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This was a dream and I am continueing it and re-wording it. I hope you like it.

Something strange always happeneds. But a Virigin birth? Never thought about that. How come it happened to me? a young girl, but of public school! And with a guy whom I never met. Strange. And I, never did anything, whats so ever. Strange things happen all the time.

Just read and find out, a messed up relationship between a girl and 2 boys. Oh, and a baby is involved. View table of contents...



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I wake up and start to feel a bit quizey and sick to my stomack. As I get on my feet, I feel the urge to vomit. So I run to the bathroom.
After throwing my guts up, I go down stairs. I look at my mom and my younger sister says "Ew! You look Terrible." and looks away. I sit down and give an angre look to my sister. "Shut up Stupid." I say with an atitude. My sister makes a wierd noise, probly trying to sound like a dying cow.
I did not get to do to school for a while, But my mom started to get suspicous. So she took me to the doctors to get me tested and made sure I was going to be okay.
"Whats my problem?" I asked the doctor. "Well, Your pregnant." He looked over his papers and gave a weird look that I could not tell what he was feeling. "WHAT?" I screamed shockingly loud. "Its true." He frowned and looked at me. "Could I have a DNA test to find out who the father is?" tears started to form. "Yes. I`ll get right on that." He walked out of the room and started to talk to a nurse.
She walked in and than took a needle and cleaned an area on my arm. She poked the neddle through my skin and I saw my blood pour into the needle. I started to feel a bit faint and looked away. I felt the needle come out of my skin and looked back. The nurse walked away with my blood in a little container.
I looked at my arm and a band aid was on it. I did not know, how she did it. But she managed to get over with me very quickly.
I waited and I waited. Waited for the Results to come back into my reach. But, waiting still had to happen.
After 8 hours of waiting, the doctor game in with the Results. Exited I jumped up and down on the bed, waiting for him to answer. "The DNA test confirmed who the father is." He said. "Who is it!?" I yelled. " Mill Green" He said. "Are you joking me? Hes my best guy friend!" I looked worried, disapointed in fact.
I walked out of the room and out of the Hospital. I got into my car and drove away.
When I got home, I picked up the phone and pushed the buttons to Mill`s phone number. I put the phone up to my ear and listened to the phone ring, waiting for Mill to answer. "Hello?" Mill questioned. "Hey. I need to talk to you." I walked away from my dresser and sat on my bed. "What about?" He asked. "Uhm. I`m pregnant." tears started to form in my hazel eyes as I waited for Mill to answer. "Oh my. Whos the father?" he sounded worried and confused at the same time. "Sit down." I said as a tear fell down my face. "You sound Upset." I heared the sound of his bed as he sat down. "Thats what I needed to talk to you about."
"Its not me is it?"
"Yes. I`m not sure how it happened." I whiped my tears away from my cheaks.
" Is this a joke?"
"I`m affraid not."
"Oh my."
"I know."
"What do we do?"
"Tell your parents."
"Are you having an abortion?"
"No. Thats killing a living thing."
"I`ll talk to you later. I have alot of thinking to do and I have to tell my parents."
"Bye" Mill said as he hung up.
I took the phone away from my ear and pressed the end button. I placed the phone on my night stand and layed down on my bed, looking at my white sealing.
A couple hours later Mill called back. He told me that his parents took it hard. His mother fainted and his father said "I guess we are moving closer to her."
A month later and Mill moves half an hour away. His family comes over for supper.
As I see Mill come out of his van, he runs over and hugs me. Seeing my Small baby bump. He smiles and Kisses me lightly. I blush and take his hand.
We walk inside and sit at the table for supper. Our familys get along great.
After Supper, Mill and I walked up to my room. "What are we going to do?" He asked as we sat down on my bed. "We, wait 9 months and than I give birth with you by my side. And than we raise him or her." I smiled and took his hand. "But thats hard. Isn`t it?" he asked. "Yes. It is. But we can get help from our parents."
We talked intill his mother yelled "MILL! We are going home now. Bring Klara down stairs to say goodbye."
We got up, still holding hands and walked down stiars and out the front door.
We stood on my front step. Mill took ahold of me and we stood there hugging. His family got into the Van and when everyone was buckled up and ready, his mother yelled out the window. "Its time to go!" I let go of Mill and kissed him pashionatly. I smiled and started to talk away. Mill took ahold of my arm and swung me close to him. "Mom, Can Klara stay the night?" He smiled at me, looking into my eyes. " If its okay with her parents." I smiled and looked in the window. My mother stood there and nodded, because she was listening in. "I`m pretty sure its okay with them." "Well, get in." Mill`s mother said as we ran to the van.
On the way to Mill`s house, everything was Quite.
When we got to his house, Mill took me inside and showed me around. He took me to his bedroom and I layed down. Mill sat down and got on his computer. We went on msn and started to talk to people. I placed my head on his lap and he rushed his fingers through my hair and soon enough I fell asleep.
The next morning I woke up and Mill`s head was on his computer desk. I desided to stay laying there intill he woke up.
When he finnaly woke up, He looked at his computer. He laughed and said "Wow. I didn`t know I had over 50 people on my msn."


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