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Silent Ranks

Novel By: Kirkyb

***The 9th part of the Marine series***

Alyssa and Ryder born and raised Marine kids but being round Marines for all of her 19 years Alyssa wonders if there's more to life than guys in uniform with guns, is the grass greener rather than Marine Blue???? Can a civilian guy handle a Marine born and raised free spirit like Aly or does she need more...... View table of contents...

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.............. What's tougher than a United States Marine…? A question with a really simple answer it's the woman that have to handle them, and boy my family are well practiced in that I'm the fifth generation of Marine brat. My Dad is one hell of a Marine along with my favorite Uncle Flynn (don't tell my other Uncle in Texas though). My Brother well… Ryder is Ryder over protective to the point I want to beat him with a baseball bat and yes I have done that once and crap I got in some huge trouble for it. My Cousin Jack is always the voice of reason between the two of us normally pinning one of us down to stop us from killing the other one. Ryder and I don't have the same freaky connection my Mom and Uncle Flynn have thank god, that's like some Side show trick they have sensing what's going on with each other… Damn I hope Ryder can't sense things because that guy that delivers the pizza on base is well…. Okay my minds wandering… there was the hand on my Uncles ranch out in Texas that was… Okay gone again….
……………. "Aly are you out to kill me" Ryder walked into my room
"I can be why?" I smiled
"I've gone the entire day smelling like your damn perfume and when you're sat in a hot room with 50 guys it kinda gets noticed" He stood with his hands on his hips and glared at me "And why the hell is my underwear pink?"
"Well that's what happens when you try to get your laundry done without asking" I closed my laptop "Oh and my red bra sort of fell in to your white load" I batted my eye lashes at him.
"Oh ass kicking time for little sisters" he yelled as I took off running down the stairs.
"Hey Whoa stop charging round the house" Dad caught me stopping me dead damn it was like running into a brick wall. Ryder barreled into the room Dad put out his hand grabbing Ryder's head and holding him at arm's length "God Damn it it's like you guys are still 5" He was trying not to laugh as he held on to both of us. "B will you control your kids?' Mom walked out of the kitchen wiping her hands on a towel.
"Oh no Marine till you get your orders they're our kids so step up" she smiled at him
"How the hell have you raised these damn wild cats?" Dad chuckled he Texan drawl coming out Mom shuddered a little as Ryder tried to grab me
"I raised them Marine Brats the wild side is from you cowboy" She giggled Ryder and I stopped struggling we knew that is she used the words 'Marine' and "Cowboy" in the space of a couple of breaths if we didn't want to be mentally scared for life then we should leave.
"Er… we're good we'll stop fighting" I said quickly Ryder ducked from Dad's hold and grabbed the keys for his motorcycle from the hook by the door.
"Yeah Dad, Aly and I are going to go see Jack and Brit" Ryder grabbed my hand and pulled me away from Dad "We'll grab dinner while we're out" We didn't wait to hear a reply we bolted out of the door.
"Oh god that was close" I groaned as Ryder threw his leg over his motorcycle
"Yeah one of these days they'll stop humping like rabbits" He shuddered "I never even got changed" he looked down at his camo.
"Jack can let you have something" I climbed on behind my brother and held on to him as he started the bike and pulled away from the house.
We headed off base where Jack had got himself a place with his little sister because Uncle Flynn and Aunt Riley were on the East coast based at San Diego and Brittany hadn't settled into school there with too many superficial kids and a bunch of as we called them Hollywood Marines so when Jack had graduated boot camp and got posted to Lejeune they'd agreed that Brittany would come back here and go to school here as long as Mom and Dad were around to help out. We pulled up outside the apartments that Mom and Dad first lived in when they got married they'd brought the apartment and now rented it out to Jack. Jack pulled his head from under the hood of his truck as we skidded to a halt inches from his front bumper.
"Dude I thought you were changing and we were hitting board walk? Come on it's beginning of the summer and hot girls are a plenty" Jack wiped the grease off his hands on the short he was wearing. I groaned and rolled my eyes at him as I got off the back of the bike "hey You" he dropped a kiss on my head not fair that the guys got the deal on the height in our family.
"I was and the pain in the ass here and I were getting into a fight and Dad stopped us" Ryder gabbled I held up my hand and clamped his lips between my finger and thumb.
"Mom and Dad were about to get busy so we left… fast" I smiled "Ow" I flinched as Ryder slapped my hand away
"Ew that's wrong" Jack shuddered "So I take it we're going to have our style cramped by little sisters" he looked over me to Ryder
"Don't they always cramp our style" Ryder ducked as I swung my fist at him he pinned my arms to my sides quickly "But I say we ditch them and we head off"
"Hey who say's that Brit and I want to hang with you guys" I protested trying to stamp on Ryder's foot forgetting I was in flip flops and he was in combat boots "Shit the hurt" I grumbled
"All done" Brit walked over "Homework all done oh slave driver" she saluted jack sarcastically "Ryder let go of her" She poked him with her finger.
"Yeah let go" I nodded
"Jack you still got some of my things here I can change into?" Ryder laughed
"Yeah in the spare room" Jack nodded catching me as Ryder pushed me away from him.
"I'm glad you're here" Brit grinned at me 'we need to talk" She linked my arm
"Where are you going?" Jack put his hands on his hips
"Oh for god sake there's 18 months between us not 18 years" Britt rolled her eyes "I'm with Aly"
"Yeah and we're heading to see what or who we can find on the boardwalk" I laughed as we walked away.
"Call us" Jack shouted after us. Both Brit and I waved at him.
"So what's got you all giggly?" I asked as we hit the board walk "It's been a while since you smiled like that"………


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