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Spare My Blood: A Killer's Mercy

Novel By: Lady Cataluna

Reath is on the verge of war. It has been eighteen months since Wisper has set foot in Iwasaki and she comes back with a new wardrobe and hairstyle. However, the longer she stays close to what she left behind and what she stayed with the more of her dark secrets are begining to come public.
Wisper is also starting to feel the strain of keeping Risu in the dark on who his biological mother is as well as his father. She also has another secret that's forming within her.
Abissus, now completely obsessed with Wisper's twin Arax-Priests, is making Wisper become more stressed by making her have to constantly keep an eye on them since Abissus will never stop until she's claimed them.
But despite what everyone wants and think, how can you kill someone when killing them is opposite of what you want?
Part three of the Spare My Blood series. View table of contents...


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La Vie En Rose

Cordelia and Grigri stood beside each other at the funeral party of Lauren and Oscar. There were a lot of people that had attended the funeral but they were looking for three.

'Have you seen them yet?' Cordelia asked.

'What a lot of good looking young women here,' Grigri said. 'It's so hard to find children when one's so easily distracted by young ladies who feel the need to expose so much of their skin around the chest region.'

'Honestly if you're like this with our kids…' she scoffed.

'But really,' he murmured. 'A lot of the girls here aren't even wearing bras.'

Cordelia rolled her eyes and looked out to see a balcony and a small girl wearing a white short-sleeved dress singing.

'There are no tarts

No macaroons either

But we do have dried-up bread!

There's no prince on white horses

No knights either

Not even a king!

But…we have a lover!


The good thing is, you are not alone

So, stop crying like a baby!

Rose-coloured life!

La Vie En Rose!

La Vie En Rose!

Cordelia gasped. She grabbed Grigri's arm and lead him out to the balcony.

Wisper stood singing to herself as she looked out over the balcony. The balcony was made of white marble with a large green hedge with white roses growing in front of it. The view was of a fast flowing river and a forest by the water's edge. The moon was out and the stars were bright.

She looked over her shoulders before turning around. 'You…' she pointed at Cordelia. 'Your face is just like mine!'

Cordelia crouched down in front of Wisper. 'Sweet love,' she said softly. 'It's me - Maman,' she nodded to Grigri. 'This here is your Papen.'

'Are you a boy or a girl?' Grigri suddenly asked. 'You look feminine but something about you seems like a boy.'

Wisper started to answer only to realise despite being five she had in fact no idea what gender she was.

'I'm uh…' she started.

'Hang on I'll check.'

Before Cordelia or Wisper could do anything, Grigri grabbed Wisper's dress and lifted it up before he pulled down her knickers. Wisper, in shock, fell over.

Grigri stepped back till he was next to Cordelia. It was then Wisper realised she was not anatomically correct.

'Um…what a pretty girl!' announced Cordelia. 'I knew Wisper was a girl's name.'

'Don't listen to your okaasan,' ordered Grigri. 'She's a bit drunk and can't see that you're a boy and that Wisper is the name you give to a boy.'

'Now how can she be a boy when she's clearly a girl?' she demanded.

'His growth spurt hasn't come yet due to…birth trauma,' he diagnosed. 'Don't worry sonny, at times we boys can be late bloomers on rare occasions.'

'Shade my love,' said Kira. 'I think they're stark raving mad.'

'I'm not going to argue with the, Kira dear,' said Shade. 'The least they could do is quit gawking at us.'

Wisper stopped making her private parts public. Cordelia saw something attached to her wrist. 'Is that a hospital tag?' she asked grabbing her daughter's arm and lifting it up to see.

'Aramco mental hospital,' she read. 'Oh sweet love…'

Wisper removed her hand out of her mother's grasp. 'They,' she said coldly as Kira took over, 'had planned to send me to that place after they tried to drown me in a vat of blood and kill themselves! After you left, Cordelia, we went off to find Azul and when we got to the Shio mansion, a doctor from the asylum was there and got me registered at that place. After the register was this fucking funeral which I was allowed to go and when it's over a nurse is going to take me there!'

'Sweet love,' said Cordelia. 'I didn't know they were going to send you to the nuthouse.'

'How would you?' she asked. 'And don't call me sweet love, Cordelia! You're only calling me that because that's what you used to call Freya!'

A young woman walked over to them. She walked past Grigri and Cordelia and crouched down in front of Wisper.

'Sweetie,' she said in a soft voice. 'It's time for you to go.'

Wisper looked at her parents. 'I'm ready to go,' she said.

She held her hand out to Wisper. Wisper reached to take when Grigri stepped in and grabbed the nurse's wrist.

'I want him to think about it before going,' he cried before turning to his daughter. 'Wisper - you can stay and live with us if you want. You don't have to go.'

