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Spare My Blood: A Killer's Mercy

Novel By: Lady Cataluna

Reath is on the verge of war. It has been eighteen months since Wisper has set foot in Iwasaki and she comes back with a new wardrobe and hairstyle. However, the longer she stays close to what she left behind and what she stayed with the more of her dark secrets are begining to come public.
Wisper is also starting to feel the strain of keeping Risu in the dark on who his biological mother is as well as his father. She also has another secret that's forming within her.
Abissus, now completely obsessed with Wisper's twin Arax-Priests, is making Wisper become more stressed by making her have to constantly keep an eye on them since Abissus will never stop until she's claimed them.
But despite what everyone wants and think, how can you kill someone when killing them is opposite of what you want?
Part three of the Spare My Blood series. View table of contents...


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Never Really Dead

Fang pointed a gun at a tree and open fired on it. The sound of the gun echoed through the tree scattering the birds.

'You're getting better at this mistress,' Wolf-e said. 'Soon you may be as good as Helena.'

'No one can be as good as Helena,' said Fang.

'Affirmative,' he agreed.

Chiwa and Eri were laughing at Fang. 'Puppy play bang-bang,' Chiwa laughed.

'Puppy funny,' giggled Eri.

Misophie balanced her kids on her knees but they were too restless to stay still. 'Kamisama it's stressing when you're on your own with twins,' she said.

Sparrow lifted up Chiwa and placed her on his lap. 'Better?' he asked.

'Yeah,' Misophie nodded. 'Thanks Sparrow-neechan.'

Moon started laughing so hard he was choking on his apple. 'Why do you call him Sparrow-neechan?' he asked.

Valler-Mitsuri and Redman were nearby exchanging stories. Redman laughed at a story Valler-Mitsuri was telling.

'You really like stories don't you?' Valler-Mitsuri asked.

'Ever since I was bitten by this sadistic vampire that I killed after I transformed about two hundred years ago I developed an interest in hearing stories and telling them,' Redman said.

'Didn't have to go into detail you know,' said Fang. 'But it does seem like you're obsessed with stories.'

'I love legends as well,' Redman said. 'I'll tell you the one I like the most. If you want to hear it you'll have to all sit down in front of me so I can tell it.'

Fang, Wolf-e, Valler-Mitsuri, Sparrow, Moon, Chiwa, Eri and Misophie all sat down in front of Redman to hear his story.

'This story comes from both worlds,' Redman said. 'At some point we would have heard of the Bara right?'

'Yeah,' said Sparrow. 'Abissus mentioned it a little while ago and it made Wisper uncomfortable.'

'Well the Bara is an organisation of ten members with someone called the Mentor,' Redman explained. 'The Bara and the leader are destined to make Araxs, vampires and humans co-exist with each other - however humans still won't be aware that vampires exist - but they'll need the help of the Six to make it come true.'

Fang frowned. 'What's "the Six?"' she asked. 'This sounds more like a prophecy than a legend.'

'The Six are six boys born with an idiot for an otousan and a genius for an okaasan,' he continued ignoring half of Fang's comment. 'The Six will be feed by the blood of Kira before they hatch from their cocoons so they possess the power of her. The Six, Bara and the Mentor unite with creatures made by man but born with vampire and Arax in them and can make Reath into a better world.'

Everyone was silent before Fang decided to speak. 'The genius okaasan and half-wit otousan sound like Jeremy and Denial if you think about it,' she said. 'Got any other stories you'd like to tell?'

'I've got one,' Redman replied. 'Never stop on the fiftieth step of the Black gates dorm library.'

'What happens if you stop there?' Valler-Mitsuri asked.

He leaned closer to her. 'A demon comes along and rips out your soul,' he replied.

Wisper appeared hanging from the trees above them. 'Is the reason why no one should stop there is coz of this?' she asked before she held up a handbag.

The handbag was big enough to fit in her palm. It had a rue flower sewn onto it with the background the colour red.

Fang's eyes widened. 'That's the purse belonging to the queen Corvine,' she gasped. 'There's got to be a fair bit of dosh in it. Open it!'

'I'd rather not,' Wisper said.

