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Spare My Blood: A Killer's Mercy

Novel By: Lady Cataluna

Reath is on the verge of war. It has been eighteen months since Wisper has set foot in Iwasaki and she comes back with a new wardrobe and hairstyle. However, the longer she stays close to what she left behind and what she stayed with the more of her dark secrets are begining to come public.
Wisper is also starting to feel the strain of keeping Risu in the dark on who his biological mother is as well as his father. She also has another secret that's forming within her.
Abissus, now completely obsessed with Wisper's twin Arax-Priests, is making Wisper become more stressed by making her have to constantly keep an eye on them since Abissus will never stop until she's claimed them.
But despite what everyone wants and think, how can you kill someone when killing them is opposite of what you want?
Part three of the Spare My Blood series. View table of contents...


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'You don't have a name?' asked Matron.

Wisper was pressed against the bars of her cell. A chain around her left ankle but two loose ones she took off all the time on her wrists. She looked up from underneath her black rag. Her legs sprawled near her body on the wooden floor.

'Nobody calls me by my real name,' she explained. 'They call me Kira because when I first killed a man called me that when he was meant to say "killer".'

'How awful,' exclaimed Matron. 'I'm going to give you a name. Let's see…I know, I'll call you Shade; the lady of the darkness.'

'Shade,' said her Kira side. 'Kira the girl of blood and Shade the lady of the darkness sounds good. I think I'll call you Shade my love, Shade my love.'

'And I'll call you Kira dear, Kira dear,' said Shade.

'But my real name is Wisper,' said Wisper. 'How about I call you Matron the gothic wolf, Gualtuf?'

'I suppose so,' said Matron. 'Shade will be your nickname and I'll say it so many times. Hey Shade, Shade. Shade?'

Matron was a little hurt. 'Do you dislike being called Shade?'

'No, no,' said Wisper standing up. The chains on her wrist scraped along the ground. 'I really do like it.'

Wisper raised one of her paws up to the roof. 'Please say it again,' she said. 'Call me by my nickname Matron again.'

'Sure,' said Matron. 'Shade.'

In the church cell my imoutosan Matron was what made me happy. Although she made me sad when she bragged about her hair because it reached her hips and my hair was a buzz cut.

However I don't think she can brag for much longer though.


Leaving Clues

The Cataluña and Nemec girls and Denial were at Perry Park getting high on energy drinks and eating chips. Perceptionz, Gum and Nenene were playing with Eri and Chiwa in the playground.

'We should do this next weekend,' said Denial. 'It's kind of nice hanging out with a group of girls with no boys other than Nenene.'

'We told you guys we're not here,' called Nenene.

'Hey isn't Moon's family meant to get here soon?' Trinity asked Misophie. 'He's got to have someone else other than Misery.'

'Misericaudia,' Misericaudia called. She was busy working on Wolf-e. 'I told you guys not to call me Misery.'

'Misery,' sang Chiwa and Eri. 'Misery! Misery! Misery!'

The girls laughed. 'You should have just kept your mouth shut,' said Rin Tin. 'Now you've got two toddlers calling you that.'

'Alright girls,' said Cresti. 'Stop teasing my imoutosan.'

Cresti and the rest of Moon's family appeared in front of them still wearing long black cloaks. Misericaudia was the only one wearing the clothes Wisper kept behind.

Rima rushed over to Cresti and threw her arms around him. They both kissed before they walked with Moon's family holding hands.

'Well,' said Azra. 'Whatever turns you on I guess.'

'True that,' said Durie.

'Hey Moon's family,' said Denial.

'What'd you want?' Salva asked getting backhanded by Patri.

'Well I've been wondering and I think everyone else would as well,' she replied. 'You see, on the roster Moon and Fury don't have lasts name and even they don't know so what I'd like to know is - what's your last names?'

Moon's family looked at each other. 'Do we even have a last name?' Mae asked.

'Wait,' said Trinity. 'You guys don't even know?'

'How would we?' Spritus asked. 'We don't actually catch up with people other than Araxs, each other us so how could we know?'

'Wisper has kind of given us a nickname,' said Misericaudia. 'Well she gave it to Moon. She calls him Tsuki Stardust.'

'She only did it coz it sounded cool,' said Misophie.

'Then I guess our last name's Stardust then,' said Cresti. 'What a weird thing to call ourselves.'

'Your names are Latin and you say your last names are weird?' Gum asked. She, Nenene, Perceptionz and the twin girls walked over to them.

'What's "Latin"?' Salva asked.

'Well as a tree we're meant to be full of wisdom and all that when we're old,' Gum explained. 'I'm three. Anyway, the Rose Tree and I share a telepathic way of speaking to each other and the Rose Tree told me about Earth languages.'

'What do our names mean?' Mae asked curiously.

Everyone waited for Gum to reply.

'How would I know?' she asked. 'She just told me that earthlings speak languages and that Moon's family's names are Latin.'

The Stardust's just looked at her annoyed. 'Well you weren't helpful at all,' said Salva.

