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Bound with the past

Novel By: Kirkyb

Anya Young, the sister of the Guardian to an immortal, had found her love when least expecting it, her life of service to a cruel and heartless master was over, both her and her bother were free, he was tied to his immortal Kendra while she was Tied to another Immortal a fallen star in the Shape of Brae Remus... but things from her past haunt her, things she doesn't understand... things that Brae feels and her brother would rather hide from her, but what are they? View table of contents...


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……………….. The sounds of the city filled the room, it was still unusual and strange and so marvelous. I could sit here and watch the bustle below in the streets of Paris. I hugged my knees to my chest as Swallows swooped by the window chasing each other in the summer heat.

I looked down at the sweeping tattoos of small birds that began at my wrist and wound round up to my shoulder like the swallows outside chasing each other, my fingers ran over them making me smile. A chirp made me look round a little yellow finch was sitting in the window box, his head moving watching me. I slowly held out my finger letting it hop on before lifting it to look at.

"How the hell do you do that?" I smiled at the deep sound of Brae's voice "That's a wild animal and yet all birds seem to gravitate to you" the bird seemed to look into the room at the man slowly walking toward us, before chirping once more and taking off.

"You scared it" I looked round at him the tattoos on his body paled to the free birds that worked over his hips and up his rib cage. I twisted on the window seat and dropped my feet to the floor

"I'm sorry" he tossed the towel from round his neck onto the bed before offering me his hands. I slipped mine into his, they seemed so small almost childlike in his fighters hands. He pulled me easily to my feet his bent his head and kissed me softly and so gently it made it feel like a thousand feathers were in my insides. He pulled back and dropped one of my hands moving his free one to the side of my face "Why does it feel like I've known you for a thousand years?" he murmured stroking his thumb back and forth against my cheek.

"I don't know" I leant into his hand "Have you lived for a thousand years?"

"The fact I was alive in the 1880's still blows my mind" Brae laughed a rumbling laugh "I don't even want to think about how much of an eternity my Mother spent before she became Mortal" he took a deep breath

"How's Kendra?"

"She's doing well considering who her father was" Brae's tone was strained "I'm glad all those Damn Vandes's are Dead" he dropped my other hand and walked over to the window and braced his hands on the sill

"Both she and Seth are still Vandes's" I sat on the edge of the bed, he looked round at me

"I know… and I hated the fact my sister is bound to Seth, but he's done more to prove to me the priority in his world is keeping my sister safe" He sat in the spot I'd been sat on the window seat bracing his elbows on his knees "And he's saved my ass more than once… I kinda like him even if he's still a little Victorian sometimes" he smirked "But at least Gregor Vandes did one thing right" I frowned at him "he gave you more life" I looked down

"That he did… but he didn't make me immortal…" the pain in my chest at the thought of growing old while Brae didn't age from what he was right now scared me and hurt that one day I'd be dead and without him. Brae got off the window seat and crouched at my feet

"We don't think about that do we?" He looked as sad as I felt "I love you and we live every day"

"I love you too" I nodded, there was a knock at the door making us both look round "Iagan" I smiled as my brother stood fidgeting uncomfortably

"Star was wondering if you'd like to go with her and Kendra to shop"

"I don't…"

"She'd love to" Brae interjected "Give me you and Seth time to hit the bar and talk a few things out"

"I suppose it would" Iagan looked at him with his hands on his hips

"Will you two just get along for god sake, after everything we went through" Star appeared next to Iagan and swatted him "Dude get over the fact he's with your sister, she's an adult…" she poked Iagan making me giggle at her brazenness "And you dear brother" Brae smiled at her with a twinkle in his eyes "You just instigate shit for instigating sake" she sighed "and Seth doesn't find it funny when he's in the shower and you make it snow in there"

"Shrinkage?" Brae poked his tongue out at her

"NO" She pouted "He doesn't have an issue like that… fuck you very much" She laughed "NOOOOO Brae" brae had lifted his hand and the tips of her hair were all ready crystallizing with ice "I get an ice cream headache without enjoying the treat" She flicked her wrist and sparks danced around the zipper of Brae's jeans

"SERIOUSLY STAR" he jumped and swatted himself "Below the belt" he pulled a face at her

'Are you two fighting again?" Seth joined the already filled doorway

"It's him"

"It's her" they both looked at each other before laughing

"It's brothers and Sisters doing what they do" Iagan pushed off the door frame "If you'll excuse me I need to make sure Kendra has everything she needs" he walked away.

"So you want to come shopping?" Star walked into the room "It'll be fun and we can grab lunch out as well"

"I'd like that" I nodded. I got to my feet as a bird flew into the window and fell to the floor. I rushed over to it and scooped it up… my mind immediately spun and I slumped to the floor and blackness consumed me……..


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