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Uncovered Accent

Novel By: Kirkyb

The fourth installment of the Accent stories... With Arron locked up and her mother quiet for now will Chris's life become normal, well as normal as it can be being the lead singer in a rock band or will others try to ruin everything she's worked for and loves............ View table of contents...

Submitted:Jan 25, 2012    Reads: 617    Comments: 57    Likes: 13   

…………… "You going to let me in on the song for tonight?" Lukas tapped his phone on his knee

"Nope" the four of us shook our heads as Page, Suzanne and Heidi all smirked

"I told you on the phone earlier in the week, no one will know the song until tonight" I shrugged "We'll sound check with a different song I'll talk to the stage and sound guy about it"

"Really" Lukas tipped his head "So why the hell am I even here"

"You know we wonder the same thing" Alfie didn't look up from the game of Angry birds he was playing "You need to stop being a fucking ass"

"Excuse me?"

'To Chris you're an ass" Kerion looked at him

"Guys" I looked at them "Forget it" the car slid to a halt "Why don't you take the girls back to the hotel to start getting ready" I looked at Lukas "Send the car back for us" Corey got out first and waited for the rest of us to get out Pete got out first and offered me a hand to get out the four of us all walking in to the back of the building leaving Lukas in the car with the girls. I looked at the others as a stage manager came over.

"You guys made it" She beamed "We have all your things waiting for you"

"There's a change" Alfie smiled at her

"It's not all of us performing tonight" She got wide eyed

'You're voice is okay isn't it?"

"It's fine but tonight it's just going to me Alfie and I out there"

"We get the night off" Pete laughed "but they will be needing a grand piano"

"You're manager never said anything about a piano… I mean it's not going to be an issue but…" She flicked through the papers in the folder in her hands "Can you run the song now?" she looked back at us "If you give me five minutes to get the piano back on the stage from the previous artist"

"I think you guys should do it once on stage3 here before tonight" Kerion put his hands in his pockets "We know you've both rehearsed your asses off but tonight you really don't need a fuck up"

'He's right" Pete nodded I Chewed my lip

"Is is a whole new song no one's heard?" the stage manager asked

"Yeah it's a huge song" Alfie nodded

"I can clear the auditorium apart from the Sound guy, the lighting guy and myself if that helps" She smiled "Because I have to say this You guys are amazing" she giggled a little

'If you could do that you get free tickets to the next show we do in LA" I nodded with a huge smile plastered on my face

'Give me the five minutes and I'll come get you" She hurried off taking two already tired looking guys with her.

"You look like you want to throw up and it's only a sound check" Pete looked at me as he sat on the edge of a packing case with NeverWest Sprayed on the side of it Knowing it contained some of his and Alfie's guitars

"I know" I rubbed the back of my neck Tonight's a big night, I mean doing what we're doing could backfire and kick our asses, or start rumors going like the bands breaking up" I sat next to him and tapped my feet

"It won't" Kerion shook his head "You and Alfie are going to kill it and we're going to find out who is supposed to be introducing you and see if we can do it instead"

"that would be funny" Alfie nodded as the stage manager hurried back over to us with a guy in tow

"Okay then this is Marlon our sound guy" She said quickly "He's ready to go" and I think these are yours" she held out my ear pieces and one of my own microphones "and these are yours" she handed Alfie his ear pieces.

"Thank you"

"Break a leg guys" Kerion called after the two of us as I linked Alfie's arm and we walked out on to the stage Alfie went and sat down at the piano I started at the back of the stage, as Alfie started to play I started to walk forward and began to sing my voice and the piano filling the building with sound that made goose bumps spring up on my arms I stopped at the front of the stage and put the microphone in the stand as I carried on singing till it came to an end. I looked at Alfie who was beaming at me as Pete and Kerion ran on to the stage and hugged me

"That was better than every other time you've done it" Pete Grinned "You guys are going to floor them all and you're going to make Chad a very happy guy" I felt the color rise in my cheeks as the stage manager walked over to us

"Perfect we have everything we need" She took the microphone and earpieces from me "You're wardrobe girl came by earlier to bring in your dress" I nodded "So we'll see you later, your car came back about ten minutes ago"

"Thank you for helping us out" I smiled at her

"You're more than welcome and that song is amazing"

"Thank you" I felt a tug on my arm as Kerion pulled me with them "See you later" We all ran out to the car I felt like a weight had been lifted for the moment, now I just wanted to have a little fun before getting ready to turn a few heads……….


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