'Why?' Redman demanded. 'It says that if you open the purse something incredible awaits you.'

'I'm not going to for several reasons,' she said. 'The first; during her reign, Corvine was very cruel and enjoyed being cruel and tortured her servant in horrible ways like sewing them together. Corvine also enjoyed playing cruel booby traps on people.'

'What's that got to do with…?' started Valler-Mitsuri.

'This purse is coloured red,' Wisper continued. 'Red means danger, stay away, keep back, leave me alone and don't enter. This flower is what you'd call rue. In the language of flowers rue means regret. This purse is screaming at you that opening it would probably kill you.'

She turned it over to reveal the back of it was black with dried lilies on it presented in a wreath.

'Dried lilies mean death,' she explained. 'And wreaths are what you are given at funerals.'

'She's a genius,' Moon thought. 'So, have you opened it?' he asked in a worried voice.


'What?' Moon ran under her. 'What happened to you when you opened it?'

'Nothing happened.'

Everyone looked confused. 'How does that work after what you just said?' Misophie asked.

'Everyone opens the purse facing upwards and looks over it to see what's inside,' Wisper replied. 'I stretched my arms out as far as they could go before holding it upside down and then I opened it.'

'Was there anything in there?' Fang asked eagerly.

'It's Reath's rarest seed,' she said. 'It's almost as old as I am and worth a fair bit.'

'What'd you do with it?'

'I ate it.'

Kai appeared with a Reath newspaper before Fang could kill Wisper. 'Seems like Adolf Hitler exists in Reath now,' he said.

'Huh?' Moon teleported next to Kai to read the newspaper. 'Who's Adam Hitter?'

'Adolf Hitler,' corrected Kai. 'That guy was a nutcase who controlled the Nazis which was a German army. There's a guy in Reath who's doing something similar.'

'What's his name?' Valler-Mitsuri asked.

'Roscoe Gravid,' he replied. 'He reckons that Araxs and anyone considered "not normal" should be arrested as quickly like what Hitler did with the Jews and homos, disabled and the gypsies. I've seen his speeches and I have to admit he's very manipulative just like this guy. Roscoe's got over a million "not normal" people in prison.'

'What's "not normal"?' Wisper asked, slightly frightened.

'Almost everything that Hitler arrested people for except for gypsies and Jews,' Kai said. 'He's hunting down odd eyes, hunchbacks, contortionists, birth defected, ambidextrous and anyone who's Arax infected.'

'I can't believe the upcoming storm really does exist,' said Redman. 'I bet you not only are Reath going to burn but the immortal dimension as well.'

Min, Mitsuri, Fujiwara and Charles sat around the fire in the fireplace roasting marshmallows. Elias drank a bottle behind of blood as he sat directly behind Min. The room was pitch black except for the light the fire made.

'When's David going to be back?' Mitsuri asked. 'He's been gone for a week now.'

'I dunno,' Min replied. 'He hasn't called so he'll just come home whenever he's finished working.'

'I can see a mozzie,' said Elias. He watched it fly around in the darkness.

'How do you do that?' Fujiwara asked.

'Night Dwellers can see in the dark,' Min explained. 'I heard that for them it's they can see so well in the dark it's like being in a bright room.'

'Cool,' said Mitsuri. 'I wish I could do that. I wouldn't want to be a Night Dweller though.'

'Night Dwellers also usually don't get that much mature,' said Min. 'Since they remain the same age they'll probably still have the same maturity level of that age.'

'That's not true,' Elias insisted. 'Wisper-neechan said that I talk like someone who's in their late teens.'

'Ugh,' said Charles.

'He says he wishes that Huey was alive,' translated Mitsuri. 'Was Huey a nice boy?'

'I liked him,' Elias replied. 'He was cheeky though but he was very nice especially when otousan was scolding us.'

'I feel sorry that you can't go to school or stay in the same place for very long,' said Min.

'I know that I'll never grow any older than four,' he smiled. 'But I'm happy.'

There was a knock at the door. 'Pizza!' they all cried before Min ran to the door to answer it.

