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Spying on Princes

Novel By: KristiTheWriter

Mia Lake just landed her first job. Spying on the prince and his father. Every thing would be working perfectly to if not for the fact- that the prince was so annoyingly attractive! And add to that, his hot cousin, her suspicious parents, the king, and Denver and Lucy. Mia’s got a problem.
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Submitted:Sep 9, 2010    Reads: 170    Comments: 5    Likes: 0   

This will probably be a bit slow at first but I promise it will get better! :)

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1. somebody employed to obtain secret information:

(13th century. < Old French espie < espier "to spy" < Germanic]

"You've passed your training. You can now officially work with us." Ms. Cartwright said as I squealed with delight. Not even my sister Denver had passed the training for this.

She pulls out my certificate out of its crisp white envelope and looks puzzled for a moment.

"You need to go see Mr. Blythe." She says putting my certificate away and handing me a lime green sticky note.

Disappointment courses through me as she walks away. My file must have been mixed up with someone else's. Oh well. It's no big deal. I think to myself but it's a lie. The training was very important to me. I wanted to work with Mr. Blythe and Ms. Cartwright. The company was known as Watkins and Blythe. It had so many different departments in it. There was one that manufactured lollipops.

"Grape or lemon, shaped like a shoe, the Lollipop Shoppe has got it for you!"

The department I wanted was called the Physical Training and Knowledge or PTK. I knew very little about it except that the money was great and the work was equally fulfilling. I had always excelled in school. I was perfect for this- But so was everyone else.

an employee of a government who seeks secret information in or from another country, especially about military matters (plural spies) ī

565 First door on your left!

Why would the note be so cheerful? Buttering me up for the big letdown. That was one thing I didn't like. They covered up everything with cheerful lime green sticky notes and lollipops but anyone who had been there for any length of time could see it. Something darker laid beneath the surface.

I reach the door and push it open.

"Amelia Lake?" He asks.

"Mia." I correct.

"From now on, you will be addressed as Amelia." He says sternly.

Still heated up from my walk and contemplation I glared at him.

"No, I will be addressed as Mia!" I snap.

"Congratulations on successfully making the cut."

I'm now confused. I made it?

"Unfortunately, you won't be working in the PTK directly. I've been watching you. You have a unique sense of direction, a great poker face, an extensive knowledge, and average physical ability. You speak German and English fluently. You do well with Spanish. You can cook and can do 63 sit-ups in a minute. You even hacked into my mainframe and copied my data." He shoots me a look. "There is nothing you can't do!"

I blush.

"That is why I have a special proposal for you. A job." He waits.

"What for."

"Spying…on the prince!"



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