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Forgotten About You

Novel By: Kitkattish

Katrina-Kitty-Hollands has just woken up from a five day coma, only to find out that she has just suffered a memory loss of one year. This lands the young seventeen year old in some serious hot water.

Firstly, waking up to a whole new life isn’t easy.

Secondly, finding out that crazy crushes and sparks are still there isn’t exactly helping the situation.

And lastly, indirectly bullying: is it a new form of a warm ‘Welcome Back, we've missed you’?

Not only is Kitty hot tempered and hilariously dense, she is also a dangerously hormonal teenager.

Can this hotheaded redhead untangle her heart and fix the muddle she’s in…without a trip back to the hospital bed?

[Forgotten About You ~ Completed]
CopyRight at K. F Parker ©
First Novel Written
Pen Name: Kitkattish
Author: K. F Parker
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Chapter Two ~ Lost


Okay, sorry for the rudeness or impoliteness…but that was the first thing that jumped to my mind: huh.

What did he mean by 'You're finally awake'?

It wasn't like I died or anything. Who was he, anyway?

This strange person that looked almost like my Danny standing by the James look-a-like.

I blinked once…then twice. And again.

Maybe something was up with my eyesight? My eyes flickered uncertainly to the pretty blond girl who was frozen like a statue and gaping at me with comical round eyes.

"Um…." I started, nervously. They just looked at me. Finally I sighed and spoke up again, trying very hard not to sound doubtful. Even though I was.

"Jamie? Danny?" I whispered, chewing a bit on my bottom lip.

Both boys blinked and then grinned, bulleting over to me and practically shoving the pretty blond girl aside.

"Baby doll! We've been so worried!" The blond boy breathed as he reached but did not touch me. Instead, both he and the black haired dude stood close by, hands gripping the railing tightly. Their eyes were wide and searching as they scanned my face.

"How are you feeling, Doll Baby?" asked the black haired guy, his handsome face cocked to the side as practically memorized my face. I gulped and then smiled.

"I'm fine, you two. What…what's wrong? Why do you guys look so….weird?" I asked, raising my eyebrow at them.

I felt heat rush to my cheeks as I suddenly remembered who they were. Daniel Simons and James Williams, my two best friends in the entire world.

Daniel Simons, the cute blond boy with brown eyes and James Williams was the black haired one.

James blinked, confusion etched onto his face. "What? Weird? How?"

Danny just stared. "Weird? How insulting!"

The pretty blond girl shoved through them, pushing both of them aside. "Do youmind?! She's my best friend too, you douches!" She huffed, offended. I blinked at her in confusion. What?

"But…I don't know you…" I muttered to the girl. How one earth couldwebe best friends?

The girl gave me a disbelieving and disgruntled look.

"No, serious? It's me! Natalie!" The girl said, leaning forward and pointing to her face. "Remember? I sat next to you last Monday at the library and we were making fun of Mr. Wilber's new Mexico hat when he went to speak to his librarian fiancée. Remember?"

I just gave her a blank stare. "I think you got the wrong person, but I am interested in Mr. Wilber's new Mexican hat and his librarian fiancée. Please, go ahead," I added, curiously.

Natalie grinned, shoving Danny with her elbow and scooting closer, totally ignoring Danny's offended look. I blinked in surprise. Danny never let anyone shove him aside.

"Well. Mr. Wilber came to the library in this new, huge Mexican hat that actually had a few peacock feathers in it! And as you probably can't remember, he went over to the librarian -you know, Ms. Jenny - and got down on one knee. I think that she's into Mexican hats….Anyway! So he got down on one knee and he -"

"Natalie! Stop! Please, enough!" James complained, shooting her a dirty look. But Natalie ignored him. Another first. James hated anyone ignoring him…

"-proposed! In front of all the students!"

"Oh my God! He did not! Eeekk! That's so cute!" I squealed. I instantly regretted doing that when the corners of my lips stung painfully. I struggled not to wince.

Natalie squealed, jumped up and down and clapping her hands. And then she stopped and gave me a confused look.

"Wait…how…how come you can't remember this? We went and congratulated them! You even commented on the engagement ring….."

I blinked in confusion. "I…don't think so. At least….I don't remember….but last night….I just fell down. How did I end up here?"

It was James and Danny's turn to give me confused stares.

