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Any Accent

Novel By: Kirkyb

Third installment of the Accent series with Christine Sommers and her Band that's rocking the world... Married life is it all what it's supposed to be... how will people react to that whole thing and will old enemies come back to haunt and hurt again... will Chris's ever so un-normal life ever become anything but insane.... You'll have to wait and see View table of contents...

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……………….. "Okay how long is Chris taking to get ready" Lukas looked at his watch as everyone waited in the hotel bar.
"I have no idea I was instructed to leave" Chad smiled taking a drink "All I know is it's something different"
"Oh I hope she's not trying to get her into something pink" Kerion pulled a face
"I can't here fighting" Ryan looked up from the paper he was reading
"Okay we need to start taking bets on is the dress will be pink" Mike threw $100 on to the table
"Wait has he seen the dress?" Alfie pointed at Chad
"No I haven't" Chad held up his hands and threw down $100 "and I say it's going to be Red"
"I'm going Black" Ryan put down his money all the others threw down their money and tried to guess the color.
"Okay is that someone's bail money" I laughed walking up behind all of them making them jump.
"Damn" Lukas whistled
"Okay that had better be a good damn" Miranda put her head round the door of the bar
"Wow Chris" Pete grinned
"Well I think that color was the only color that we didn't bet on" Mike laughed "What color is it"
"Tiffany blue" Chad grinned
"Okay how the hell would you know that?" Ryan looked at him "I swear to god he's gay" he looked at Dan who started to laugh
"It's where I got this from" Chad stepped forward and lifted my left hand and smiled at my engagement ring "the dress is the same color as the box the ring was in" he looked at me and I got butterflies just from the look in his eyes. "And ask my wife if she thinks I'm gay?" he broke his look with me and looked at Ryan.
"Okay we need to get going or we'll be late" Lukas groaned "and we need to work out if the two bands are working the carpet separately or together"
"Separately" we all said at the same time
"We're still going to get crap about us only being where we are because of Chad and Chris" Alfie shrugged "and if we're together it will only…"
"Exactly" Mike smiled "Sorry Chris you'll have to leave his side for a while"
"I'm okay with that" I nodded
"We are all in one car though" Lukas headed out of the bar. Chad caught my hand as the others started to walk out.
"You look amazing" he put his hands on my hips "Not the usual rock chick"
"Well Miranda wanted to change it up" I looked down at the dress "and I wasn't sure" I looked back at Chad "But I feel like a princess in this"
"So you think your wedding dress will be like this" he licked his lips
"Now that would be telling" I kissed him "But I have spoken to Miranda about it" Chad's face lit up
"Am I going to get to see it?"
"as I walk down the aisle to you" I nodded "not before"
"Damn" he pouted "do we have to spend the night before apart?"
"Oh yeah" I took his hand as we walked out to the waiting car…………..
………………. "You ready to do this?" Bob put his arm round my shoulders as He Chad and I waited at the side of the stage.
"Hell yeah" I laughed
"I think we should have done Something in your mouth" Chad pushed his tongue into his cheek.
"Or figured you out" Bob laughed
"Next go round would be good" Chad shrugged.
"Okay I'm going to ignore the two of you" I groaned
"Baby dressed in those boots and with those cuffs" Chad bit on his lip "Damn Bob you're on your own, my wife's too hot"
"I'll agree with that but hell no you two are going out there with me" Bob shook his head very few people know the arrangement we have for this set"
"Yeah it's going to be a good one" Chad nodded as the stage manager walked over and handed me a microphone. I kissed Bob on the cheek before kissing Chad.
"I'll see the two of you on stage"
"Yes Ma'am" Bob chuckled as I followed one of the stage crew to the back of the stage where the stairs were.
The nerves we ramping up with the noise that was coming from the crowd, Kid Rock and Chad Kroeger were announced and the noise increased as I started up the stairs, waiting at the top as the Intro to so hot Started with Chad and Bob playing everyone expecting Bob to start singing. I smiled as I stepped out with the infamous first line.
"You got a body like the Devil, and you smell like sex"
The noise was off the chart as I carried on with the lyrics walking in between both of them Playing up to Chad by running my finger under his chin and winking at him making him smile……………………


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