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Is the snow whiter?

Novel By: Kirkyb

What would you do to have your dream job? Give up everything and everyone or just let the dream fall away. I’d done that let the dream fall away to make people happy and I’d been miserable as all hell. So what do you do…? You run, you run and you don’t look back and hope to God the grass is way greener or the snow much whiter
Michelle Deering or Chelle to her friends,Covers it well hides the truth and gets on with it until somethings can't be hidden for much longer. View table of contents...

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………… I walked out of the emergency room to where Beckett was sitting waiting he got up as I walked over I held up my casted arm

"What did they say?"

"I've broke my middle finger and two knuckles" I looked at the bright blue cast "I've got this for the next six weeks" He frowned at me "and the worst thing is it's my damn right hand"

"I never even realized that" he held out my jacket I put my arms into his and he put his arm round me

"I need to go into work and let them know I'm not going to be in for a while" I looked at him

"Can't you…"

"I can't serve drinks one handed and it's not fair to slow Hadley down they can call in one of the other girls" I got in the car "Doc also told me to have the next week off of work" I looked at Beckett "I'm going to go out of my mind not doing anything"

"I'm sure we can find something for you to do" he glanced across at me "You still okay for moving in today?" I nodded "Because if you're not then say and we can put it off"

"Do you still want m.." he stopped the car and turned in his seat

"I know I want you with me I'm just not trying to push you into anything… I've never been so sure of anything in my entire life… well there is one more thing but I'm not going there right now" He ignored the sound of a car horn blaring behind us

"Well lets get to the house and go get my things then" I put my hand on the side of his face and kissed him

"Alright then" he turned back and put his foot down on the gas he took my right hand and put it in his lap. My phone started to ring I picked it up out of my bag

Me * Hey I didn't think you'd be up this time on a Sunday morning

Niall * I wish I wasn't there's been a fire

Me * what?"

Niall * Hads got a call about an hour ago

Me * Niall what's going on

Niall * there was a fire at your place

Beckett looked at me

Me * the house?

Niall * yes… Chelle I'm sorry the entire place was gutted

Me * everythings gone

Niall * everything

Me * where are you?

Niall * our place the fire chief is coming over in a short while, Hadley is a mess right now the doctor gave her something to sleep

Me * we're coming over to you

Niall * okay see you in a while

I hung up and looked at Beckett

"We could have been there, or Hadley could have gone there after work" I felt sick to my stomach

"You can't live on what if's" Beckett turned from where Hadley and I had lived toward the street the guys lived on

"Why can't things just be good?" I put my head back against the seat "I found you and then everything else went to hell"

"Well I'm here for you" he smiled and took my hand again squeezing it. We pulled up at the house Snowy walked out as I got out the car and just shook his head. He put his arms out and pulled me into a hug as Beckett offered him his hand to shake.

"Chelle I'm so sorry" I looked up at Snowy

"How did it start?"

"I don't know I'm just glad that we came back here" he let go of me and ran his hand through his hair "We got a call a little after six to say it was burning We all went there and it was already…" he stopped "nothing was saved" I felt like the wind had been knocked out of me Beckett snaked his arm round my waist.

"Lets go inside" Niall was in the doorway he bent his head and kissed my cheek as I walked by him and shook Becketts hand "How did the wedding go?"

"It was really good" Beckett nodded watching me as I sat on the hearth of the fireplace "We had a good night"

"Looks like it" Niall frowned and lifted my arm in the cast "What the hell did you do fight for the bouquet that was tossed?"

"No but that would have been one hell of a story" Beckett laughed

"I punched a wall this morning" I looked at my cast

"What did you do?" Snowy looked at Beckett

"Hey I was sleeping" he held up his hands

"I was thinking about the meeting I had with my Dad and Brett… and some of the things they said" beckett sat next to me and stretched out his legs

"Did the meeting not go well?" Niall sat on the coffee table and frowned

"It was up and down… and I found out that the people who I thought were my parents weren't" Niall looked at Beckett who was rubbing his hand across the five o'clock shadow on his face

"Damn" Snowy walked to the kitchen and came back with four shot glasses and a bottle of whiskey.

"Dude it's nine in the morning" Beckett laughed

"And I think we need one of these" Snowy opened the bottle and poured the shots

"Rough few weeks huh?" Niall rolled the glass in his hands, I nodded

"Some things were good" I linked my arm though Becketts and rested my head on his arm "I'm glad the house was insured" they all looked at me "Well what's the point in worrying and crying over stuff when Hadley and I are both safe and well"

"She has a point" Niall shrugged "It doesn't even bear thinking about what could have been"

"I can help re build" Beckett offered "You were supposed to be moving in with Hadley weren't you?"

"I was" Snowy nodded shes going to move in here for now though

"Well just say and I'll help you guys out"……….


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