Wisper looked at the nurse then at her parents before the nurse again.

'Shade my love,' said Kira. 'I hate those two people for what they did for us.'

'I am not too fond of them either,' replied Shade. 'I think leaving will teach them a needed lesson about what happens if you think it's okay to neglect your children.'

'I'm going,' announced Wisper. 'Maybe this'll teach youse!'

She started walking back into the party. Grigri released the woman who ran to keep up with Wisper.

Wisper stopped and looked back over her shoulder. 'Ufu fufu <3,' she said.

Siesta was thinking about her childhood while she was mopping the Playhouse. Averill was dusting some furniture in the same room.

'Why this is called the Playhouse?' she asked. 'This is more of a small wooden house you read about in legends.'

'It was used during the Reath Revolution,' Averill replied. 'I was forced to hide here to make it seem like I was dead. This place was actually built for Risu to be raised in. I wish I could have seen him before he took on his Arax form.'

'Wisp said Risu is very cute in his real form,' Siesta said.

'All okaasan's say that about their kids,' she pointed out.

There was a knock at the front door. 'That's weird,' Averill said. 'No one knocks on the door. I didn't even know people could get up here.'

'Whoever it is knows we live on top of Xenon castle,' said Siesta. 'I don't want to answer it.'

'Siesta Cobol, we need to talk.'

'You're in trouble,' her friend whispered. 'I'm sure you'll be fine.'

With trembling hands, Siesta opened the door. Risu was by himself on the front porch. He held a piece of paper.

'Can you close the door please?' he asked. 'What I have to say needs to be said in private.'

'I'd rather not,' Siesta said. 'I'll close the door but for my own safety I'm not leaving the porch.' She closed the door. They sat down on the front steps staring up at the cloudy sky.

'Have you ever heard of the King's Crown?' Risu asked.

'I heard it,' Siesta replied. 'There's a festival there that's celebrated every full moon called - what's it called? Marblier that's it. You need to get a special invitation there just to get in. I've always wanted to go and so did Wisp while we were growing up.'

Risu passed her the piece of paper which turned out to be an envelope. Siesta opened it to find a letter with fancy silver writing on it and had a black crown stamped on the top.

'This is an invitation to King's Crown,' Siesta gasped. 'Are you giving it to me or just showing off?'

'I'm giving it to you to do me a favour,' Risu explained. 'See, this full moon, Abissus is claim her "bridegroom". She plans to send herself and the unlucky boy she's picked to King's Crown to get what she wants.'

'And what's that?' she asked.

'I don't know,' he replied. 'But I need you to go there coz I need you to deliver something to Wisper.'

'What do you want to give her?' she asked. 'What makes you think she'll be there? Why can't you do it yourself?'

'Firstly,' he snapped. 'I can't go coz I don't like festivals. Secondly, I know she's going to be there coz Abissus' is going to take someone she cares about so she'll try to save them and thirdly…'

Risu removed the ring he always wore. He lifted up Siesta's left hand and placed the ring on her ring finger.

'That ring belonged to a woman called Maman,' he said. 'I think she's dead coz she promised to save me when I was in trouble but she never comes. It's time I stop believing and face the truth that Maman is gone. Wisper is like Maman so please give her this ring.'

Siesta stared at the ring, Risu put around her finger. She got up and went back inside before she came back out with a gift for him she had behind her back.

'I found it,' she explained. 'I think it was meant for you.'

What Siesta held was a long black trench coat. There were two deep pockets on each side. Two buttons were on the end of the long sleeves. When Risu put it on, it reached his knees.

'I know this jacket,' he said. 'I saw him wear it when he hid me and Maman.'

Sparrow couldn't concentrate as he did his work. He couldn't stop staring at an object he found on the floor earlier that fell out of Wisper's pocket.

'So this is the Reich crest,' he thought. 'It's very weird but then again, the Crow vampire symbol is a wilted rose trapped in a diamond Wisper carries around since she's the only heir to the immortal dimension.'

The Reich crest was part of an Arax tooth. It was smooth, polished and white and only as thick as the palm of his hand. It was around the size of Wisper's palm and attached to a chain. A bloomed rose was carved into it on one side. On the other was a carving of an eye.

At the end of class, David appeared. 'Wisper's missing and we're going to find her,' he announced, grabbing Sparrow's wrist and dragging him out.

'Hey let me go!' Sparrow cried before he fell backwards.

He didn't stop walking though. He continued to drag him out of the school grounds by holding onto his wrist.

'You're 'bout to dislocate me arm,' Sparrow groaned.

David stopped only to switch arms before walking again. By the time they got back to Gum David dragged every limb of Sparrow's. Min, Misophie, Mitsuri, Fujiwara, Elias, Charles, Perceptionz, Nenene, Valler-Mitsuri and Redman were waiting for them in the house.