'Hey who wants a chip?' Rin Tin offered. 'We were going to buy another bag when this one's finished.'

'I'm going to play with my kids,' announced Misophie.

'Mama,' the girls cried when Misophie walked over to them. 'We play now?'

'You two know a lot of words,' said Misophie. 'How old are you?'

'Two!' they sang. 'We two. We two!'

Zada laughed at them. 'They're so cute,' she said. 'You're not spoiling them are you?'

'No,' she replied. 'I'm not.'

'That's good,' said Rin Tin. 'When you spoil a child, the haha becomes the slave.'

'Did your okaasan tell you that?' Durie asked.

'No I made it up,' she replied. 'I might be strong but I'm not dumb.'

Toshmiko turned herself into a swarm of ladybugs and flew over to Chiwa and Eri. The two girls laughed at the swarm running around trying to catch them.

'They're so cute,' said Mae. 'Shame my kids are all grown up.'

'Moon's still only eight,' Zada pointed out. 'Well he'd be nine but he's not grown up yet.'

'Why's Moon such a human cow?' Trinity asked.

'Lack of blood when he died,' Patri replied.

'Ah,' said Denial. 'That makes perfect sense.'

Her phone started ringing. 'Hello,' she said. 'Yeah okay. What? Give me a little bit and I'll have it solved by tomorrow. This evening if you're lucky. Okay bye.'

'Who was that?' Nenene asked.

'Another investigation,' she replied. 'I'll be getting an email with what happened later.'

Her phone beeped. 'Or now,' said Azra.

Azra moved a little before she held up Denial's phone and started reading it. 'Victim drained of blood,' she read. 'No witnesses. Thirtieth time these past six months. Human footprints found near corpse. Long silvery white hair found on body. Ripped to pieces.'

Denial electrocuted her until she let go. 'As an Arax-Lord I can Taser someone just by looking at them,' she explained.

'What did they mean by thirtieth time these past six months? Rima asked.

'Ever since mid-autumn,' Denial explained. 'These people have been found in the streets ripped to pieces and have no blood in them.'

'Don't Night Dwellers do that?' Zada asked.

'They do but they usually don't leave them to be found,' Misophie replied. 'And they don't leave any clues like that. Besides, the Bounty Hunters council would have arrested it after just one kill and yet they haven't.'

'Yeah but here's the part that intrigues me,' said Denial. 'And it'd do the same for any vampire. All Night Dwellers have black hair but this one has silvery white hair.'

'That's true,' said Rima. 'Is the hair just the first time?'

'No every time,' she replied.

'Hey Denial-chan,' said Misophie. 'Were you given this case specifically?'


'And Wisper-neechan's birthday is in mid-autumn and she's been suffering from lack of blood for a little so do you think?'

'They can't be right,' said Zada. 'Wisper-chan doesn't have white hair. It's just a coincidence. It has to be, right guys?'

None of them could look at Zada. It was clear they thought it was true.

'I refuse to believe my best friend's responsible,' she cried. 'Not unless she confesses it, I won't believe it.'

Wolf-e rolled over to them. 'I would like to announce that all Arax-Lords need to attend an Arax hunt tonight,' he said.

'We can't go,' said Patri.

'I've got to study for our year eleven exams,' Trinity said. 'They start in late spring and it's the first month of spring.'

'Shit I should as well,' said Rin Tin.

'I have a funeral to go to,' said Azra.

'I should start studying as well,' said Durie.

'I've got that English assignment to get to,' said Toshmiko.

'Pansies,' said Zada. 'I'll go since I like a good Arax hunt.'

'But they're Grade 5 Araxs,' said Misophie.


'It's been a while since Moon left that room wasn't it?' asked Misophie to Misericaudia and Sara.

Sara was busy baking a cake while Misericaudia brushed Perceptionz hair when she was in human form. Misophie was painting her toenails.

'Yeah,' she said. 'But he needs to recover.'

'I think he's taking advantage of the fact that he's already dead,' said Misophie.

'This year has gone by so slowly,' said Sara. 'I can't believe that it's already spring.'

Tobi walked in. 'And it will be Seth's and Wisper's birthday soon,' she said. 'What do think they want for their birthday?'

'Dunno,' Misophie replied. 'Haha, I'm going out to do some assgnmnets.'

'Who wants to convince Moon to come along?' asked Perceptionz. 'He could do with getting out of the house and not to buy sweets or go to school.'

'Dibs not,' said Tobi.

'Dibs not,' said the others all at once except for Misericaudia.

'Fine,' said Misericaudia. 'I'll go and ask him.' she stood up and went into Wisper's all room.

Moon was drinking Calpis. When he saw his sister walk in, he skulled the rest.

'That'll give you a tummy ache,' she said.

'I'm already dead,' he replied. 'Why can't I waste my life away anyway?' he ate chocolate assortments.

'Because in the last few weeks of summer,' she sat behind him and rested her chin on the top of his head. 'You're destined to be killed by the Dragon's Child. If you had any memory left you would know that.'

'Misericaudia,' said Moon. 'Who and what are we?'

