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Is the snow whiter?

By: Kirkyb

Chapter 58,

…………….  The door knocked and Niall got up and walked down the stairs to the door as Becketts phone rang.


“It’s my Dad” he sent it to voice mail


“You could have answered it” I got up and walked into the guys’ kitchen and put the shot glass in the dishwasher and started to make a pot of coffee. Snowy walked into the kitchen behind me.


“Fire Marshall is here” I looked round at him “I’m going to get Hadley up” I nodded “Sorry about all the stuff you lost”


“Can’t cry over it” I rubbed his arm “My favorite boards are still at the mountain and Hadley was here and I was with Beckett it’s only things” I filled a cup with fresh coffee and walked back into the living room.


“Chelle this is William Addison” Niall introduced me to the Middle aged guy standing in the middle of their living room. I handed Beckett my coffee and offered my hand to the Fire Marshall.


“So you’re Michelle Deering” He said shaking my hand “Is Miss Thomas around?”


“Her Boyfriend is just waking her up” I explained


“The doctor gave her something to help her sleep she was more than a little upset last night” Niall said a little defensively


“Understandable” William nodded I sat back down next to Beckett Snowy walked in with Hadley looking like utter hell she looked at me and tears welled in her eyes making me get back up and hug her to me. “Ladies” William coughed; Snowy led Hadley to the couch and sat her down “So you were both very lucky not to be home last night…” he sat down “I need to make sure where you both were last night”


‘Are you accusing them of having something to do with it? Beckett jumped in


“I have to rule out that they did have anything to do with it especially after it was arson” I stopped with my coffee halfway to my mouth.


“Arson… who’d set a fire in our house” I shook my head “It doesn’t” I heard a groan from Beckett and we all looked at him “No they wouldn’t” I frowned shaking my head “They…”


“Baby we fucked them over huge…” He looked at me “It has to be a possibility”


‘What has to be a possibility?” the Fire Marshall frowned as he opened his folder and took out a pen


“We pissed a couple of people off yesterday to the tune of a lot of money” I pinched the bridge of my nose “It’s all legal and above board nothing underhand, but it’s just…”


“It just seems a little odd that we had a meeting yesterday and really annoyed people and then a few hours later their house burns to the ground” Beckett rubbed his hand up and down my back


“Who are these people?” William asked


“My Father and my ex husband” I looked round the room “I sold two companies that were in my name and they thought they should have the money… they lost just over seven million dollars” Niall all but fell off the couch and Hadley’s mouth fell open.


“Well money is always a good motive for revenge” He wrote it down “I need names and addresses, are they local?


“No they live in Wisconsin I’ll give you their names and addresses” I got up and walked to the kitchen grabbing the pad from next to the phone and went to pick up the pen “Shit” I put my hands on the counter and hung my head I couldn’t pick up the pen.


“You need some help” Beckett put his hand in the small of my back


“Please” I reeled off the full names and addresses and let him write them down We walked back into the living room as his phone started to ring again


‘It’s Dad again” he looked at me


“Take it, its okay” I touched his arm as I took the piece of paper from him and held it out to the Fire Marshall. “So what happened at the house” I sat next to Snowy and Hadley


“We found traces of Gasoline all through the house” he closed his file and looked at me and Hadley, his phone started to ring “Excuse me for a moment” Beckett walked back in as he walked out


“You guys all done?” Beckett held out his hands


“No he got a phone call” Hadley shook her head “Chelle…”


“I’m so sorry” I felt tears well up in my eyes “If it was them that did this it’s my fault”


“If they did this then it’s their fault not yours” Hadley put her arm round me “What the hell happened in the meeting you were going to tell us today anyway?”


“They had used me to put my name on a couple of businesses, but Dane found out they actually messed up and had no legal right to the companies so we sold them out from under them”


“Oh High five girl” Snowy Laughed offering me his hand I high fived him


‘So that really didn’t go down good then?” Hadley frowned


“Well she got hell of a lot of money that they were banking on” Beckett put his arm round me


“Well after everything they did to you it’s called Karma” Hadley sighed


“She hasn’t told you the best yet” I looked at Beckett


“Please tell me they didn’t do something stupid” Niall scowled


“My Father told me that I wasn’t his daughter”


“He disowned you?” Hadley got wide eyed


“Not exactly… I found out that they aren’t my parents” I looked down “My real mom was the junkie sister of the woman I’ve thought to be my mother” I ran my hand through my hair  “I was born on the floor of a damn trailer” Beckett pulled me to him and pressed his lips to my temple “ I have no idea who my father really is everything has been a total lie my entire life until moving here and meeting all of you”


“We’re your family” Hadley hugged me tight “The brothers you never wanted in these and the dream sister in me” we both laughed a little… We lost everything in the fire but we’re still here”


“And Becketts’s offered to help rebuild if you want” Snowy butted in


“We need to sort out the insurance and all that sort of thing… But I promise whatever you need I’ll pay for” Hadley and I stood in the middle of the room hugging each other as the Fire Marshall walked back into the house.


“Did you have a third roommate?” Hadley and I looked at him and both of us shook our heads


“It was just a two bed house” Hadley shrugged “Why?”


“Because they have just found a body in the bathroom of the house”……………..



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