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Spare My Blood: A Killer's Mercy

Novel By: Lady Cataluna

Reath is on the verge of war. It has been eighteen months since Wisper has set foot in Iwasaki and she comes back with a new wardrobe and hairstyle. However, the longer she stays close to what she left behind and what she stayed with the more of her dark secrets are begining to come public.
Wisper is also starting to feel the strain of keeping Risu in the dark on who his biological mother is as well as his father. She also has another secret that's forming within her.
Abissus, now completely obsessed with Wisper's twin Arax-Priests, is making Wisper become more stressed by making her have to constantly keep an eye on them since Abissus will never stop until she's claimed them.
But despite what everyone wants and think, how can you kill someone when killing them is opposite of what you want?
Part three of the Spare My Blood series. View table of contents...


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Arax Claw

'Do you think you can do this?'

Wisper stood in front of Azul. She had taken on her male form and wore the Black gates uniform.

'Azul,' she said. 'You know full well I can't do this.'

'Of course you can,' Azul insisted. 'All you have to do is find that kid and keep him at the school until backup comes and arrests him.'

Azul knew Wisper couldn't take on capturing assignments if it involved harming a vampire. He also knew that the council had taken on a vote to make her do it to "toughen her up" if she didn't already need to be toughened up.

'Why don't you make Sparrow do it?' Wisper asked. 'You never give him any chance to prove he's a good Bounty Hunter and he's your nephew.'

'I know,' he said before he sat down in a chair. 'He's meant to take on the council when I've retired so I can be with my kids and Misophie. But you Wisper, you're the only one that can be the next in line to rule over all the vampires. That's why you have to do more assignments than him.'

'Azul-kun,' she said. 'I know you plan to shut down the council by force if you have to so we pure bloods can have more freedom but until that time you need to give Sparrow more jobs.'

'There's another reason why you have to do it,' Azul sighed. 'See, everyone knows Sparrow's a pure blood Bounty hunter and you're the only one that can take on a perfect disguise coz you're not really…matured.'

She knew what he meant. 'Fine,' she rolled her eyes. 'I'll do it on the condition it's just a one day. I'm not comfortable being surrounded by vampires.'

'You're just like May Catherina,' he said.

'Who the heck is May Catherina?' Wisper asked.

'You know from the immortal dimension urban legend,' he replied. 'Look I'll tell you.'

'No you don't have to,' she persisted.

'May Catherina was a monster in the form of an old woman. Her only friend was her worst enemy who remained by her side when he was in trouble. She often went around aiding vampires who were in need. For this, she was well liked despite her disliking of vampires. One day, a vampire in desire for power wanted to prove he could capture May Catherina so he and his men set forth for her. When they arrived at where she lived, May Catherina was waiting for them. She told them to leave her alone. They ignored her and went to take her. Her friend ran to her aid she but was fatally wounded. As she lay dying, May Catherina turned into a beautiful young girl as her friend mourned for her. The boy kissed her before they died alongside each other. For the boy was her heart while May Catherina was her worst enemy's heart and will to live.'

Wisper couldn't speak after hearing it. 'When was this story invented?' she asked.

'It's been around since vampires have been around,' Azul replied. 'Now get going. With luck, you'll make it to recess.'

Sparrow was surprised to see Wisper sitting the back seat of the classroom he was in. He was even more shocked to see her wearing the uniform.

'You didn't tell me you were going to this school,' he said.

'Last time I checked you're not my friend,' Wisper replied.

'Kira dear that was mean,' said Shade.

'Shade my love I told you before,' Kira snubbed. 'I don't like that boy.'

A young male vampire walked to the teacher's desk at the front of the room. Twenty-five pairs of eyes stared at him.

'I'm Mr Irwell,' he said, writing his name on the board. 'I'm going to be your vampire studies teacher for today.'

Wisper got what he meant. 'Farewell,' she murmured.