'Gee thanks,' said Min. 'Listen - Papa left his wallet in the back room. I'm not sure where it is. Do you mind helping me out?'

The delivery guy frowned. 'Ah,' he thought about it. 'Yeah sure I'll help.'

While everyone ate the pizza, Elias enjoyed the delivery guy.

'I don't think this was even legal,' said Fujiwara. 'I'm sure there are vampire laws about this.'

'Who misses the delivery guy?' Mitsuri asked.

'Good point,' he took a slice and started eating it. 'We should text the company saying that he's turned in his notice and getting a new job.'

Elias looked up. He had blood running down his chin and on his teeth. 'Why bother?' he asked. 'Like what Mitt said, who misses the delivery guy?'

There was another knock at the door. 'We didn't order anything else, right?' Fujiwara asked.

They then realised who it could be. 'David!' they whispered.

'Who is it?' Min called.

'Min - it's David. I lost my keys. Open the door!'

Everyone scrambled around hiding the corpses of dead delivery boys in Min's room before they cleaned up the mess they made before turning on the light and putting out the fire. David remained banging on the door demanding to be let in.

When Min opened the door, David was ready to tear the door off its hinges. He looked annoyed when she opened the door finally.

'Hey David,' she said cheerfully. 'We were having a pizza. Do you want a slice?'

'I thought I told you that you not to kill people unless I'm home,' David replied. 'I was gone for a week so how many people did you kill while I was away?'


'Why twelve?' he cried. 'You only need to eat someone once a day! Elias needs to learn not to eat people every day. That'll put the wrong message in his head!'

'I drank from bottles that Charles bought,' said Elias.

'Elias,' he crouched down to him. 'The only Night Dwellers you know are Redman, Wisper and Valler-Mitsuri and they all go and kill people but that's because they're older. You need to drink blood from sachets like Batch 7 do.'

'Who's Batch 7?'

Karasu walked in. 'Bad time?' he asked. 'I heard shouting.'

'Just lecturing Min of what's meant to happen when I'm not home,' David replied before he stood up. 'You here to pick them up?'

'No,' he shook his head. 'Shun wanted to know where you live so he can talk to you.'

'About what?'

Shun appeared behind his son. He walked over to David and punched him in the face.

David fell to the ground with a broken nose. 'What the fuck was that for, Shun?' he roared. 'What did I do?'

'Matron ordered me to come here and kill you,' he replied.

'Chichi,' Karasu stepped back. 'You're Matron's Arax-Priest?'

'David should remember when they dumped Charles with my daughter,' Shun explained. 'Matron wanted an exchange. She took me and transformed me. Why? She said that since Kira turned everyone on her haha's side of the family, she shall turn everyone from their chichi's side of the family.'

Charles made a few wails. 'He says that if any of us call for help,' translated Mitsuri. 'The one who comes to save us will easily overpower you.'

Min grabbed Elias and shoved him into the closest room. 'Stay there please,' she begged before closing the door.

Min was picked up and heaved through the house by Shun. She skidded through to the other side of the house and crashed through the wall before she was snapped in half. David tried to run to her only to have Shun slam his foot through his face smashing his skull.

Karasu tried to lead his children out before Shun snatched Mitsuri and snapped her neck. Fujiwara screamed as he watched his sister fall to the ground with part of her spine showing through the skin. He hugged his father's arm and buried his face into his body.

Shun grabbed Karasu and through him into a window. Karasu lay on the ground outside covered in blood. There was glass sticking in his back.

'Papa!' cried Fujiwara.

Charles grabbed Fujiwara and tried to lead the trembling boy away. Shun then grabbed Charles and tried to through him back only for Charles to turn on hand into a sword and chop off his arm. He fell to the ground and jumped back.

Shun reattached his severed arm and appeared in front of Charles. He started to kick him in the face. Charles grabbed his foot and swung him into the wall before dragging him across the floor and smashing him through a window and the door.

Elias opened the door and snuck out while Charles and Shun fought. He had a large hood on, was wearing sunglasses and had gloves on which covered most of his body.

'Let's get out!' he cried.

