't get over the fact she married him" The taller of the two girls groaned "I mean he's so much older than she is" She was pointing to the magazine but I couldn't make out what the picture was "Like why do it? I never thought of him needing an ego boost… yes she looks good half naked but seriously does she have daddy issues or is she just convenient"
"Okay seriously your saying you wouldn't be all over him given half a chance" her freidn shook her head in disbelief 'Hello you flashed him at the show last year?"
"Oh I'd ride him hard and put him away wet" I rasied my eye brows as she spoke about my husband "Tell me a red blooded woman that wouldn't assume the postiton for him when he sings like that and hell those fingers must beable to work wonders" they both disintegrated into cackling laughed. "But I still don't get it, he can have any woman and he chooses her…"
"Maybe he likes them rough" the shorter girl sighed "I mean she has to be Stephanie Sanders because she keeps claiming she's nothing like her"
"True denying means hiding" the taller girl trilled in a sing song voiced that grated on me "And then reading this about her Ex boyfriend Arron something and what she said…"
I felt sick and I blocked them out for a minute hearing his name was one thing, but hearing his name and mine coming from a stranger felt so wrong. Ii was irritating me to hell and back that so called fans were talking like this. I took a breath and began to step back.
"I mean that picture on the TV of Arron I'm sorry he was way hotter than Chad and she screwed him over crying rape… Come on take a look at the way she dresses" I looked down at the jeans and the tank I had one "Hello Slutville" they broke out into fits of giggles again and pulled my interest in their conversation again I leant back into the clothes rail to listen Danny I swear thought I'd lost the plot "Look at the VMA's she wants either a man under her or to be on her knees in front of one… Ah now we know how she got Chad… She sucked and fucked her way to the top… and now she has to work harder to keep him.
"Did you hear someone's come forward and said she can't have kids because she had some backstreet abortion when she was 15" My hand went to my throat "Chad's not going to want to be with someone like that … He's got to be wanting kids the other in the band have them.. Maybe he got her for breeding stock… Oh and if she didn't tell him" She giggled evilly "I bet she things by doing all the things he sings about he'll stick with her"
"Yeah right" The taller girl put her hand on her chest dramatically and looked at the magazine "Chad what the hell were you thinking, she's just tits and ass, she can't give you kids, she's got baggage coming out the wood work and none of the really hot guys want her"
"No at least Kellan got away from her… well dumped her ass leaving him for the real women" the other girl licked her lips "Chad I'll wake up one day"
I heard a cell phone ring snapping me back from the conversation I'd just over heard. One of the girls answered the phone and then pulled her friend out of the store leaving the magazine on the floor with pen marks scrawled over my picture. I had so many emotion running through me after hearing all the rumors and stupid comments, Some of them were even a little laughable. But how the hell did someone know about me not being able to have a baby…. I didn't want that in the press, I didn't even want it out there as a thought or rumor, hell it killed me just thinking about it. I stepped back and looked at Danny
"We need to leave" He nodded but didn't move "Now" I started to move quickly toward the exit of the store, I wanted to gte in the car and get home, I was struggling to even think straight………………….


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