He sounded nervous as he spoke. 'I'm going to explain today how vampires came into existence,' he said. 'I'll need you all to copy down what I write.'

There was the sound of students getting out books and opening them to a fresh page. There was the sound of pencil cases being opened and pens or pencils being taken out.

'Vampires have existed in Reath for well over 2000 years,' Mr. Irwell explained. 'The original vampires appeared when the immortal dimension created doorways in Reath. When humans found them the second they entered they and their families transformed into vampires. When the number of vampires grew, the Argitakos, Nemec and Shio family became royals to the vampire race. Despite the three families in power they chose to create the Bounty Hunter council allowing the Shio family - the weakest out of the three - to be in power until they were ready to rule. However, the Argitakos family began to die out as did the Shio family. This made the Nemec family the highest standing family however only one of the children is adequate to take up the kingship and it is known that there are families who would support them if they took up the kingship.'

The class stared at Sparrow when their teacher spoke about his family.

A student raised their hand. 'Sir,' she said. 'Who's the kid that can take up that role?'

'In truth, the real heir was called Freya,' he replied. 'But she died from an unknown cause leaving her eldest imoutosan to take on the throne. That child's name is unknown since she wasn't registered as coming into the world so most people know her as Lady Nemec.'

'Let's wag,' Kira suggested. 'I can't take wearing pants any longer Shade my love.'

'I don't like wearing pants either,' Shade said. 'But you know we don't understand vampires so this might help us out with getting to understand them.'

'We'll move on to how vampires are ranked,' said their teacher. 'Vampires are ranked by how many ancestors who were originals. Crows have all their ancestors that were originals. Shadows have three quarters while the other third were ex-humans. Eclipses have most of their ancestors that were ex-humans. Night Dwellers vary from very little to all to mostly.'

'Shade my love I'm on the verge of making a riot just so we can get out of these fucking pants,' Kira said.

'Kira-sama,' said Desmond. 'Maybe we should …'

'Shut up Desmond,' Kira snarled. 'No one likes you.'

Wisper's eyes glowed violet purple. Mr. Irwell's paper work blew all over the room. Students laughed at him as he tried to get back his work. Sparrow looked over at Wisper to see her right eye was twitching as she was looking at the mess.

'Shade my love,' said Kira. 'Fight it. I know you can resist not cleaning up a mess.'

Shade couldn't take it anymore. Wisper suddenly appeared at the front of the class and grabbed all the paper before she shuffled them into a neat pile on his desk.

She breathed a sigh of relief before going back to her desk. The entire class stared at her. Sparrow frowned as she went back.

'What's your name?' Mr. Irwell asked.

'Shade um…Shio,' she replied.

'Thank you Shio-sama,' he said. 'Let's continue.'

The class couldn't stop staring at Wisper. Wisper felt like she was going red.

'Consider that bad karma Shade my love,' said Kira. 'You're the one who attracted attention to us.'

At the end of class while they waited for the next teacher to come in, the girl's crowded around Wisper's desk.

'You and Sparrow don't look anything alike,' said one girl.

'We're twins but that's all that links us,' Wisper lied.

'You're so much better looking and nicer than Sparrow,' one girl said to suck up.

'He might be the Oni of the Black gates dorm,' said one boy, clearly jealous Wisper was getting so much attention from the girls.

'What's that?' one girl asked.

'Oh great another urban legend,' said Shade.

It was then Denial entered the room. Heaving heard part of the conversation she chose to explain it.

'The Oni of the Black gates dorm is this beautiful oni who lurks in the forest of the school,' she explained. 'He has hair the color of snow and can protect you and solve any question you ask him in exchange for your blood and heart to eat.'

During lunch, Wisper managed to follow Mr. Irwell to his car without being seen by him.

Before he could open the door, Wisper released the safety catch on the gun she was given and pointed it at him.

'I don't want to pull the trigger,' she said. 'So if I were you, I'd wait to be arrested without making it worse.'