Fujiwara grabbed his hand and started to run out when a hand wrapped around Elias' neck and threw him back. Shun was behind Fujiwara. Charles lay beside Mitsuri with his neck snapped.

Elias landed outside in a patch of light. He sat up only to have his hood fall off where his exposed skin grew red and boils appeared. Instincts took over and he ran into the dark where he lay trembling and was too frightened to move.

Meanwhile, Fujiwara stepped back as Shun reached for him. He was pressed into the wall and looked up at his relative. Shun grabbed his neck and raised him up into the air.

In his own defence and as a last resort he used the trump card.

'Obasan!' he screamed. 'Help me!'

Shun was suddenly shot in the head by a bullet. He fell back and let go of Fujiwara. Wisper appeared and caught him as he fell.

'Are you alright?' she asked, placing him on the ground. 'Go and help the others. I'll deal with that prick there.'

Fujiwara nodded and ran to help everyone else.

'Shade my love,' said Kira. 'You know we're unable to fight him without hurting it.'

'I know, Kira dear,' said Shade. 'But there's nothing else we can do except us telekinesis and not get close to him.'

'I have an idea,' Kira giggled.

'You don't mean…?'

'Yes I do.'

Wisper pointed her hand at Shun. 'Reffus ot ouy dnammoc I!' she cried.

Shun was blown back and lay face down on the grass. He wasn't dead since he was still breathing but he was knocked out cold.

Wisper planted a foot on his head and rocked it back and forth. 'Serves you right for what you did,' she hissed. 'Thank kamisama Fujiwara is a bit of a useless wimp. I better take you back where you can explain to Matron why you don't have David's head ufu fufu <3.'

David stood behind her. 'Wisper,' he said. 'Thank you.'

She looked at him over her shoulder. 'Humph,' she said. 'I only came coz Fuji sung out to us and Shade cares about him. I don't even like the wuss. He's so useless.'

Fujiwara walked over to Wisper. 'Thank you, obasan,' he said.

'You're welcome,' she said. 'I'm going to take Shun back to Gum where he can explain why he even let Matron turn him since his haha Deidre was already an Arax-Priest.'

'Deidre?' Karasu walked out. 'Misophie said Grandmamma was called Utao.'

'It is,' Grigri appeared next to his son and wrapped his arm around his waist. 'Nice pecks.'

Karasu tried to kick him. 'Are you gay?' he demanded.

'He acts like a paedophile,' David explained. 'He's not really though.'

'Gee Wisper,' said Grigri. 'Hasn't my little girl grown up so much?'

'But she's shrunk,' David pointed out.

'I was talking about her eyes,' he explained. 'You can finally see them.'

Wisper went red and covered them with one hand. She used the other hand to placed Shun over her shoulder.

'I'm going back,' she started up the driveway. 'I have things to do that were interrupted.'

That night, she watched Seth inside a special containment that was helping him heal. Misericaudia was in front of a machine screen that monitored his heartbeat. Atori was injecting liquid into Seth's veins.

'How much longer till he wakes up?' she asked.

'A little bit longer,' Atori replied. 'He's brain dead, strangled, crushed and drowned. This machine is fixing him but you'll have to wait a long time for him to heal.'

'I think it's a waste of time,' Misericaudia replied. 'I don't understand after everything that's happened with you two you still want to help that little prick out.'

'Cresti's your oniisan,' Wisper pointed out. 'Misery, I know who you really are and who Tsuki is and who Abissus is and who Cresti is. I know who Salva, Spiritus, Mae and Patri all are. You all love each other. I love Seth and his other side, Akor. Despite everything, I love them both as my family.'

'Then you wouldn't want to exchange him for the rest of Batch Corpse would you?' Misericaudia asked.

'How would I save them?' she asked.

'Swap his life for theirs,' she explained. 'Just say, I want to switch Seth with Helena, Vespick and Alai. You do that their bodies take form and their back to life.'

Wisper didn't reply. She suddenly plunged her hands into the monitor screen. She grabbed the heart of the machine.

'Evil ot ouy dnammoc I,' she said.

A bright light suddenly engulfed the room. Everyone placed their hands over their eyes to shield themselves. Wisper was engulfed in the light but she kept her hands inside on the heart despite the light stinging her eyes and the electricity flowing through her.

