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Sold to Survive

Novel By: Kirkyb

Tricia Larson’s life had never been one to brag about. She’d learned at and early age you kept your mouth shut and your head down or it would be shut for you and your head would be made to point down. Her mother bailed when she was a few days old and life had been a struggle to survive since then... Her Father begrudgingly feed her and clothed her even if he'd got more money then most small countries and treated her more like a slave than a human... How low would he stoop to make money... How bad could things get for her before it's too much........ View table of contents...

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………… The sound of laughter and the smell of expensive Cuban cigars filled every inch of the overstated den as my father called it trying to impress his 'Clients' with the Expensive Oak paneling, the Pool table with the gold leaf monogram on the side of the heavy wood. Oh and did I forgot to mention the girls wearing nothing more than a smile all be it a drug induced forced one at that…

My Father was one of the vilest repulsive men ever to walk the earth. He claimed to be a "Business man" and yes he had fronts like bars and a couple of Failing restaurants that were just laundering places for his money, Strip joints in the seedier sides of towns dotted over the lower 48 and in Europe fronts again for the human trafficking he did. Whores for the rich, disposable, missing girls that were moved in and out of countries and across continents as long as the money was right.

I took a deep breath as I tried not to wretch at the sight of the way some of the men in the room were "testing the merchandize". I looked down at the black imported Marble top the on bar in the room I was standing behind, wishing I was deaf to the moans and whimpers from the stoned and addicted girls.


"Whiskey" My father barked at me putting the Crystal glass in front of me. I reached for the bottle of malt whiskey from the array he had behind the bar and tried not to shake as I poured two fingers neat in the glass. "Remember the dress and jewelry and shoes go in to the dressing room after your work is finished. Do not spill anything on the dress" I kept my eyes on the black marble that was polished to reflect like a endless mirror "Did you hear me?" he walked round the bar his fingers vice like in my arm.

"Yes" I winced

"Answer me when I ask you something… Just as insolent as the bitch that pushed your worthless ass into this world" I looked at him for a moment his eyes glinting at the thought of the money he was going to be getting tonight. I heard the door open, my father let go of me quickly. "Egan Croft… you relented and finally gave in?"

"No I didn't. I'm here with the order you had from me" the voice was loud and commanding every other noise in the room was silenced. "I knew you were a lowlife but seriously" I glanced up, the man was as imposing as his voice the suit he was wearing impeccable tailored.

"Ah these are not the best girls" my father was almost on the floor with his groveling "If you want you can have private viewing for you alone… I know you have whores" Egan's Jaw clenched tight

"I have girls that work for me of their own free choice" the words came out almost as a snarl "I do not trade in someone's daughters and sisters" I'd never heard anyone talk to my father like this people were normally afraid of him and his ruthless will to get what he wanted.

"Egan" I swallowed hard at the man that walked in his body covered in an suit as tailored as Egan's only he was broader than Egan and head almost movie star looks "Damn what the fuck" He pulled a disgusted face as he eyed the room his eye falling on me and skimming over I was the only woman in the room dressed.

"I know fucking mess isn't it" Egan put his hands on his hips showing the weapon holstered under his arm.

"Are we doing this deal… or is Larson being a ass" a third man walked in once again his suit screamed money his face hard and his eyes piercing, he made me shiver at the sheer threat he seemed to ooze from every pore.

"Dante forgive me?" My father sounded like he was near begging

"You still doing this shit" Dante walked in front of Egan and Casper "I hear you have a daughter you think you'd like it if someone did that to her" he nodded at the girls.

'A woman is a woman and a whore at the end of the day" my father tried to joke.

"You want to try telling that to my sister…" Dante snapped

"Or mine" Casper stepped forward "Because they'd take you out… slowly… now can we get this fucking deal done so we can get out of this shit hole"

I watched as my father walked out Dante waiting and watching for a moment more his face full of anger, before he turned and stalked out slamming the door behind him……………


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