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Any Accent

Novel By: Kirkyb

Third installment of the Accent series with Christine Sommers and her Band that's rocking the world... Married life is it all what it's supposed to be... how will people react to that whole thing and will old enemies come back to haunt and hurt again... will Chris's ever so un-normal life ever become anything but insane.... You'll have to wait and see View table of contents...

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…………… I looked at the clock for the twentieth time the only sound in the room was the slow breathing of Chad sleeping soundly. Even after the sleeping pill I'd taken I still wasn't able to shut off my mind. Thoughts of when it was going to be splashed all over the press about me being unable to have a baby and thoughts of wanting to yell at Xander swirled round in my head. I moved Chad's arm from round me and got out of bed and slipped on Chad's Jeans and grabbed my tank from the floor where we'd shed them in one of our usual we need to get naked now fits.
I grabbed my phone and left Chad a note on my pillow before walking out of the suite and going down to the hotel bar. I sat on one of the stools the bartender's face breaking out into a huge smile when he recognized me.
"Yes Miss Sommers?" his thick Portuguese accent made me smile and the fact he still called me Miss Sommers
"I'll take beer please" I put my phone on the bar in front of me he walked off and poured a beer into the glass and put it down on the bar in front of me.
"It's late are yu not tired?"
"Very but I can't sleep" I took a drink "Too much in here" I tapped my head
"I have tickets for the concert tomorrow… and my Wife is looking forward to going to it"
"I'll try to put on the best show yet" I made nice but really wanted to be left alone for a while some guys waqlked into the bar distracting the Bartender for a while I picked up my cell phone and dialed
Xander * hmmmm
Me * Xander Sommers you're an ass
Xander * what… who… Chris?
Me * yes it's me
Xander * Damn Chris it 4am
Me * three am for me…
Xander * you're not in trouble are you?
Me * no but you are
Xander * you've talked to Mir
Me * of course I've talked to my best friend and you're a fucking ass
Xander * bite me
Me * I'd slap you if I was there… You dumped her because she is following a dream you know that makes you a real jerk just like some damn Russian we could mention
Xander * she's pregnant?
I groaned and put my head on the bar
Me * No dumb ass… You and Dimitri are asses for trying to hold back Mir and I… You told me to go for the tour because it was one of those once in a lifetime chances
Xander * I know but she's not going to be a rock star like you and she's going to be round all those guys hell look at you.
Me * yeah Chad's taken
Xander * you know what I mean she's' not going to want some college guy
Me * did you even ask her… Look at Heidi and Alfie they're holding it together
Xander * I miss her and I love her still but she's off round the world now
Me * she's doing what I'm doing Xander she's trying to live her dream and get the best start she can and come on you think she'd end up banging anyone when she's with me
Xander * no I know she wouldn't
Me * so what the hell is your problem? Dimitri didn't want me to carry on with the tour because he wanted me to be there when he got home at night, he didn't understand it's as important for a girl to have a career as it is for a guy, you know damn well she's amazing with clothes and personally I want her here dressing me.
Xander * so you're being selfish now
Me * hell yes but I also know it's going to be the best thing for her, Look what I can do for her if people know whose putting together my outfits on and off the stage do you know how many other job offers she's likely to get
Xander * that's what she said
Me * she's not wrong Xand I love you and I love Miranda but on this I'm taking her side because you're ego is about to choke you.
Xander * I really fucked this up didn't I?
Me * oh yeah… When do you start school?
Xander * eight weeks
Me * okay pack your bag there will be a plane ticket waiting for you for the afternoon flight to Rio
Xander * you still going to slap me
Me * hell yeah but if you do love her then you need to get here and sort it out
Xander * wow… you honestly think nothing of just booking a flight do you
Me * for something like this no I don't… Love you
Xander * Love you too Chris
I hung up the phone and rubbed the back of my neck.
"Can I buy you a beer?" I looked round at a young guy standing there his friends all sitting at the other end of the bar grinning like idiots.
"I'm good thank you" I lifted my glass
"I have to ask because you look so much like Christine Sommers"
"I get that a lot" I nodded taking a drink and absently looking back to the TV that was on behind the bar. "But I'm not Christine Sommers" I smiled inwardly.
"Oh I'm sorry" the guy backed away a little "I'd still like to buy you a drink?"
"I'm having this one and heading to bed" I shook my head "but thank you for the offer"
"Is that an invitation" his accent was there but not as thick as the bartenders.
"Er… No" I laughed "I'm not sleeping alone"
"I have a room also" he touched my arm
"Well good for you… but I…"
"Chris you should be in bed" I jumped as Mike and Dan walked in the guys face was a picture as he must have registered who they were
"I was going after this and you two should be in bed as well"
"Not the point" Mike grinned as Dan ordered two beers he looked at the guy standing by me and then at me
"I was explain that I had a drink already after he" I gestured to the guy who was now looking at his friends who were all talking quickly to each other "Offered to get one for me" Mike Nodded
"I thought you said you weren't Christine Sommers?" the guy questioned with an expression on his face that made him look like he was trying to work out the square root of 27945. I sank the last of my beer and got off the chair picking up my phone.
"I'm not" I smiled "I'm Christine Kroeger" I held up my left hand "Night Mike" I kissed his cheek "Night Dan" I kissed him as well
"Night Chris" Dan laughed as I walked to the elevators
"And there goes my sister-in-law" Mike smiled shaking his head……………………


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