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Any Accent

Novel By: Kirkyb

Third installment of the Accent series with Christine Sommers and her Band that's rocking the world... Married life is it all what it's supposed to be... how will people react to that whole thing and will old enemies come back to haunt and hurt again... will Chris's ever so un-normal life ever become anything but insane.... You'll have to wait and see View table of contents...

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……………….. I walked into the dressing room Chad and the other following behind
"So you want to talk dresses" I tried to sound normal and failed miserably as I didn't make eye contact with any of the guys.
"Okay so what's Mari done now" Pete sighed folding his arms
"Nothing" I shrugged
"Oh you're such a bad liar and yes I do want to talk dresses" Miranda smiled at me "But first you have to spill or you'll wear pink" I looked at her and raised and eye brow "Oh and you know I'll do it Remember the Pepto Pink shirt Sorrenson almost made you wear before we used a football jersey" I shuddered at the memory "Exactly" She tapped her foot
"Hold on what pink jersey?' Mike pulled a face
"She had to sing the Anthem before our homecoming football game and the Drama Choir teacher wanted her to wear a Pepto bismol pink shirt" all the guys looked at me
"I've never seen you in pink" Chad smiled
"And you never will" I sighed sitting on the counter top
"Okay so if it's not Mari being a pain in the ass what is it?"
"This" Chad handed the magazines to Mike and to Kerion the others crowding round to see.
"You have to be kidding" Ryan looked at Chad and then looked at me I shook my head "So we know who?"
"Nope" Dan sat next to me nad nudged me with his elbow
"You okay" I nodded
"How did I expect to be a rock star and not have my life put out there" I ran my hand through my hair.
"I don't understand" Heidi sat down on Alfie's knee "Chris?"
"I'm sorry" I looked at her "I didn't tell everyone, but Arron hurt me to the point I can't have kids" the tears brimmed in her eyes Xander groaned and put his head against Miranda's back. she looked at Heidi and then at the others
"But… we're…"
I know you guys wouldn't say anything, but it's not the easiest thing to talk about" I got off the counter and walked over to them "I was raped and beaten and I lost a baby all by a guy who I thought I was in love with" I held each of their hands "I didn't tell anyone for over a year and the only way people found out was by a doctor saying something" I looked at Kerion who gave me a weak smile. "Then Chad didn't find out till he literally dragged it from me" Heidi looked at the others
"Did you all know?"
"We did but we were all listening in to a meeting that Chris was having with her parents and Lukas" Mike nodded "she didn't know we were listening in"
"You can't ever have kids?" Miranda was choked I shook my head "You okay with that?" she looked at Chad. God bless my blunt best friend.
"I'm okay with it" he nodded walking over and wrapping his arms round me "we're not ready for kids anyway and there are ways to have a baby if it's the right thing for us"
"What are you going to do about this?" Alfie waved the magazine
"I'm going to come clean about it" there was an intake of breath from a couple of them "What else can I do?" I let go of Miranda and Heidi and turned to face all of them "Someone has ran to the press about this and like I said to Lukas if people are going to make up stories and we all know they will, I'm going to tell the truth"
"You know we've got your back" Pete smiled at me
"I know"
"You do know none of us would have said anything to the press as well don't you?" Dan looked concerned
"We know" Chad answered for me as I nodded
"So are you going to do an interview or something?" Miranda asked wrapping her arms round Xander
"Lukas is sorting it out now" I smiled at her
"You are going to be in with her right" Ryan looked at Chad and held up the magazine that had the Marriage in trouble head line
"Yes" He nodded
"Look guys I need to not think about this for a while" the tiredness was apparent in my voice
"Okay" Chad laughed kissing me
"Dude let her breath" Miranda swatted him and grabbed my hand "We need to talk dresses for awards" she grabbed Heidi as well "You rock band geeks go play with each other" she pulled us toward the door.
"She really doesn't think does she before she talks?" Mike laughed
"No she doesn't" Xander groaned Mir stopped at the door
"Oh I thought about it and I just thought you'd all like it" she laughed "Oh and you have a Bachelor party to plan"

"WHAT" Chad and I both choked
"Oh you think just because you're already married that we're going to miss out on going to a strip joint" Heidi laughed looking at me "Hell no you're the first of us to tie the knot we need to see naked men" Mir opened the door and shoved me out into the hallway before grinning at the guys all standing looking after us.
"You are kidding?' I looked at her as we walked into the wardrobe room "Last thing I need is someone recognizing me and waving their junk in my face" I groaned.
"Okay see we can take your mind of everything" Miranda grinned walking and pulling out a book from her bag "And no we're not joking about throwing you an all out Bachelorette party"
"Okay anything but a strip club" I sighed "I'll go clubbing and we can do dumb shit within reason and if I have to post bail for you two I will" I laughed
"Oooo we can get tattoo's" Heidi smiled
"Okay been there done that" I swatted her "Did you not see the C on my leg?"
"No I missed that" She frowned
"How the hell do you miss sit it was out there for all to see at the VMA's" Miranda shook her head
"Okay I was more shocked by the costume you were wearing" she held out her hands I stood up and undid my jeans and eased then over my hips and showed her the C "Is that C for Chris or C for Chad?"
"Both" I nodded tapping my finger against the small K that was woven in to the swirls on the C "but that's for Kroeger" I knew Miranda and Heidi wouldn't let me dwell on things for too long and it felt good to laugh about something as simple as my tattoo and whether my bachelorette party was going to be filled with naked men ………………..


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