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Is the snow whiter?

Novel By: Kirkyb

What would you do to have your dream job? Give up everything and everyone or just let the dream fall away. I’d done that let the dream fall away to make people happy and I’d been miserable as all hell. So what do you do…? You run, you run and you don’t look back and hope to God the grass is way greener or the snow much whiter
Michelle Deering or Chelle to her friends,Covers it well hides the truth and gets on with it until somethings can't be hidden for much longer. View table of contents...

Submitted:Apr 5, 2013    Reads: 539    Comments: 11    Likes: 8   

……………. The rest of the day was spent talking things through with Dane and sorting out Insurance documents, I'd spoken to Hadley a few times and we were both trying to get our heads round the fact someone had done what they had to the house and maybe paid with their lives. We wound up making our excuses and leaving Becketts Parents house and heading for home a little after lunchtime.

Beckett pushed open the door and moved back allowing me into the house first. He put down the food his Mom had sent back with us on the counter and turned to look at me.

"It feels like it should be close to bedtime rather than just after one in the afternoon" I nodded and shrugged out of my jacket

"I want to kick back and let go of some of this tension" I put my jacket over the back of a chair and rubbed my neck

"I have fingers that can work some awesome magic" He bit on his bottom lip, I felt my pulse speed up as he hunched his shoulders a little. "I'm thinking of stoking the fire locking the doors and getting you to lay on the rug" he walked over to me and took my hand

"On the rug?" I looked over into the living room as the grey sky outside signaled another winter snow storm moving in over the mountains

"Yup" he moved my hair over my shoulder and nipped at the skin below my ear "I'll go and get the lotion and give you a massage that'll have you lose as all heck when I'm done" He ran his tongue over his lips

"I'm taking it that I'm supposed to be naked?' I could feel the color rising in my cheeks He let go of my hand and reached for the throw from one of the couches and handed it to me

'You can wrap in this" he smiled before turning and putting more wood onto the fire and opening the flue more sucking the flames into the new wood "I won't be long" he took the stairs two at a time I ran my fingers through the fringe on the throw and then turned to the bathroom off the kitchen and closed the door after me stripping out of my clothes.

I looked in the mirror and ran my fingers over the tattoo on my side smiling at the words that meant a lot to me. 'Each day was a gift' and no matter what that was how I was going to really start living my life going for everything I wanted and never living with regrets everything thrown at you in life is what makes you who you are and you learn and grow from every step. I picked up the throw and wrapped it round myself and walked out in to the living room, and stopped and smiled there were candles on the mantle and on the console tables behind the couch Beckett was standing next to the fire in just a pair of gym shorts with a bottle of my moisturizer in his hand.

"Looking good in that throw Miss. Deering" He ran his tongue across his lips

"Thank you" I laughed walking over to him "Please tell me you locked the doors"

"I did" He nodded "now lay down on the rug" he's put down pillows from the couches "and let me get to work" I held my hand as I lowered myself to the floor I moved forward and caught the ring him his nipple between my teeth and tugged making him growl a little and putting a smile on my face as I let go and lay down on my stomach on the floor and looked over my shoulder at him.

He took a deep breath before dropping down next to me he tugged the throw down to lay across my hips he squeezed the lotion into his hands and rubbed them together. I closed my eyes as his hands rubbed over my back considering he spent more time in the office and in meetings there were still hard calluses on his hands from working. I moaned as he kneaded the tension from my shoulders.

"Damn who taught you how to do this" I sighed "I should rent you out"

"Yeah right, there is only one person that these hands are touching and they are doing it right now" he moved so he was straddling the tops of my thighs and he worked on either side of my spine. His hands brushed up my sides catching the sides of my brests sending the goose bumps running for the surface of my arms. "I think I need to do this all over" he murmured in my ear the hot breath had me pushing my ass up a little into him "Oh Really Miss. Deering" he playfully smack my right butt cheek "What are you wanting?" he teased

"You" Was all I could get out

"Oh I can tell that" he pressed his chest to my back sliding his hand in between us and slipping his fingers between my legs. I all but bit the pillow under me as his fingers slipped inside "Damn can I tell" he rained nips and kisses on the back of my neck. He slipped another finger inside of me and scissored them.

"Oh god… Beckett… I'm… I can't" lights seemed to explode behind my eyes as the orgasm rocketed through my body. Beckett mouth sucked on my neck his fingers still moving rapidly pushing me over the edge in quick succession for a second time.

"See not so tense any more are you?" he chuckled removing his fingers and turning me over under him. My breathing still coming in ragged gasps as I watched him stand up and shed the shorts he was wearing. My eyes ran over the hard tight body in front of me more than ready for what the rest of the afternoon was going to bring…………


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