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Romancing The Groom

Novel By: ladiesandlibertines

Three years ago, Lord Adam St. Clair, the Duke of Westmonte left Francesca Kennedy standing at the alter. And now, after years of unyielding silence, he has returned. However, the woman he abandoned three years ago is nothing at all like the new Francesca. And despite his qualms about marriage, he finds himself suddenly desperate to conquer her once more. Will the womanizing abandoner meet with the revenge that he deserves? Or will he finally surrender his heart and at last marry the bride he left behind ages ago? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Nov 23, 2010    Reads: 571    Comments: 11    Likes: 3   


…shouldn't even be writing you this letter. I'm an utter fool. It's not as if you'll come back. You'll probably move again after reading it-terrified that I have finally caught up with you. I just needed to talk to you, needed to know that you're alright. I hate you. I hate you so much. And yet, I miss you more than my very life. Come home, Adam…

--Sent By Miss Francesca Kennedy 1 Year After Wedding (Never Read).
As Adam's mouth devoured hers in a fiery kiss, Francesca stood in unabashed horror as every wall she had ever constructed around her heart came tumbling down in a useless heap of nothingness. Her mind screamed at her to fight him, to shove him away, to tell him that this was wrong.But as the soft curves of her body pressed against his masculine form, she realized that never before had anything felt quite so right. Her sensibility might have been fighting his ardent attentions with every ounce of breath, but her body was entirely in accord.His mouth was a sweet temptation against hers-taking what she gave eagerly and softly seeking that which she did not. He seemed to know of the intoxicating heat that spread throughout her belly and to the very tips of her toes, and with a touch as sensuous as it was sinful, she felt herself burst into flames.But the fire within left her aching for more. And as his tongue traced the full contours of her mouth, her lips parted in invitation. Moaning, her arms moved to his neck, clutching him nearer as his tongue met hers in a dance as old as time itself.With a groan, his hands trailed down her back, clutching her backside and pulling her hips forward to cradle the rapidly hardening length of his arousal. Compelled by instinct alone, she rocked her hips against him, reveling in the strangled growl that left his lips.But the friction of their proximity soon became too much to bear, and with one fluid motion, he lifted her onto the smooth mahogany desk.He was between her thighs then, his lips pressing sizzling open mouthed kisses upon her naked collar bone. Shuddering, she pulled him closer, arching her back to reveal more of her vulnerable flesh.Suddenly, he drew back, his gaze consuming her with a fervency that sent her blood racing. Biting her lip, she perked one hesitant brow. "What are you staring at?""You," he said, his eyes assessing her with pure masculine appreciation. "You in that bloody gown. Good God. Is that what you sleep in?"Glancing down at her silk, white night rail in surprise, a blush stained her cheeks. When she had left her bedchamber earlier that evening, she had not thought that she would run into anyone. She had omitted her dressing robe, certain that her modesty would not be at risk. However--though the gown covered her from neck to toe--in the dim candlelight…it was very nearly transparent.A fact, she noted as Adam's hungry gaze fell upon her full bosom, he had perceived quite some time ago.The realization of what they had just done hit her then like a bolt of lightening.With a horrified gasp, her hands flew to cover herself, humiliation flooding her senses. She had just let Adam kiss her-The Duke of Westmonte! The man she had sworn to herself she would never trust again. And worse than that, she had liked it!She had succumbed to him like a common wanton. And she could never forgive herself.They had been in the middle of a bloody argument for God's sake. She'd even slapped him! And yet, when his lips had crashed down upon hers, she had been stunned. With the mere touch of his lips, he had banished all sensible thought. And like a besotted fool, she had allowed herself to be snared in his intricate web of seduction. He might have broken her heart three years ago, but she still ached for him-still wanted him. And the prospect that her feelings might extend further than mere physical need terrified her.She was pathetic. She was humiliated. She was a fool. And she might very well find herself with another broken heart if she was not careful. Adam was dangerous--if she did not learn to dissuade his advances, the consequences could be lethal. And as he stared at her, his eyes darkening with the realization that the spell had been broken irrevocably, she did the one thing she had sworn she would never do…She ran.


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