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Any Accent

Novel By: Kirkyb

Third installment of the Accent series with Christine Sommers and her Band that's rocking the world... Married life is it all what it's supposed to be... how will people react to that whole thing and will old enemies come back to haunt and hurt again... will Chris's ever so un-normal life ever become anything but insane.... You'll have to wait and see View table of contents...

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……… I unfolded the note
My Beautiful Wife,
Okay so I seriously think I have carpel tunnel after writing all 999 of these little notes (well all 6 of them including this one) but that aside.
So as you can see it's getting to be dusk, and you'll love the view of the mountain from the tub at this time of night, so go take a bath, it's all ready for you baby and I have a new dress for you to wear (after the bath), and shoes and UNDERWEAR (yes I'm grinning because I got to go shopping for me… er you). I think I did good okay I know I did good (Miranda told me I did good)
Okay you need to go get in the tub… oh I wish I was in there with you… there will be a Limo at the door at Seven so you need to be ready which means drool over the shoes in the car not sit there looking at them while you're wrapped in towel.
I don't want you to be late because good I've missed you today
All my love forever
I walked into the bathroom the tub was filled with water a line of candles was in front of the window the over looked the mountain. I peeled off my clothes and stepped into the warm water and sank down, there was a glass of wine on the edge of the tub that made me smile, Chad loved to sit in the tub with a glass of wine it was his treat after dinner, unless other things came up, I picked up the wine and looked out of the window the mountain looked black against the dimming sky that was streaked with all the hues of sunset. Now I got why he wrote some of the love songs he did, how could you not feel loved and in love with a view like that. I ached to see him; I put the glass down and got out of the water slipping on my robe.
He'd said something about clothes but I hadn't seen anything. I walked into our bedroom lay on the bed was a long red dress with silver flowers embroidered on it damn I could wear it on a red carpet it was amazing, I smiled at the sexy black underwear that was lay next to it, he knew what he liked and I had to say Chad had amazing taste. Then there was the holy grail of shoe boxes that made me giggle I took of the lid inside were the crystal incrusted Christian Louboutin's I'd seen in a magazine while we were in Bali and all but drooled over, he'd remembered.
I walked back into the bathroom to do my hair and makeup I had 35 minutes to get it together. I bit my lip as I looked at the clock. I curled my hair in to over sized loose curls that fell below my shoulder and pinned the sides back loosely, the Smokey eyes made up just the way I knew he liked to see them, if he'd gone to all this trouble for me today then I was going to make sure I repaid him a little. I hung the robe on the door and pulled on the underwear smiling at the 'C' tattoo on the top of my thigh that I'd surprised him with while we were in Australia, and it's not till you look really close that in the curl of the C was a tiny 'K' and he loved it.
I pulled on the dress and just about managed to pull up the zipper, this is when I missed having someone around to get the awkward zippers, I'm sure I'd have no problem having someone take the zipper down. I put on the shoes and gained four inches of height, I was still going to me shorter than Chad but I wasn't going to be as short as I would have been in my sneakers this morning. I slipped my wallet, phone and lipstick into the silver clutch that had been set out with the clothes as the buzzer sounded for the front gate. I picked up the phone.

Me * hello
Driver * I have a Car for you Ma'am
Me * Okay come up
I pressed the button for the gate to open and walked down the stairs getting to the front door as the limo stopped outside I opened the door Corey was out there talking to the driver checking out that everything was okay. He looked at me and smiled
"Have a good night Chris"
"I will" I nodded, the driver opened the door and I got in there was a single rose on the seat with a gift bag and another folded piece of the cream colored paper
One last one for you, I hope you liked everything I got for you (if not I'm putting all the Blame on Miranda) now you're coming into the city so you need to now look in the little bag
I put the note in my lap and picked up the gift bag and pulled out the tissue paper I reached inside took out a red silk scarf and immediately smiled remembering the last time we'd had fun with two of these, who knew such soft fabric could restrain a full grown Rock star, I bit my lip at the memory. The car hit a pothole shaking me out of the erotic memories. I picked the note back up
I know what you're thinking off Mrs. Kroeger but next time it's your turn to be restrained… Oh not good blood now heading south… right sorry back on track. When you guys come into the city you have to use the scarf as a blindfold (Kinky I know but hell you married me) Please this is the last thing I'm asking you to do for me (well till later because I have this itch that needs to be scratched… see how I get after not being with you all day) so remember when you come into the city put it on..
I love you
I was nervous, to the point that when we came into the city my hands were shaking as I put on the blindfold, I felt like I was going on a first date with my dream guy, instead of meeting up with my husband… my everything……..


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