He was silent. 'Do you want to know why I'm on the death list?' he asked eventually.


'It's coz I was telling the vampire public the real reason why we live in hell,' he replied.

'What do you mean?' Wisper asked.

'I've been around since before the council was thought of,' he said. 'I'm a Shadow vampire like the students here. The only reason I'm not Crow is coz my Pa turned my Ma into a vampire. I was his son. Lord Roget Reich.'

'You're the last of the Reich family?' Wisper gasped.

'Yeah,' said Roget. 'But I was bitten by a Night Dweller so I will soon lose everything else that makes me the way I am.'

'I'm Night Dweller too,' she said. 'I'm in a pack of me, Elias, Redman and Valler-Mitsuri. You're welcome to join ours.'

'I can't,' he said. 'It was they who sent a Night Dweller to bite me so I can be controlled into not fighting back when they arrest me.'

'Tell me what you were doing that pissed them off and then I'll lower the gun.'

'I found out that us being not free only started happening since the Bounty Hunters council began,' Roget explained. 'I have a friend that's been telling me the shit that they agree on and how vampires are suffering with the laws they create, the taxes we're forced to pay. Life was so much easier when the immortal dimension was ruled by kings and queens.'

'I knew you couldn't trust a woman to do a man's job.'

They both turned around to see a man with a face just like Fang's. He wore an expensive looking suit and had a gun in his hands aimed at them.

'Shouldn't you be wondering how the daughter you ditched on the streets are?' Wisper asked.

'I don't know what you're talking about,' he said.

'Oh look you're embarrassed,' Kira took over to tease him. 'Your face looks like you're getting sunburnt Mr. Sibiu.'

'Kira dear let me borrow your strength and speed,' Shade said. 'Wisper's going to need it coz he's going to shoot!'

'Sure thing, Shade my love,' Kira replied.

Mr. Sibiu lost his temper and fired the gun. Shade took over just as he squeezed the trigger and lifted Roget in her small arms and jumped up to the school roof. She started to run across the roof tiles while holding a man twice her size.

Wisper jumped off the school building and landed on the next one. She stopped when she reached a sunroof. She put Roget down and looked around to find Mr. Sibiu wasn't following them.

'Get in there,' she said. 'He'll never look for you in there. I'll go hide with the school kids.'

'You're a nice boy,' he said as he climbed in until he couldn't go down any further.

Wisper went back to normal wearing her nun clothes. 'I'm actually a chick,' she replied. 'See you.'

'Wisp,' Moon ran over to her when she crossed the building. 'There's this guy here who looks like you and has the same name you use as a disguise.'

'Tsuki,' said Wisper. 'I have to tell you something and it's best to explain it all at once.'

'What's that?'

'Kira dear and I have both agreed that you're really stupid.'

Moon looked shocked. 'I am not stupid,' he protested.

Wisper was silent before her eyes widened and she pointed behind him. 'Look, there's a naked girl over there!' she cried.

'Really?' Moon quickly turned his head to see.

Kira took over and hit him over the head with a frying pan she had. Moon landed on his stomach groaning in pain.

'That doesn't prove anything,' he groaned.

Before Wisper could say anything Roget limped over to them. He had blood all over his shirt and had a large gaping wound that hadn't healed yet and was gushing blood.

'Roget!' Wisper cried, running over to him as he collapsed. 'He found you didn't he?'

Roget struggled to keep his eyes open. 'What is your name?' he gasped.

'My name is Wisper Nemec,' she replied.

'Thank you for your kind heart, Wisper,' he said before he removed something off his neck and placed it in her pocket. 'Take it please. As the only one I can trust I beg of you.'

Wisper quickly covered her eyes with one hand as Roget exploded into dust. She put the other over her heart before putting her fingers on her left shoulder then her right.

'By Kamisama's name,' she said. 'I bid thee farewell and to thy must rest peacefully in Reath but your soul live happily in Aozora. Farewell Roget Reich - the last of the Reich family.'