When it died down, Seth bolted up. He gasped as his hand was over his heart. His heartbeat had gone steady.

'What the hell was that?' he demanded.

Atori and Misericaudia then noticed Wisper was gone.

'Heavy…it's so…heavy…'

Vespick gasped and started to choke. He tried to lift his head but he was too weak and couldn't move.

A swirling tunnel of a vortex was where he was in the middle of. The vortex was bright yellow.

'Vespick, is that you?' asked a voice in his head. 'I can't move.'

His body seemed to turn in a circle to let him see who was talking to him.

Alai and Helena were also in the vortex, they also couldn't move were trapped. All three of them wore white robes.

'Helena, Alai,' his thoughts filled their heads. 'How did you find me?'

'We came here when we died,' Alai explained.

'When did you die?'

'Mama ripped me to pieces while in her demon form,' Helena explained.

'Haha killed me from loss of blood,' Alia said.

'At least we're together,' said Vespick. 'But I don't think we'll ever leave.'

'Batch Corpse!'

Their eyes looked down to see Wisper flying up to them. Her hair was silvery white as she flew up to them. Snow white and blood red butterfly wings helped her go to them.

'Mama,' gasped Helena. 'You came for us.'

'It's the responsibility of a parent to fly over and save you then go home and cook dinner,' she replied.

Wisper outstretched her hands to them. She wrapped her arms around them and held them close. She stopped before turning around and started flying down the way she came in.

When they reached the end of the vortex, a bright light was waiting for them. Wisper flew straight into it.

They all lay outside Gum's root path. Wisper's wings were gone and her hair was caramel again. It was dark. The only light was Gum.

'We're back,' gasped Alai. 'Mama you really did save us. Thank you.'

Vespick stood up and walked over to Wisper. He crouched down behind her and wrapped his arms around her.

'No wonder you're one of the only vampires I actually like,' he said. 'Did you bring back my Valler?'

'I exchanged my heart for hers,' she removed his necklace off her neck and held it up to him. 'I kept your treasured stuff safe.'

She took out the ugly doll Alai owned and took out Helena's bow from behind a tree. Helena hugged her bow. Alai untangled her dolls hair.

'Thank you,' they all said.

Karma walked out of her house and started up Gum when she saw them.

Her eyes filled with tears. 'Oh kamisama,' she said. 'I knows youse is never really dies. Youse is comes backs. Youse comes homes. Waits here. I is tells Atori and Valler-Mitsuri youse is okays.'

She ran up the tree root and came back a few minutes later with Atori and Valler-Mitsuri. Karma was holding their hands as she led them down and pointed at where they were.

At first he couldn't believe it. Atori let go of Karma's hand. He sprinted over to Helena with tears in his eyes. He threw his arms around her. Helena fell back a bit. She hugged him back before they kissed each other.

Valler-Mitsuri stood staring at Vespick. She still held Karma's hand as they both stared at each other. Eventually she let go of her hand. They broke ran at each other before Valler-Mitsuri jumped and landed into Vespick's arm. Vespick spun her around before they got down on her knees holding each other. Valler-Mitsuri was crying as Vespick held her in his arms.

'I love your new haircut,' said Vespick.

'Wisper gave me her heart,' she murmured. 'But you're still my heart.'

Valler-Mitsuri kissed him. 'Last time I kissed you was when I was dying,' she said.

Vespick smiled and placed a hand on her cheek. She placed her hand over his and smiled at him.

Kai appeared behind Alai and threw his arms around her. Alai placed her fingers through his before she pressed her back against his chest.

'I never thought of finding you like that,' Kai whispered.

Wisper smiled at their passionate returning. Karma walked over to her and crouched down beside her. She placed her hand over Wisper's and rested her head on her shoulder.

'Youse is going gets good karma soon,' Karma said. 'I hopes it comes soon other sibling.'

'Karma,' Wisper said. 'I want you and Risu to go on a date.'

'Risu and I is nots goes works out,' she said sadly. 'Us wills makes us splits parts whens wars break outs and I is misses him whens that is.'


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