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All We Can Do is Live With it And Try

Novel By: KristenLOVEStoWRIGHT

When 2 teenagers get together... View table of contents...



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With the split of a seccond, breathe can be taken away, a life can be taken, or a life can be created.
It was my first party. I was drunk and foolish hanging out with my friends. I had no idea what I was in for. Than the guy I had been dreaming over for years. Came up to me and kissed me. I was in heaven. Things got heavy. In a strangers bedroom, the smell of alcohol in the air and clothing on the floor, a life had been created. An acident. But I wouldn't call it that because every action has a reaction.
I do not remember much of that night. But I do remember how amazing I felt. I felt special.
I had woken up that morning with only his shirt on in a strangers bed. He was laying next to me passed out. I had a majour head ache, so I went right back to sleep.
A month passes by and I miss my period. I get a little scared because I do not know what happened that night besides minor details.
My friends and I went to the drug store, put our money together and bought a pregnancy test. After all the waiting I got back a positive. My friends all started to freak out, but I stayed calm. A tear slid down my cheak and I hugged them tight. I did not let my emotions get a hold of me. Only because I knew it was all my fault.
That next day my best friend, Madison took me to the clinic in town. They took my blood test and the next day we went back to find out that I was 1 month pregnant.
I had no idea what to do. Who to tell first. All my friends knew. But would I tell my parents or the father first?
Madison took me home and we both sat down with my parents in the living room. Madison started explaining some things and through my tears I blurted out "I am pregnant." My parents were shocked and my mother started crying.
My house was already crammed with my 4 siblngs. I had no idea what to do.
Weeks following that, my parents had bought a bigger house not far away from the fathers house. But, he did not know about the baby yet.
I got the biggest room in the house. My room was split in half. One side would be for me, and the other side would be for the baby. My room was painted half pink and half blue. Just in case. In my room was a captains bunk bed, dresser, desk, a big comfy couch and a few boxes waiting to be put away.
When I had went back to school, people stared at me and whispered a lot. It was the first day back to school and I was already 4 months pregnant. My stomach had gotton bigger.
The summer before I had lost a lot of weight, so I had the perfect body. Every guy was trying to get up on me. But there was only 1 guy that I had wanted. I got him, not the way I wanted but I had. Now I am pregnant and he doesn't even know yet.
I went through the day and I found out I had all 4 classes with him. I would sit on the other side of the class room, away from him. Once in a while we would glance at each other and he would smile. I would just bite my lip and look down.
After school I was at my locker putting my books away, getting ready to go home and because I share all 4 classes with him, his locker is a couple down from mine.
After I shut the door on my locker, I looked over and noticed he was staring at me.
"Hey." I waved to him.
"Hey." He replied.
There was silence.
"Are you pregnant? I don't mean to be rude, but I heard you were." He looked at my stomach and back up at me.
I locked my locker and walked over to him. I sighed. What was I going to say?
"Yes. I am." I looked down and placed my hands lightly over my growing stomach.
"Is it mine?" he looked so scared and upset. I had no idea what to do. I just wanted to hug him and say that everything was going to be okay. I wanted to run off and hide.
He stared into my eyes and started crying. He whispered "I-I am so, incredibly sorry."
Than he ran off.
I had not talked to him after that. He wouldn't even look at me.
The months passed and when I would try and talk to him, he would already be gone. I would see him in class, he would sit there staring at the chalk bored, his desk or laughing with a friend.
I had also finished my room, my dad built my crib and we got everything ready for the babies arrival.
My little girl kept getting bigger and bigger and so was my stomach.
The semester had ended. I passed all my courses, and it was time for my little baby girl to arrive.
She was born a week early. I had an emergency seasection because I was to weak, tired and sick to try.
Ariana is the pefect little girl, being 5 pounds 12 ounces. Small, but perfect for her small mommy.
We spent 3 days in the hospital and finnaly we got to go home.
When we got home, Max was outside mowing the grass. He watched as my dad placed me in my wheel chair and than place Ariana in my hands. He quickly looked away and continued his buisness.
I was rolled into the house and into my room which was luckily on the main floor.
When Ariana turned a week old, I had already known everything about her. She is the perfect little baby, loves sleeping and being cuddled. She giggles and smiles a lot and she loves being with my mommy. I guess you would say I have it easy being a teenage mom. But having Ariana grow up with a daddy will be tough on the both of us.


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