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Keep it in the office

Novel By: Kirkyb

Blue Stevens is fresh from the back end of beyond, the first one in her family to graduate from college (albeit online school), hell she's the first one in her family to graduate from high school. Moving to the big city is her way of escaping the small town small mindedness or ending up like half of her friends knocked up after some drunken night of cow tipping (pregnant by a guy not a cow that is) What will big city life do to her, bring her and deal out to her???? View table of contents...

Submitted:May 13, 2011    Reads: 1,739    Comments: 256    Likes: 21   

*** Okay I got told off the last time I did something a little x-rated so heads up guys***
…………….. I went to the bathrooms there were two girls and two guys only one of them had the locked sign on the door. I knocked.
"Just a second" Orlando called out I knocked again "Dude can't a guy wash his…" the lock clicked and the door opened "Blue" he looked a little shocked I stepped in putting my hand in the middle of his chest and pushed him back inside closing the door and flicking the lock closed again.
I backed him against the sink and smiled at him, he caught on quickly his fist knotted in my hair and he pulled me to him. The kiss was rough and filled with just lust. His hands moved to my hips and he pushed me against the cold tile on the wall, his fingers hastily moving the fabric of my dress up over my thighs. I pulled the belt open on his jeans and worked them down over his hips.
"Looks like we had the same idea" he murmured as his fingers slipped in to me I moaned "You should have told me you had no underwear on" His tongue flicked my ear making me shudder as he slid another finger in with its two friends I gripped his shoulders as he moved his wrist flicking his fingers as he bit on the side of my neck
"You…You didn't tell me either" I gasped as his thumb worked tiny circles that had me moan his name in to the kiss he crushed to my mouth to quiet me. "NO" I pushed him with what little strength I had "I want you" I caught his bottom lip in my teeth. He didn't need telling twice.
Orlando pulled is fingers out of me before he lifted one of my legs and hitched it over his hip. And pushed into me without warning or hesitation. I gasped at the forcefulness of it. I know a quickie is supposed to be quick fast and to the point but this was hotter than any I'd ever had. He pulled out as one hand gripped my thing while the other held my ass he slammed himself back into me pushing me harder against the tile.
"Fuck" I gasped as the speed increased my mouth attacked his neck making him moan louder I could feel my muscles start to twitch round him and my stomach contracted "Oh Damn… Fuck" I all but yelled it as I came hard as he shuddered his own release I could feel the heat spread in me as he laid his head against the tile next to my head He moved slightly away from me but kept a hold of me. The door knocked
"Just a minute" Orlando gasped "This is going to be interesting" he smiled at me "I love you"
"I love you too" He bent and pulled up his jeans I looked in the mirror as I straightened my dress my cheeks were flushed and my lips were puffy the door knocked again
"We need to go baby" he smacked my ass and kissed my shoulder, I nodded and walked to the door and flicked open the lock and pulled it open
"OH MY GOD" River scrunched his face and groaned "You couldn't wait… I need to get very drunk right now" He looked at Orlando "Dude"
"Hey I was Taken advantage of" Orlando slipped his arms round my waist "You're sister made me"
"Okay Enough" River put his fingers in his ears and walked into the bathroom and closed the door I turned in Orlando's arms "I took advantage of you"
"Yeah" he grinned "but I'm not complaining because that was just hot"
We walked back to the table everyone was still chatting and laughing all apart from Diana who eyed me with a look of disgust on her face. I sat down Dallas leaned into me.
"Okay a quickie in the bathroom is one thing but I think Momma over there is ready to tear you apart for it" he giggled in my ear
"Let her" I shrugged "I just had amazing sex and noting is going to piss me off" I kissed his cheek.


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