'That's a bit cruel,' Misophie said. 'You could have walked him there instead of drag him by the leg.'

David dropped Sparrow's leg. Sparrow groaned before he sat up rubbing his head. 'Why drag belly-first?' he moaned.

'Shut up and sit,' David replied. 'What's that?'

They all saw Sparrow wearing the Reich crest. Sparrow took it off and put it on the table everyone was sitting around.

'Some random gave this to Wisper before he died,' Sparrow explained. 'Apparently it's the Reich crest.'

Valler-Mitsuri picked up the crest to examine it. 'Seems the Reich family hasn't died out yet,' she said. 'I have to admit it must have been a bit sudden though.'

'What do you mean by that?' Redman said.

'The last of the Reich family was this dude called Roget,' Misophie said. 'He was a bachelor until today.'

'What does that mean?' Fujiwara asked in a low voice. He went red when everyone stared at him.

'I guess Roget didn't want his family to die out,' Misophie explained. 'He married Wisper before he died.'

'What?!' David cried. 'You mean to say that Roget decided to marry Wisper to him?!'

'Well Crow vampire marriages are slightly different from normal marriages,' Redman pointed out. 'The head of the Crow vampire family keeps the crest until they marry where they give the crest to the one they marry. Then the wife or husband keeps the crest until they die where they pass it on to the next head.'

'So Roget married obasan?' Mitsuri asked. 'If he did - then that's kind of clever.'

'Can we talk about the biggest problem?' Perceptionz asked in a worried voice. 'My babies are missing and I want them to be found as soon as possible.'

'Who're they?' Elias asked. 'I thought we were looking for…'

'Her "babies" are Fang and Wisper,' Nenene said. 'They're like Perceptionz children since she looks after them.'

'Don't rub it in, love,' Perceptionz said. 'I'm really gutted that they're missing. Whoever can find them I'm forever in their debt.'

'I can easily find them,' Redman said. 'But I'm too scared to go outside after what happened with Shun.'

Misophie gave him a pat on the back. 'Won't happen again,' she said in a soft voice.

'So who else is gone?' Redman asked.

'Wisper, Fang, Irene, Sonya, Yoruba, Jeremy, Denial, Fury and Moon,' David said.

Misericaudia appeared with Wolf-e next to her. 'Did you just say that Fury and ojisan are missing?' she asked. 'That's terrible shit to know. What on Reath happened?'

Moon was following the Arax that took the four girls hostage while holding onto his friends.

'Stop Moon-face,' Fang said. 'I'm gonna get jetlag if you keep going.'

'Where're not on a jet,' Moon replied. 'What the heck are you on about?'

'What is jetlag anyway?' Jeremy asked. 'And how do you feel like a jet?'

Denial, Fury and Fang exchanged glances. They all knew what the other was thinking.

'Dumb assess.'

Fang forced herself out of Moon's grip. She accidently tore off part of her shirt exposing a part of her cleavage. Fury went red and looked away. Denial electrocuted Moon and Jeremy so they would stop and wouldn't look.

She shrugged off and turned into a wolf. Fang started running full speed at the Arax. It wasn't long before she was right underneath The Arax looked down at her and decided to fly off a cliff.

Blood red and snow white butterfly wings burst out of her back as she jumped off the cliff. Her wings glided through the wind strong current and she soon caught up with the Arax.

Fang saw that Wisper was the only one awake but had the Arax's left arm wrapped across one shoulder. Irene was in the same position as Wisper. Sonya and Yoruba were in the Araxs teeth.

'Gotcha!' she turned back and grabbed onto Wisper's waist.

'Fang,' thought Wisper. 'That really hurts. Let me go.'

'Not a chance,' Fang started to pry open the Araxs fingers when she saw things hadn't seen before.

Wisper's left arm had been chewed on in several areas. The Arax that held them was one of its claws. It didn't take her long to realise where the claw was.


The Arax kicked Fang so hard she started falling back. Her wins picked up the currents stopping her from falling. She turned around and went back to where everyone was waiting for her by the cliff. Moon and Jeremy had blindfolds on that Denial made them wear.

'Her eye,' Fang moaned before she suddenly threw up.

Denial stepped back so it wouldn't get on her shoes. 'What about whose eye?' she asked.

'Wisper has an Arax claw in her eye,' she cried. 'I thought I'd never be squeamish but was just sick.'

'Where the hell do you think it's taking them?' Fury asked. 'In fact - where the fuck are we?'

'I think we're by the Riverboat Lake,' said Denial. 'I went here five years ago and I faintly remember the scenery.'

'That's nice,' Jeremy said before he walked into a tree. 'Can I take the blindfold off now?'