'Vampires that once lived,' she explained. 'But died when Abissus failed to kill Tyranny and Le-Shang was born. You are so lucky that Wisper didn't turn into a vampire.'

'Why's that?'

'She would have turned evil,' she replied. 'If she were to become a vampire like she was supposed to be in the plan. She would kill many vampires and then kill Moon as a result.'

'Why didn't you stop her then?' Moon asked.

'Because I felt sorry for her,' she replied.

'You're trying to convince me to do something aren't you?' he asked. 'You haven't come into this room without a good reason.'

'Want to come for an Arax hunt tonight?'

'If you had asked me before I went into this room,' he smiled. 'I would have come out.'

She gently slapped his forehead then helped him to his feet and they walked out of the room.

When they got back to the others were waiting for them.

'Hey guys,' said Misericaudia cheerfully. 'Nice to see you got here soon. Are you ready for our Arax hunt?'

'Yes we are ready,' said Tobi.

'Where are we going to today Misericaudia?" asked Moon.

'Let's hit the mountains,' she said. 'An Arax was spotted in Micro. It's not far from Iwasaki.'

'Sounds cool to me,' Zada joked.

They laughed before Gum moved them to Micro.

Micro was a large and very busy city. When they arrived though, it was quiet and empty and not just because Araxs were spotted in the area.

'Can you see them?' asked Denial.

'No,' said Misericaudia. 'I can't.'

'Ditto,' said Misophie. 'How about you, Tobi-chan? Can you see anything?'

'Hey, I see something,' said Moon, drinking a strawberry milkshake.

'What?' Zada asked.

'Twenty Grade 5 Araxs coming straight at us,' he replied. 'This is one of those times when we could do with Wisper's help.'

'Stop thinking negative,' said Misophie.

'We'll make it through this. I know we will,' she leaned over to Denial. 'What are our chances of surviving?' she whispered.

'Not very high,' she whispered back.

'Very comforting,' she leaned back. 'We're not going to live unless we get help,' she announced. 'I don't want us all to get false hope.'

Moon leaned over and smacked Misericaudia in the back of the head. 'You don't tell people that when they're about to fight,' he said. 'You really are such an idiot.'

'Sorry but no harm in telling the truth.'

'Can you two stop fighting and keep quiet?' Zada asked. 'I'd like to surprise the Araxs so they can't find us.'

A man in his mid-thirties came running up to them with a wild look in his eye. He stopped right in front of them.

'Run,' he screamed. 'The Araxs are coming. Run. Run. Run!'

He started running past them and around the corner. They heard a horrible scream from the man and they saw several Arax shadows coming from behind.

'Okay guys,' gulped Zada. 'I assume you know what to do, don't you?'

They all nodded and closed their eyes.

'Mrofsnart ot esoohc I,' they chanted.

They stood beside each as more Araxs came towards them. They grabbed their selected weapon and waited for the Araxs to charge.

'Do you think we can take down these Araxs?' Tobi asked.

'We'll work together to take down one at a time,' said Misericaudia. 'That way it'll be easier.'

An Arax charged at them and the Arax-Lord did the same. They tried out Moon's tactic to see if it would work.

The leading Arax jumped at them. Half of them jumped high up in the air and landed on its back before sinking their swords into its back before ripping it out and doing the same over and over again. The other half turned their hands into black ropes and used it to create a shielded from the other Araxs and secure the creature they were trying to kill.

They did the same over and over again to every Arax they came across. Some were easy and could have less to stab to death while others where hard and needed to have more to kill it.

Their battle ended quicker than they expected. Blood was on their clothes, skin and weapons but they were happy they had succeeded without Wisper's help.

'Why was that too easy?' asked Moon. 'I don't recall Grade 5 Araxs being easy to kill.'

'Maybe they're going soft,' suggested Tobi.

'Araxs don't go soft,' said Misericaudia. 'Especially Grade 5 Araxs.'

'You're right,' said Zada. 'We only made them unconscious and they're waking up.'

Sure enough, the Araxs started to get back up. Their wounds were healing and they looked very mean.

'We can't defeat them,' gasped Misericaudia. 'We need to get out of here.'

Scrape - Scrape - Scrape.

'Did you here that?' Moon asked. He looked around to see where the noise was coming from.

'Hear what Moon?' Misophie asked. 'I didn't hear anything except for the sound of those Araxs coming towards us.' They all slowly backed away.

Scrape - Scrape - Scrape.

'I heard that tapping noise,' said Zada.

'We all heard it,' said Misericaudia. 'And it's getting closer.'

The Araxs started to charge at them.

Scrape - Scrape - Scrape.

'It's getting closer,' gasped Moon. 'I hope it isn't dangerous.'

'Reffus ot ouy dnammoc I!'

They turned back to see a build-up of light after those words were shouted. It got bigger and brighter until it exploded and shot out at the Araxs. It killed them on impact.

Everyone turned to see a girl who should be hibernating.

'Wisp-chan?' said Moon. 'Is that you Wisp-chan?'

'There's my cover blown,' she replied.


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