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Bound with the past

Novel By: Kirkyb

Anya Young, the sister of the Guardian to an immortal, had found her love when least expecting it, her life of service to a cruel and heartless master was over, both her and her bother were free, he was tied to his immortal Kendra while she was Tied to another Immortal a fallen star in the Shape of Brae Remus... but things from her past haunt her, things she doesn't understand... things that Brae feels and her brother would rather hide from her, but what are they? View table of contents...


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………….. I rolled on the floor clutching my stomach tears streamed down my face. Marla stood over me her arms folded across her chest as she watched me try to crawl to the doorway. She caught my ankle and dragged me back literally throwing me into the corner of the kitchen.

"You stay here, if you are still alive in the morning then it will be a wonder" she turned on her heel and blew out the candles before walking out of the kitchen leaving me in the dark the sound of my own sobs the only noise echoing round the walls.

One minute I was finding out that I was pregnant and the only person that had ever touched me was Brae. I put my hand on my stomach as a pain shot through it again. Things should have been so different, I'd lost everything, My Mother and Father and my brother, Brae, I was never going to see him again and he'd never know we should have been having a child. A huge wave of pain had my back arching and a feral scream bouncing off of the walls before I passed out into darkness…..

..Iagan paced the floor of the room while Brae and I lay side by side on the bed both of us. Star stood behind Seth who held his hands in his hands. Kendra moved to sit in the edge f the bed.

"She's Crying" Kendra looked over at Iagan.

"It's the memories" Seth slowly lifted his head "They are not good and Brae is going to learn about things that he'd never ever thought possible"

"You know what it is" Iagan frowned and moved over to the bed

"Yes I know but I had long forgotten what happened?" Seth sat back and put his hands up and over Stars as they rubbed his shoulders "As did she's, you know my father allowed you to remember what happened with a lot of things as a punishment for things your family tried to do" Iagan looked away "I only remembered because when I touched your sister all of her memories were simmering right in the front of her mind and I saw them"

"Your family have a lot to answer for you know that" Iagan muttered

"My family are dead they cannot answer for anything anymore… and I tried to help your sister but I had a few issues to deal with myself and I lost my love the night that your sister's world fell apart we were both in a dark place all down to my Father" Seth became a little defensive

"Iagan can I talk to you in the other room" Star squeezed Seth's' shoulder before moving away from him "I'm sure Kendra and Seth will be alright in here with Anya and Brae" Iagan nodded and strode across the floor holding the door open and waiting for Star to walk out. Star walked over to the drinks and poured two glasses of whiskey "Sit" she pointed with the glass at one of the overstuffed armchairs

"I'm not a child" He grumbled as he moved over to the chair Star laughed and shook her head as he took the glass and sat down

"Well you should maybe stop throwing tantrums like a child" Star sat opposite him He stopped with his glass half way to his mouth "You act like you are the victim, that you are the only victim of Gregor Vandes… We all are in one way or another even his own children… Look at what he wanted Kendra to do, kill her own brother" Star took a drink "He tried to have me as a breed mare to give him a pure bred Immortal grandchild and both Brae and I died because of him" Iagan opened his mouth to say something "I wasn't finished You have know idea how hard it was for your sister before you ended up at the Vandes house… Your sister and my brother knew each other all those years ago and they were in love" she put the drink down "Brae was ready to take her away from everything" Iagan frowned making Star smile

"How do you know?" he asked cautiously

"The same way he knew I was seeing Seth… it's a twin thing and I'm sure the Immortal deal we have going on also has something to do with it" she took a deep breath "My brother for me was always an open book and just by looking at him it was as if I could see in his head… I can't do it anymore which I think is a good thing" she laughed "He told me he wanted to bring your sister to our twenty first birthday party and he wanted me to help her find a gown and make her feel somewhat comfortable… and knowing he was so happy I was more than prepared to do that
she locked eyes with Iagan "Then he was worried about her and he came to find out where she was and he found you drunk off your damn ass in the barn stinking like a sty full of pigs" Iagan tried to look down but couldn't tear his eyes from hers "You tried to fight him because you thought he was there to gloat about Anya being taken"

"I remember… I didn't know who he was and I've never really been able to remember his face" Iagan became almost defeated

"He was looking for a fight the night of our party because you told him Anya was as good as dead and he was nothing to her" she closed her eyes and rubbed the back of her neck "He was protecting me the night we were killed but I think death was a relief to him he'd lost the woman he loved… Because of Gregor Vandes that night so did Seth so you really have to cut him some slack, he said he tried to help Anya and he's not a Liar" her eyes seemed to flash with flickers of red "He's never hurt me, He's never had a second thought about you being with his sister, He and Brae are as close as if they were brothers and at the end of the day we are the only family we all have. Anya is going to need support not to have you and Seth at each other's throats because I assure you, you keep pushing it with Seth and treating him like his Father and something is going to blow and you will lose your sister because Brae will always stand with Seth and she will never let him go again"

"It's a struggle" he sank the rest of his drink "I watched him after you died and I didn't know what had happened and he seemed as ruthless as his Brothers and Father, but I'll admit he was always nothing less than a gentleman to my sister" he nodded Star got to her feet

"Give him the respect you give his sister and you will have him as a brother" she walked to the bedroom door "Keep being an ass and this immortal right here will kick your ass to Antarctica"…………


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