'You're getting good at following the nun thing,' Moon said.

The bell rang and they went their different ways to get to class. Wisper ran into Sparrow as they climbed up the stairs. The stairway was empty.

'I saw everything,' he exclaimed.

The lights went out suddenly. Sparrow made a wild grab for Wisper fall off the step he was on. Wisper held her hands out to catch him.

Sparrow grabbed her hands so hard it sent Wisper flying over him and both of them tumbling to the bottom of the stairs. There was a sickening sound that filled Sparrow's ears.

When the lights went back on Sparrow lay on Wisper. 'Hey, are you okay Wisper?' Sparrow asked, quickly getting off her.

Wisper looked like she was the brink of tears. 'I'm fine, I just want to go to the toilet,' she started to walk away. Her face had grown pale as she limped off.

Wisper didn't go to the toilets though. She went into an empty hallway and before she collapsed alongside the wall. She pulled up her sleeve and lifted up her dress to look at her arm and leg.

They were both a bluey black. She could make an outline of a bone on her right leg. Wisper knew that when she fell she landed on her arm breaking it. She broke her leg when she lifted her leg up just when Sparrow landed on top of her.

'Why do things always happen to me?' she asked herself as she made sure no one saw what was happening.

'Oh my kamisama Wisper,' Irene ran over to her along with Sonya and Yoruba beside her.

'Irene,' Wisper gasped. 'Sonya-chan. Yoruba-chan. What are you three doing here?'

Sonya helped her up. 'Good thing we did find you,' she helped her over to the others. 'We need to get you to the infirmary.'

'No,' said Wisper. 'I…I don't want anyone from this school to see me.'

'Suppose you're right,' said Yoruba. 'How about we take you to Atori? He'll fix you up and you've only dislocated you're arm. Right?'

'I think so,' she replied before she heard something deadly nearby. 'There's Araxs around here,' she pointed to a certain direction. 'They're coming from over there.'

When she finished talking, a dozen or so Araxs came around the corner. Yoruba and Sonya put Wisper's arms around their necks and tried to start dragging her away while Irene followed to try and keep them at bay.

'Are they Grade 5?' asked Wisper.

'Don't talk,' said Irene. 'We're going to put you somewhere they can't get you and we'll kill them.'

In the end, they placed Wisper just outside the gym and barricaded the gym doors to stop anyone from entering or leaving.

'I'll look after Wisper-chan,' said Sonya to the other two.

A paw of an Arax came out of nowhere and hit Irene, Yoruba and Sonya. They went flying to the opposite wall and crashed into the trophy cabinet before falling unconscious.

The same Arax grabbed Wisper's only good arm and raised it to its face. Wisper knew something really bad was going to happen and she was right.

Everyone in the gym could hear it even if they didn't want to. Some people tried to leave so they themselves could find out who was screaming. They were a bit surprised to find the doors locked.

Fang was in there along with Moon, Jeremy, Denial and Fury. She lead them to the door furthest away from where everyone else was crowded around and ripped the door down.

The first thing they saw was Irene, Yoruba and Sonya lying in glass unconscious. The thing after was Wisper standing near them with her left hand stained in blood. Her right leg was bent backwards. Her right arm - which you could see was dislocated - was covering her left eye.

An Arax with wings flew beside her. It grabbed her in one of its front claw. Irene with the other and Sonya and Yoruba with its teeth.

The Arax flew away with them out of an open window

'You know,' said Fang. 'I'm beginning to see a pattern in the shit that goes down. Who's going after them?'

'Beats sport,' said Denial.

'I'm in,' said Jeremy.

'Hate paddleball anyway,' Fury said. 'Not much point in it.'

'Oi Moon-face,' Fang said. 'Want to help us save my buddy?'

'I was going anyway,' he grabbed onto a piece of clothing they were wearing and teleported out of Black gates academy.


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