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Any Accent

Novel By: Kirkyb

Third installment of the Accent series with Christine Sommers and her Band that's rocking the world... Married life is it all what it's supposed to be... how will people react to that whole thing and will old enemies come back to haunt and hurt again... will Chris's ever so un-normal life ever become anything but insane.... You'll have to wait and see View table of contents...

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………….. I had Danny all but jogging to keep up with me as I headed for the parking garage My head was fit to burst with the words of the conversation I'd just over heard… mind you I shouldn't have been eavesdropping, but it felt like I'd been hauled over burning hot coals if people could talk about someone they didn't know like that I put my hands on the roof of the McLaren the tears blurring my vision.
"Damn Chris how do you walk so fast in heels?" Danny put his hand on my shoulder "and what spooked you?"
"I just need to go home" I fished in my purse for my keys my hand shaking to the point of dropping the keys "Damn it"
"Okay like hell you're driving" Danny picked them up "You're going to have to trust me with your car" I turned my head and looked at him "Hey I'm paid to keep you safe and how you are right now you can't get in this and drive" His hand firmly moved me to the passenger side and opened the door for me.
I slid into the seat without any protest. Danny pulled out of the parking garage, I toyed with my phone I debated calling Chad but they had two interviews today, My guys were all doing things including golfing with Lukas and some reporters from Europe, so the last thing they needed was me calling them to tell them about what happened, Danny never spoke a word or if he did I had zoned out enough that I didn't ear him as I watched the scenery move by the window. I don't think Danny had turned off the engine before I was out of the car andwalking to the front door.
"Chris you need me to call Chad for you?" Danny called out I stopped and looked back at him
"You want me to call Chad and get him to come home" he walked over to me and handed me the keys for the car
"No" I shook my head "You can Corey have the night off go kickback in Vancouver" I ran my hand through my hair
"Chris" he looked worried
"Danny I'm fine" I snapped a little "I just need some food and to spend the night with my husband"
"Yes Ma'am" he sighed and took a step back "We'll see you tomorrow" I nodded and watched as he walked round the side of the house, I was going to have to apologize to him tomorrow I was out of line, it wasn't his fault my life was a shit pot of drama.
I walked into the house and put my purse on the table in the hall and walked into the kitchen to grab a beer turning on the stereo as I went chuckling a little as One republics Secrets came on. How the hell can you be a Rock Star and have secrets. I sank half the beer before making a start on dinner. People think we eat out every night and it's none stop parties. Sometimes it's nice to do what "normal" people do and eat dinner and curl up to watch a movie. My mind was still working over time while I cooked I never even noticed the time.
"Honey I'm Home" Chad's voice carried down the hall "Good it smells good" he appeared and put his jacket on one of the stools "I haven't eaten since breakfast" He walked round to me and slid his hands round my waist and kissed the side of my neck.
"How was the interview?" I smiled relief that he was here washing over me making the tension start to release the grip on my shoulders
"Damn the woman was a bitch" He walked over to the fridge and grabbed a beer and held it out to me before getting another one for himself "She was one of these all for the pop no talent stars that have no real ability other than looking good" he rubbed his hand on the back of his neck "she hated everything Nickelback is and had made her mind up that we sucked before we sat down… hell Dan wanted to get up and walk out after five minutes" I handed him a plate "Oh you rock Baby" he grinned sniffing the food and picked up both of our beers in his other hand and taking his plate into the dining room, I followed him and sat down
He was telling me something about one of Mike's Kids falling but the conversation from that afternoon was making my mind wander and not in the usual good way.
Maybe I was just some girl with more issues than a small country, and Maybe Chad just wanted that thrill of the chase feeling and now he had me was it going to be like catch and release.
A hand waved in front of my face making me jump, I looked at Chad he was frowning with worry.
"Hey Baby are you okay? I just told you that your McLaren caught fire and you have the worlds ugliest shoe collection and…" he held out his hands "I got nothing"
"Okay not funny thinking about my car in flames" I swatted him "and you have openly admitted I have only FMB's, FMS's and FMNS's in my collection. I think I'd better go sell what I have and go back to just wearing flip flops and sneakers" I raised a sarcastic eye brow at him.
"Oh hell no way" he laughed "You'd go into mourning if you had to give up your shoes, and I love your shoes" he got up and picked up his empty plate and walked behind me "especially when you're wearing nothing else" he murmured in my ear sending a shiver up and down my spine. I looked at the half eaten food in front of me and got up and followed him into the kitchen and scrapped away what I didn't want as he loaded his plate into the dishwasher he looked at me
"You don't seem yourself tonight" he asked catching my hand and pulling me to him.
"I'm fine" I smiled as warmly as I could but I was sure I hadn't convinced him. "I'll bring in some more beers if you go set up a movie" I turned away from him and opened the fridge door,
"Oh that's fatal letting me pick the movie" he laughed "But don't moan about it"
"I won't" I sighed as I heard him walk off to the den, I cracked open the beer and walked in to him. He was sitting on the couch his right arm slung over the back of it as an open invitation to snuggle into him. I handed him the beer and sat down inhaliong the scent of him making the heavy feeling in my heart and stomach feel heavier
Maybe a club tonight would have been a better idea because when a movie's playing and one you've seen a few times you mind starts to wander and drift away. I looked across at him
He looked a hot as ever as he watched the screen, his legs settled across the table in front of him the beer loosely held in his left hand. How the hell did I do it… I'm sitting here with Chad Kroeger, one of the guys that Miranda and Heidi and I used to have on our hell yeah, he ranked higher on mine than theirs but he was still on their list. I always thought I was lucky to have got tickets for Concerts, I never expected to be sitting with him on any level. His face broke out into a smile.
"And now you see that's why I like Lambo's" he chuckled turning to look at me for a second before looking back to the screen and taking a drink from his bottle before he put it on the table, I smiled at his comment I didn't even feel like fighting over the cars tonight.


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