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Any Accent

Novel By: Kirkyb

Third installment of the Accent series with Christine Sommers and her Band that's rocking the world... Married life is it all what it's supposed to be... how will people react to that whole thing and will old enemies come back to haunt and hurt again... will Chris's ever so un-normal life ever become anything but insane.... You'll have to wait and see View table of contents...

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................ "Eavesdropping again" I tipped my head and looked at the two of them "Didn't you do that in Russia and when I was in Seattle with Lukas?" Mike looked at Chad
"Hey she's talking to you"
"Dude I have to sleep with her" I looked at Chad's Mom who was shaking her head at the guys I got up from the table.
"Really Mr. Kroeger" I poked him in the chest "You have to sleep with me" I poked him again so he took a step back "Well try the couch for a night" Mike started to laugh I looked at him "and you" I stopped prodding Chad and turned on mike
"Oh fuck" he groaned
"We need to talk" I looked back to Chad's Mom "Excuse me I need to chew someone's ear"
"Dude I swear I won't let her chew me" I Gibbs slapped Mike as Chad started to laugh "Damn why are you always so close to me" he looked at me and screwed up his nose I walked back into the house.
"I think you need to go talk to your sister-in-law" Chad's Mom laughed before looking to Chad "and you need to sit down a minute" Chad did what he was told and so did Mike.
"That's one hell of a girl you've got there"
"I know it is" Chad smiled "you still think I was dumb?"
"Not at all" she shook her head "I'm scared you'll do something to hurt her though"
"Jeez thanks for the vote of confidence Mom" Chad groaned "If you knew everything you'd understand I'm never going to do that" He rubbed his hand over his face and clasped his hands behind his head "You heard what she said I got to know her and fell for her with out realizing it and it took her ex to point it out and hell I owe him for it"
"Are they really Ex's?"
"Mom yes they are" he rolled his eyes
"Look I saw how you were screwed up when Mari left you"
'Chris is so far from Marianne was it's not even right to mention them in the same sentence… and Mari's trying to stir things up"
"I heard Chris say when she walked in about it" she looked at Chad "are you okay?"
"I'm fine I can deal with it she won't get what she wants because we were never legally married but hell it's just a pain in the ass dealing with her while touring and with the Arron crap as well"
"Arron Who?"
"Oh shit… it's someone that hurt Chris and we think he might come after her again"
"Someone hurt her?"
"Oh you wouldn't believe the people that have hurt her badly" Chad got up "We're doing to have another wedding as soon as we can but in three days we leave for south America but I promise you there will be a proper wedding"
"Good" she got up and hugged him. "and I never thought you'd like a girl that had tattoo's"
"Hey I get royalties from two of them" he laughed………
……………. I paced the kitchen floor as Mike walked in
"Did he tell you what happened?" I looked at Mike. He bit his lip trying not to laugh "Mike she opened the damn shower door" that was it he was laughing "Micheal"
"Sorry" he held up his hands hey be thankful she didn't come back last night when you guys were…" he grinned at me
"How the hell…"
"Chris who do you think set up the candles and the tray" he walked over to me and hugged me "Chad's good but he can't be in two places at once"
"Why the hell did you give her the key?"
"I didn't she has the original spare" he chuckled "and I like how you blame me for it" I sat down on one of the stools "I'd have damn well called you to warn the two of you" he lent on the counter and looked at me "But I'm sorry it's funny… So you doing okay?"
"Yeah" I nodded
"Chad told me about you over hearing those girls" I looked down "hey you can't listen to the haters okay we all know the truth, the people that matter know the truth" I nodded
"They knew I can't have a baby" Mike Stopped with his coffee half way to his mouth "Someone's said something to the press but I don't know who"
"Damn" he whistled putting the cup done
"That was the thing that hurt the most…" I sighed "someone that I trust has told people"
"But there's only a few of us that know"
"Exactly" I nodded "which makes it so much worse" the door opened Chad and his Mom walked in
"Okay I was expecting you to be kicking his ass" Chad smiled
"I don't always wade in" I smiled at him "Just when provoked"
"Well I'm going to leave now I've finally met you" Chad's Mom walked over to me and hugged me "call me if you need anything at all"
"Thank you" I nodded at her
"I'm going to go as well" Mike smiled "I have a night o movies with the kids and then with my wife" he rubbed his hands together "I think we'll be having dessert" Chad and I looked at each other and started to smile "Have fun" He kissed my cheek "and don't worry okay" I nodded Chad and I walked them both out of the house he closed the front door and pulled me to him.
"Well that was…"
"Surprising" He nodded "How much of the conversation did you and Mike hear?"
"All of it" He shrugged "I wasn't going to leave you out there to fend for yourself I know how much of a bitch my Mom can be where Mike and I are concerned even though we put her through hell and back growing up" He tucked a piece of hair behind my ear "I know it's a crappy time to bring it up but I… or we are going to have to tell her about the baby thing she rocks as a grandma and she will bug the ass off us"
"Okay" I nodded "But can we not think about it right now we still have 7 months of a tour to go where I wouldn't have got pregnant anyway… but we can practice how you make a baby" I caught his lip I my teeth.
"Mrs. Kroeger you can't get enough can you"
"Nope" I smirked "Are you complaining?"
"Hell no but I think we need to do the steam shower"………….


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