'Not until Fang covers up that area,' she replied. 'Or we can resort to shock therapy. Which will you choose coz I hope it'll be the second option.'

Fury took off his shirt and passed it to Fang. Fang went behind a tree and swapped her shirt for his.

'Oh and Fang,' Fury called.


'Give me back the money you nicked off me.'

Fang sighed. 'I'm losing me touch,' she said. 'I'll give it to you on the condition that you tell me what the fucking hell is wrong with Wisper.'

'What's wrong with Wisp?' Moon asked. 'Part from the shit that happened to her just now.'

'What the hell are you on 'bout Fang?' Fury asked.

Fang walked over to Fury. 'Don't push it to bullshit, mate,' she snarled. 'I overheard you and Rima talking about some shit that's wrong with Wisper. Then later on I found Wisper's box of tampons that still had the wrapping on it. I bought that box for her last month so tell me - what the fuck is wrong with Wisper?!' Her angry voice scared the birds.

'I can't tell you alright!' he cried. 'Rima found out accidently and I was the first person who ran into her because I was in the house. She blurted it out when Irene came along and it turns out she knows the truth as well but she made us not tell since it'll upset Wisper! Is that a good enough reason not to tell you?'

Everyone was silent. 'No,' Fang said finally. 'Now tell us.'

'You can kill me because I'm not going to tell.'

'Hey let's stop arguing and go after them!' Moon cried.

'Why should you? I feel like playing a fun game ufu fufu <3.'

They looked up to see an Arax above hovering above them. Its wings beat so hard the trees swayed behind it.

The Arax then turned into Abissus. 'It's Friday,' she giggled. 'I prefer to play games than kill on Friday s.'

The Riverboat Lake's silence was filled with screams and the frightened birds. The water was stained in blood as Abissus turned into an Arax and carried their badly injured bodies.

'Shade my love,' said Kira. 'I still can't believe what the heck just happened to Wisper.'

'Kira dear,' Shade said in a slow voice. 'I am sorry for kicking Abissus in the hand. I didn't know her claw would snap off and get me in the eye.'

Kira, Shade and Desmond were inside a cliff cave. They could smell the salt air in the cave. There were barnacles around them and seaweed.

'I forgive you,' Kira wrapped her arms around Shade.

'I forgive you too,' Desmond said.

'Shut up Desmond,' Kira snapped. 'No one likes you.'

'Kira dear that was mean,' Shade said. 'You can be nice to Desmond love sometimes.'

'You gave Desmond a more affectionate nickname than the one you have for me,' she complained. 'That's not fair!'

'I'll call you Kira my dear love if you want.'

'Nah,' she shook her head. 'You know I actually wish that our right eye was stabbed.'

'Why would you think that?'

'Shade my love have you ever noticed that when you see a mess or something untidy Wisper's right eye always starts to twitch,' Kira explained. 'When…'

Kira vanished before she finished.

'I never thought Kira-sama would run off,' said Desmond.

'She doesn't, Desmond love,' Shade said. 'Kira dear always finishes what she has to say and she always announces that she's going to leave. Besides, I'd say that Abissus is near us.'

'How would you know that Shade my love?'

'Kira dear always disappears whenever Abissus is nearby.'

Misophie and Azul were playing with their daughters inside the Shio Manor. They both held one of their daughters and threw them up in the air a little before catching them.

'Do you know what our kid's future is going to be like,' Azul asked.

'I do,' Misophie replied. 'Top secret about what'll happen to them.'

'Tell me,' he insisted.

'You might be bigger but I'm not going to tell,' she sounded a little upset.

'What happens to them?' he asked suspiciously.

'It's not that,' Misophie said. 'It's just that I remember what I saw recently.'

'Show me.'

Misophie held Eri in one arm while she placed the other on Azul's shoulder.

And they saw…

A nun stood in front of a large mirror. She was staring at text messages Misophie had sent to Wisper.

'Love you, Wisper-neechan,' she read.

The phone fell to the floor. The nun looked up at her reflection. Her breathing went heavy as she lifted up her fist to the mirror with an enraged look on her face.

There was the sound of the mirror breaking before the sound of the nun screaming.

The nun was crouched down in a pile of broken glass. She was screaming and wailing as tears fell onto the glass around her. She looked up at her cracked reflection before she pressed her hand against it slicing open her hand.

'When you committed suicide my imoutosan Misophie,' she sobbed. 'My will to live died with you.'

Azul was horrified at the vision. He stepped away from her shaking in terror.

'You're destined to commit suicide?' he asked. 'You can't do that! There has to be a way to stop it.'

'There's no way I can stop it,' Misophie cried. 'I'm going to die and there's nothing I can do to change my future. I can only see it. Never change it. But I can make it done in my own way.'


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