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Is the snow whiter?

Novel By: Kirkyb

What would you do to have your dream job? Give up everything and everyone or just let the dream fall away. I’d done that let the dream fall away to make people happy and I’d been miserable as all hell. So what do you do…? You run, you run and you don’t look back and hope to God the grass is way greener or the snow much whiter
Michelle Deering or Chelle to her friends,Covers it well hides the truth and gets on with it until somethings can't be hidden for much longer. View table of contents...

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……………. It was as if the air had been sucked out of the room Hadley and I looked at him as if he'd suddenly grown three heads.

"Are you sure you weren't letting someone stay there the night?"

"There should have been no one there last night" I shook my head "I was at a wedding and I stayed at my boyfriend's house" I pointed to Beckett and Hadley was working until…" I looked at her

"I closed the bar a little after three and then came back here with my boyfriend and his roommates" she shrugged "We went in the hot tub and I think crashed a little after four… then we got the call about the fire" Snowy reached up and squeezed her hand.

"So did anyone know you weren't home?"

"I don't know" I chewed my lip "I was moving out today but snowy was supposed to be moving in with Hadley at the house"

"We tend to keep things just between this group and that's it" Hadley added

"Well I need to get back and find out who this body is… please don't leave town incase we need to talk to you… I assume I can find you here Miss Thomas?" Hadley nodded "Miss Deering?"

"I'll give you the address of where she'll be" Beckett pulled out his business card and handed it to the Fire Marshall

"I'll see you out" Niall got up and walked him out

"Oh I feel sick" Hadley groaned and sat down

"This is weird" I chewed my lip "Someone died in our house" I shuddered

"I'm going to go back to bed" Hadley rubbed her temples

"I'll call you later" I hugged her "We're… I…"

"Lets go home" Beckett smiled at me "Call if you need anything okay?"

"We will" Hadley nodded. Beckett and I walked out he opened the door of the car for me

"You want to go right home or do you want to take a trip to my parents?"

"I don't know" I looked at him as he reached round me and fastened the seat belt for me and he dropped a kiss on my lips.

"I know Mom and Dad got home about an hour ago and they heard on the news about the fire" I raised an eye brow as he closed the door and walked round and got in the driver's side "My Mom is stressing about it, she wants to see you" I just closed my eyes and nodded. He set off heading for his parents' house his fingers linked with mine the entire ride.

"It's one of those days where I shouldn't have gotten out of bed" I groaned "Between the house and my hand it's a pretty sucky day so far" I looked over at him

"I know… but you have me and you have your friends all in one piece… maybe not mentally because snowy is a little strange sometimes" he smiled trying to make me laugh

"A little strange you've never had to spend the night with him and the pranks he gets up to" I sighed "I'm guessing a shopping trip will need to be taken all I have is the clothes at your place…"

"Our" he corrected me

"Okay Our Place" I squeezed his hands

"So can I come to Victoria's secret with you and get to help pick out some things"

"Of course because I really don't think I'd be able to stop you anyway" he pulled into the driveway of his parent's house

"Well that's true" he turned off the engine and looked at me "You need to make a list of everything you lost" I nodded

"Oh the bear you brought me was there" I pouted

"And I'll replace it" he leant over and kissed me

"I'm tempted to call my mom… Sandra" I corrected myself the woman was no longer my Mother in my eyes "And make sure…"

"Don't" he shook his head "I'm sorry if this sounds hard but I'm hoping they find another body and it's both of the fuckers" his tone was bitter and his eyes seemed to grow darker "After everything they said and did to you burning up is an easy get out" I looked down

"I know but it's…" he grabbed my face in his hands and kissed every thought from my mind

"It's not your fault" he rested his forehead against mine "Nothing is your fault" He kissed me again "I love you so damn much you have a whole new life now and you'll come out after all this shit blows over feeling better and free"

"I don't know what the hell I've done to get you in my life" I smiled at him

"Ditto girl" he winked at me "I wasn't looking for the woman I'm going to spend…" the door to the car opened

"Will you both come inside" Dina was at the door I've been worrying about you" I pulled back from Beckett and got out the car and immediately got smothered in a huge Mom type of hug "Honey I'm so sorry about your house… How's Hadley doing? You were insured weren't you? Do you need help with any…"

"Mom let her breathe" Beckett laughed

"I have coffee on and some goodies in the kitchen" she linked my arm and pulled me to the house. I looked round at Beckett who was pulling his phone from his pocket; he just smiled at me and gave me a wink. Dina brought me into the kitchen Marty got off the stool he was sitting on and hugged me tightly before pulling back and holding my arms

"I'm so glad you and your friend weren't there last night"

"So are we" I tried to smile "They found a body in the house" I heard a sharp intake of breath from Dina as she poured coffee into cups

"Who?' Marty pulled out a stool for me I sat down "and you have a cast on your arm?"

"I punched a wall this morning I rubbed my hand over it "and we have no idea who was in the house… It could be my Father or Brett"

'Well wouldn't that be a slap with the Karma bat" Dina put a drink down in front of me "I'm sorry he is still your Daddy"

"No he's not" Beckett said walking in the house "Danes on his way here"……….


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