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Bound with the past

Novel By: Kirkyb

Anya Young, the sister of the Guardian to an immortal, had found her love when least expecting it, her life of service to a cruel and heartless master was over, both her and her bother were free, he was tied to his immortal Kendra while she was Tied to another Immortal a fallen star in the Shape of Brae Remus... but things from her past haunt her, things she doesn't understand... things that Brae feels and her brother would rather hide from her, but what are they? View table of contents...


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.............. I looked round the room I was in, opulence didn't even begin to cover it the heavily brocaded drapes swathed floor to ceiling windows. Dark wooden panels lined the walls matching the table with seats around it enough for a dinner party of twenty.

"Girl" Gregor snapped his fingers "My glass is empty" I picked up the silver decanter and walked over to the table my hand shook as I poured the blood red wine into the glass

"Where's Seth?" Marco asked tapping his glass on the table for me to refill

"He is getting ready for the party tonight… He and Star are going to be making their first appearance together" Gregor pushed back from the table and got up walking over to the cigar box on the bureau and took one out

"He's taking his sweet time with getting her into his bed" Cole smirked "Father you should have let me or Marco have taken this one… I'm sure she would be under us and pregnant already" Marco and Cole both started to laugh.

"You are both to immature for this task" Seth walked into the room, he was truly a handsome man the Tuxedo fitted him perfectly his jet black hair tied back with a velvet ribbon

"Well come on dear brother you don't come to the whore houses with us" Cole got up and walked over to the window "An immortal has to let go sometimes or forever will become tedious"

"Some of us would rather focus rather than abuse what we are Little Brother" Seth picked up a glass and walked over to me and held it out for me to pour in the wine "I'd rather make things easy for me rather than have a battle that doesn't need to be"

"Exactly this is why I'm not sending a boy to do a man's job" Gregor interrupted "This is for Seth it is his destiny to fulfill" Seth took a drink "We will be in the carriage waiting for you Seth" Gregor pointed to the door of the dining room and Cole and Marco got up and walked out, Gregor following behind them Seth walked to the fireplace his drink in his hand. He stared at the flames. "Does my Father know you are with child Anya?" I felt my head snap up and I looked at his broad back his hair falling between his shoulder blades.

"Sir I… I am not…" he turned and looked at me

"Oh you innocent child" he came over and touched the side of my face gently but I flinched in the four weeks I'd been here I'd had more than my fair share of slaps from the master and the housekeeper "I will not hurt you… I'm not like my Father or my brothers"

"I have to… I have chore I must do" I looked down

"Who is the Father?" He put the hand from the side of my face on to my stomach and closed his eyes I looked down and started to shake my head "Have my brothers come to you in the night?"

"No… I'm not like that" I stammered images of being with Brae that first and only time I nt he pool hit me full force

"You love him very much I can tell" Seth Murmured "I can help you if you want me to"

"He wanted to marry me and then your brothers came for me" I felt tears burn my eyes as I fought them back

"Tell me who he is and I will try to get a message to him…"

"Why are you doing this?" I asked

"Because there is something about you that is making me want to protect you and I don't understand why" he dropped his hand from my stomach "Anya tell me…"

"Seth we're waiting" Marco was in the dining room doorway he turned on his heel

"We will talk tomorrow" He squeezed my hand and sank his wine and put the glass down I watched him walk out of the room before I let out a deep sigh.

"ANYA" I jumped as the door from the kitchen opened. I bowed my head as the house keeper walked into the room "Why are you talking to Mr. Seth"

"He asked me a question"

"About what?"

"He wanted to know about my brother" I lied

"Well come into the kitchen I have a drink for you" she turned to the door of the room

"I have to get the chores done"

"You will come take this drink" she held the door open I took a deep breath and walked in to the kitchen. The material of her dress swished across the floor. She opened a cupboard door and took out a bottle and poured a green liquid into a cup and handed it to me

"What is it?"

"A tonic you look pale" she pushed my hand. There was no getting out of this she was a woman that had taken a switch to me the day after I was brought here for putting the knives in the wrong drawer. I took a drink, and immediately gagged the bitter taste felt like someone had poured acid down my throat I dropped the cup and dropped to my knees. She bent down and grabbed my face "We don't need a bastard child round here from a slut like you" she pushed me as a searing pain shot through my stomach, tears streamed down my face as I felt like my insides were on fire………………


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