"Fell down…last night...."echoed Danny, his eyes blank. "What?"

"Wait…I'm confused…" I muttered, now feeling embarrassed. Why on earth was my head so muddled up?

"Look, you need to rest before anything. So why don't you sleep for a little while and when you wake up again, we'll give breakfast?" Natalie suggested, reaching over and smoothing my hair away from my face. I blinked and tried to nod. Yeah, not happening.

"Okay. I feel pretty dizzy too…" I said, closing my eyes. I really meant to open them again and tell Jamie and Danny what happened last night but before I knew it, I checked out of the Conscious and Alert motel and drifted into black emptiness.


The next morning, I came awake to the sound of people talking.

It was like they had no respect for patients. At all.

I knew I should open my eyes, but the sleepiness hadn't quite left me. I tried to tune out their voices so that I could go back to sleep….however, the sound of a familiar chiming, mixed in with James's and Danny's voices, including Natalie's stopped me from drifting.

"She's woken up?" asked a gentle, chiming voice. "As in really awake? She's been talking?" I quickly recognized it as Melinda's. What on earth was my sister doing here? What happened to her fourth year university course?

"Yeah. She's doing fine and is still herself. At least, from what little time we spent with her," Danny said. I could almost hear him shrugging. James sighed.

"Well, she was okay but she couldn't really remember us. She didn't know who I was," Natalie said, quietly. I heard the hurt in her voice and I felt bad. I didn't mean not to know her…I just…don't know her!

"She's okay? She's not in pain, right?" asked a deep, male voice. That voice sounds….sexy. Warm, silky and all…..wait. What on earth am I thinking? Just by listening to the voice? Really?

Guess I had a good cause for coming here. I was becoming delusional.

"No. Well, I don't think so," Danny said.

"Why are you here, doc?" asked James. Melinda sighed.

"Henry, I think you should tell them. They do have a right to know."

Who the hell was Henry?

Hang on. Henry? Henry McCollum? Melinda's high school sweetheart?

"I know, Mel. I will, but it will be hard for them," Henry said, gently.

What will be hard? Hard on who?

"Excuse us, but we are still in the room," Said James, annoyance in his voice. Yeah, I was getting annoyed too. What was going on?

"Let it be hard for us. We'll survive," the sexy male voice pointed out, drily. The doctor sighed.

"Ever since the crash, her body has been healing amazingly well. Her broken leg seems to be on the mend and the stitches are fine…"

Huh? Crash? What crash? Stitches? Broken leg? They couldn't possibly mean me, could they?

"What is it, doc?" James asked, voice hard. There was silence.

"Doc?" asked Danny, tensed. I was confused. What was with this tense atmosphere? What happened? Who broke her leg? What crash?

"It seems that Kitty had hit her head rather hard when-" the doctor started….until he got cut off by James.

"Save us the torture and justsaywhat happened."

Kitty? That's me! But…

But….I didn't get involved in a crash! I didn't have stitches….what was he talking about?!

"It seems that when Kitty hit her head," there was a pause and then the doctor continued, "part of her brain got swollen, as result she had gone into a five-day coma as you all know."

Silence in the room.

Five-day coma. Me?

"Yes…and then..?" prompted Danny. The good doctor didn't say anything, but apparently something about his expression caused Danny and James to take sharp intakes of breath.

"What?" whispered someone who I couldn't recognize thanks to the screaming in my head.

"This caused her to lose her memories."

Dead silence. Bet if you dropped a pin, you could hear it clang loudly on the ground.

"Can you identify how much she has lost?" whispered someone else.

"As a natural, protective instinct, it seems as though her brain has shut down memories of a time limit that could more or less be a year."

More silence.

"What year is that?" asked someone, voice tense.

Memories….lost. Memory lost…but…..no! How? They couldn't possibly mean me!

There was a loud pounding in my ears. So loud, that I almost missed the next sentence.

"It seems…" The doctor went silent as though carefully choosing his next words, "It seems as though Kitty might have lost all her memories of recent happenings. Which could be last year. She will not remember anything at all from that year."

Author's Note: Hello! I know I'm a complete A-Hole for not uploading two chapters as a gift but I'm really sorry! I hadn't got time and everything! Forgive me?? Hahahaha I loved seeing all your comments and would be over the moon if more were to come! ^_^ Hope you like this! STAY AWESOME! ♥ ♥


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