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Any Accent

Novel By: Kirkyb

Third installment of the Accent series with Christine Sommers and her Band that's rocking the world... Married life is it all what it's supposed to be... how will people react to that whole thing and will old enemies come back to haunt and hurt again... will Chris's ever so un-normal life ever become anything but insane.... You'll have to wait and see View table of contents...

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………………. Lukas talked on the phone constantly as we headed for god knows where .Chad's arm was round me holding me to him as the chatter of the guys went back to normal with a slight nervous edge to it. I watched the city disappear and the roads become more dirt tracks. Maybe I should move to the rain forest and ditch me cell and every other means of communication so Arron would never find me.
"Hey sweet heart" I felt Chad shake me a little "We're here" I blinked a couple of times, I hadn't even noticed the car had stopped and the guys were getting out.
"Oh yeah" I moved to get out.
"Chris" Chad caught my hand
"I'm okay" I smiled at him, he tipped his head "I'm not going to break down" I put my hand on the side of his face "I can't keep losing it I have to get on with it and at least now I have you" I kissed him
"I know but baby…" I shook my head
"Chad I'm done living in fear … I'm done with the shit" he smiled more relaxed now "Yes if I said I wasn't still scared off my ass I'd be lying… But having to deal with Arron and having to deal with Mari are just another set of things I and we have to do"
"Damn girl what made you so…?" he laughed
"I fell in love with a guy, that showed me that he loved me just as much and for me" Chad bit his bottom lip "If you stand near me I can handle it all"
"You know I'm proud of you right" He smiled puling me on to his lap and kissing me
"I know" I nodded I'd be damned if I was going to be the victim for much longer… Hell if he wanted to screw with my mother then maybe I could show then up for what they both really were.
"Okay you two for 10 seconds leave each other alone" Dan put his head round the door "For once now Paparazzi you're safe" he chuckled offering me his hand as we got out.
The heat and humidity hit you like nothing I'd felt before and that says something for living in Florida.
"Oh hot damn" Chad groaned
"Yup" Mike laughed
"Crap my Make up's going to melt in this heat" I pulled a face as I swatted an insect I swear to god I could have put a saddle on and ridden.
"No I promise you I work wonders with tropical Makeup" I heard from behind me I looked round "I'm your makeup artist Kaiah" she beamed a brilliant smile at me the made her face light up "You ready"
"Er… Yeah sure" I nodded. There was something about her than made you warm to her immediately
"So where do we go?" Chad held out his arms
"Well there are tents set up that are cool and filled with food and beer" Kaiah Smiled at him "I need to take care of your beautiful wife" there was a hint of and accent in her voice I watched Dan almost trip over as he and Chad walked to the tents, because he was straining his neck to look at her, making Chad and Mike burst out laughing.
"Dork" I groaned shaking my head as I followed Kaiah into a tent all set up for hair and make up.
"Cute dork though" She smiled at me patting a chair for me to sit in Miranda walked in arguing with the stylist
"If you like Canadians" I laughed
"Well you must like them?"
"Okay you got me there…" I nodded, Miranda looked at me
"Hell you've done the All American and then the tough Russian and then you fall for a Canadian that plays on a rock band"
"And you fell for my dumb assed cousin"
"You got us back together" Kaiah looked from me to Miranda
"Yes well a friend has to do what a friend has to do" I winked at her "and it helps you not dress me in pink"
"Yeah well that's why I was talking to Fiona here she wants you in this" She walked over to the rack and glared at the other stylist and pulled a pink baby doll dress from the rail
"Oh hell no I'll go naked first" I scrunched up my nose
"It's by a leading designer" Fiona huffed
"Honey it can be made by Tinkerbelle Chris does not and will not wear pink" Miranda popped her hip
"Okay I does Mir need a time out" Alfie walked in
"No she's in non pimk mode" I smiled at him he walked over and rubbed my shoulders
"You okay?" I put my hand over his and nodded "Promise"
"Ask Chad"
"He told me but he wasn't there" he flicked his eyes to Kaiah
"I know he wasn't' and I love you for everything but I promise you it's okay" He took a deep breath and nodded before walking back out
"Drama?" Kaiah asked
"Nothing really" she was nice but too many people already knew too much and I wasn't going to add to that count.
Miranda and Fiona were still squabbling as I walked over to the rail of clothes pulled out a simple pair pod denim shorts and an amazing tank and got dressed without either of them noticing I slipped on the boots I'd worn that morning and coughed to get their attention.
"What the hell?' Fiona looked flustered
"Well we need to get the shoot done and you two are fighting like kindergartners" I shrugged I went ot walk out
"We need to lose the ring it's not rock and roll" Fiona called out
"Seriously" Miranda spluttered
"Sorry it's not coming off" I smiled at her
"But it's gaudy!" Fiona pulled a face
"I'll let my husband know that" I shook my head and walked out
"Are you out of your fricking mind telling her to take of her wedding ring" Miranda threw her hands up "and how the hell can a ten karat tiffany ring be gaudy" Miranda followed me out bumping into Dan as she went
"Slow down firecracker"
"Sorry but some people are STUPID GAUADY LIKE HELL" Miranda threw her hands up again
"Okay then" Dan stepped round her as Fiona walked out of the tent passing Dan on his way in……………..


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