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Bound with the past

Novel By: Kirkyb

Anya Young, the sister of the Guardian to an immortal, had found her love when least expecting it, her life of service to a cruel and heartless master was over, both her and her bother were free, he was tied to his immortal Kendra while she was Tied to another Immortal a fallen star in the Shape of Brae Remus... but things from her past haunt her, things she doesn't understand... things that Brae feels and her brother would rather hide from her, but what are they? View table of contents...


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.............. "DAMN IT" Brae yelled "Baby… Anya" he tapped the side of my face lightly "Great out for the count again" He sighed as he moved and eased me back on the pillow and pulled the covers over me. There was a knock at the door, Brae got up and pulled on the discarded underwear he'd dropped on the floor. He walked over to the door and opened it Seth was standing there a whiskey glass in his fingers. "She's passed out again" Brae stepped back and allowed Seth to walk inside "I thought my sister would have you handcuffed to the bed" he pushed his hand through his hair.

"No she is on edge… even I know she prefers to be left alone for a while when she becomes like that" Brae frowned "She's trying hard to remember Anya"

"I don't think they ever met" Brae looked over at me in the bed "You speak to Iagan?" he shook his head "I don't know how to convince him I'm nothing like my father… You have taken me in as your brother-in-law" Brae nodded

"I had my moments where I wanted to take your head off" Brae smiled at him "But you've shown you're worth in my eyes and hell you're putting up with my sister"

"You know I didn't mean for this to happen to Anya don't you… I wouldn't hurt her"

I know that" Brae nodded "when you look at it, it is like unlocking an overstuffed cupboard everything spills out when Star and I remember things with your help we only have short spans of memory because we were dead Anya didn't have that luxury so to speak" Seth raised an eye brow "Not that I want to go through you killing me again" Brae sat on the couch in the room Seth walked over and looked out of the window.

"I hadn't looked at like that… it's only obvious that her mind wants her body to relax while it processes everything that's happened" Seth took a drink of the whiskey



"When you pulled her memories… Did you see what they were?" Seth nodded

"When I do it It's like looking at a TV screen I watch things play out" Seth sat on the sill "With Star some of the things were easier because I was there for the memories" the smile toyed on his lips "The days we spent walking together and the nights at the opera when I never once looked at the stage because your sister was right across from me"

"I hated the nights you were watching her…" Brae shook his head "Your Father was always looking as well and it drove me insane" Silence fell between the two of them

"I did not know that Anya was yours" Seth got up and walked over to the side of the bed "If I had known I would have tried to do something else for her other than leave her in the service of my Father"

"You're not to blame" Brae shook his head "Come on Seth things between our families were a little tense to say the least and the only person I told about her was Star and you and her I guess never spoke about it" Seth put his hand on my forehead and immediately jumped back as if he'd been burnt "Brea you need to be here with here she's getting some hard memories" Seth didn't look at Brae. Brae got off the couch and walked over. The look on Seth's face seemed to tell him that it was bad. "I'm going to stay here while you sleep next to her"

"That coming from you makes the hair on the back of my neck stand on end"

"She's going to need you Brae… she's going to need to feel you're with her" Seth looked at him his eyes tinged with red like every time he got mad.

"Seth What the hell is going on?" Brae asked as he lay with me

"Do not ask me to tell you… please do not ask me" Seth hung his head "Let me go get the others we all need to be here for what is about to come out of this"

"SETH" Brae gritted his teeth

"You are my Brother for all intense and purpose… but something's I cannot tell you, you need to learn it for yourself" the door opened and Star was standing there looking like she had been wrestling with demons.

"Okay it has to be bad if you call me with your mind and not come get me" she came over to the bed and put her hand on my head "She's burning up"

"According to Seth she's going to have a bad time and he didn't want to leave us" Brae sounded a little irritated, Star looked round at Brae and got wide eyed and then composed herself

"Brae just relax" Star smiled at him the smile not reaching her eyes "It'll be okay" she put her hand on his face. His eyes slowly closed and Star took a deep breath as Iagan and Kendra came to the door

"You guys might want to be here for this" Seth said looking over at them Star moved her hand and put Brae's arm over me as we both slept.

"What is happening?"

"I saw what she was beginning to dream and it is going to be hard on both of them we need to be here in case Brae starts a lightning storm and hurts Anya by mistake" Iagan frowned

"What's happening in her head?"

"I will leave that for her to tell you because it might be something she doesn't want to share"

"It's my sister I have a right to know" Iagan banged his fist on the end of the bed

"Iagan, Seth's right" Kendra put her hands on his arm "Let her do it in her own way"………..


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