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Any Accent

Novel By: Kirkyb

Third installment of the Accent series with Christine Sommers and her Band that's rocking the world... Married life is it all what it's supposed to be... how will people react to that whole thing and will old enemies come back to haunt and hurt again... will Chris's ever so un-normal life ever become anything but insane.... You'll have to wait and see View table of contents...

Submitted:Jun 7, 2011    Reads: 971    Comments: 24    Likes: 12   

...................... "Hey are you coming to bed" Chad called out to me
"I'm coming"
"What again you'll not walk properly" he chuckled
"Smart ass I got a message from Xander and from Mir" I climbed into bed with him he had his laptop on the nightstand.
"So have they killed each other?"
"Nope" I handed him my phone
*Xander*4 a rock star UR awesome… as my cousin I ♥ you and you rock xoxoxo*2.25am*
"Nice" Chad laughed
"Scroll to the one from Mir"
*Miranda* I♥U, I ♥U oh and I love Xander and we need 2 talk dresses*2.26am*
"Miranda making your wedding dress?" I looked at him
"She's talking about the dress for the awards she wants to do something so different and not rock and roll" I smiled snuggling into him "and I hadn't even thought about a wedding dress" I chewed my bottom lip.
"Well I think you looked amazing when we got married but you didn't get to pick your dream dress" he rested his head on mine "If we're going to do this wedding then we're going all out on it I only plan on getting married once" I looked at him and smiled
"I love you"
"I know" he kissed the end of my nose "Okay this is just an idea and you can say fuck off if you want" he chuckled reaching for the computer and put it in between us "This is about 500 miles from home and stunningly beautiful" he clicked on the screen pulling up the image of a hotel. "It's in a place called Banff"
"Damn" I swallowed hard and sat up looking as the pictures scrolled "It's beautiful" I looked at him "Wait this wasn't where you and…"
"What… Hell no" he jumped in "give me some credit baby"
"Sorry" I looked back at the screen "It's perfect"
"That's what I thought" he moved so he was behind me with his arms wrapped round me "But you don't have to. Go wit…" I cut him off by turning my head and kissing him
"I love it when?"
"Mid July I was thinking we get three weeks off" he rested his head on my shoulder "But we're making a weekend of it for everyone"
"It's going to be expensive" I chewed my lip
"Oh god I love you" he laughed "Baby you seriously never have to worry about money… you have enough and I don't think I'm short"
"No six one right" I sighed absently
"Rigth but I thought we were talking money" I started to giggle as I realized what I said. "So do we get Mikes wife on the case and I know you wanted to talk to Heidi"
"Yes" I nodded "Hell yes" I put the laptop to the side and turned on Chad straddling his lap "We're getting married" Chad started to laugh
"Baby we already are"
"I know but that was just for us" I kissed him putting my hands on the head board behind his head and shifting against him "This is so everyone will know we're happy"
"And no one can touch us" he flipped me onto my back "We still have a few fights ahead"
"I know but I'm not about to think about it" I pulled him down to kiss me "Not when you're…" I felt him move into me and my head fall back. I was about to re marry the man that I loved for I hoped nothing could ruin it……………….


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