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Is the snow whiter?

Novel By: Kirkyb

What would you do to have your dream job? Give up everything and everyone or just let the dream fall away. I’d done that let the dream fall away to make people happy and I’d been miserable as all hell. So what do you do…? You run, you run and you don’t look back and hope to God the grass is way greener or the snow much whiter
Michelle Deering or Chelle to her friends,Covers it well hides the truth and gets on with it until somethings can't be hidden for much longer. View table of contents...

Submitted:Mar 28, 2013    Reads: 619    Comments: 22    Likes: 5   

………… Beckett introduced me to a few other people before we walked through the too room for the ceremony. Everyone was dressed up women in gowns in a rainbow of colors. Other people I hadn't met turned and looked as Beckett held his arm round my waist possessively we took our seats next to Dane and their grandma. The room was decorated with trees in gold's and lit with candles Beckett linked his fingers with mine and pulled my hand on to his lap His thumbs absently stroking the back of my hand making me smile.

The entire wedding was beautiful right down to the vows they had written themselves making people laugh and cry. I'd never seen two people look so in love at Harris and Kit did. As they were pronounced husband and wife Harris dipped her in a kiss that had us all blushing. Everyone moved into the bar of the resort for cocktail hour Beckett close by my side introducing me to people that as soon as they had gone by I knew I'd forget their names.

"You doing okay?" Beckett moved round to stand facing me

"The wedding is amazing, it's perfect" I smiled at him

"I'm not talking about the wedding, I'm making sure you're okay after this morning" he put his hands on my hips "And being here and meeting the entire family has to be over whelming"

"It is but it's a really good distraction keeping my mind away from the crap" I sighed putting my hands on his arms

"Good" He smiled at me "You know I've been asked a few times if I was going to be next with the whole wedding deal" I raised my eye brow "People noticed the ring" he lifted my left hand and rubbed his thumb over the diamond ring of his Mom's.

"Well whose' idea was it for me to keep it on after this morning?" I poked him in the stomach

"Mine and I won't lie I love seeing the look on people's faces" he bent his head and kissed me

"Get a room" Kit laughed "Chelle you look amazing" she hugged me

"So do you" I held her hands "Your dress is stunning and Congratulations"

"Thank you, you ready to party"

"Oh hell yeah" I nodded

"I can see you having a total winter wedding all white and…"

"And my sister has been drinking too much champagne already" Beckett rolled his eyes

"And my brother has a stubborn stick up his ass that needs to be yanked out" she poked her tongue out at him as Harris walked over

"Excuse me guys I'd love to dance with my wife" I heard a little giggle come from Kit her eyes seemed to twinkle "Chelle you look almost as Beautiful as Kit here" he chuckled

"I'm good with taking second to the bride" I nodded he pulled kit into his arms and took her to the dance floor with him "They are so in love" I sighed as I felt Beckett move behind me

"I'm sorry people keep making comments about us getting married and me putting a ring on your finger"

"Its wedding fever… they'll stop with it as soon as today is over" I leant back against him "and I give your Mom the ring back"

"You want to dance?" he took my hand and pulled me into the mass of people now dancing. The rest of the night was spent letting loose on the dance floor and me wishing I was dressed more like when I worked so I wasn't so confined in the dress. The night started to wind down a little after one am. I sat down on a chair Dane sat with me as Beckett went to get my wrap

"You guys should have taken advantage of staying here tonight Dad paid for a bunch of rooms"

"I didn't know and I think it was the last thing Beckett thought about with everything else that happened" I looked at him

"You have a point" Dane laughed "You doing okay?"

"Right now yes when the revelation sinks in ask me again" I shrugged. Dina walked over and took a seat "Amazing wedding"

"It was wasn't it" she smiled "first of my Babies to get married"

"Here we go" Dane shook his head

"Well maybe it would be good if you settled down like your brother and sister instead of trying to Sleep with everywoman you set your eyes on" she chastised him with a smirk on her face

"Oh talking about things like that" I pulled the ring from my finger "Thank you so much for letting me borrow this I held it out to her "I think My ex's jaw went through the table when Beckett said something about it" I laughed

"I'm happy it worked for you" she took the ring and slipped it on to the finger on her right hand "I'll give Marty his dues he knows how to pick jewelry"

"It's a beautiful ring" I nodded

"Maybe you'll get one" Dane picked up his drink. I looked at him "What… If my brother is too slow off the mark then you have Seven million dollars sitting in your bank account that is all yours to spend as yu want" He got up "I'm going to go up to bed My feet are killing me in these damn dress shoes" he kissed my cheek as Beckett walked over "Good night Mom" she hugged him

"Night Dane" he hugged his brother as they passed each other

"Ready to go home Baby?" Beckett offered me my wrap I got up Dina squeezed my hand I looked at her

"Take no notice of Dane Honey When it happens it'll happen"

"I'm not expecting or waiting for anything, I'm in a good place right now" I hugged her Beckett kissed his mom's cheeks

"I'll call you tomorrow Mom" Beckett put his arm round me and we made our way out to the valet "So what was all that about?" he asked taking off his tux jacket and putting it round my shoulders as I shivered against the winter chill…..


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