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Spare My Blood: Please don't kill me

Novel By: Lady Cataluna

Wisper has been through a lot the past few months and now has more problems to worry about such as the rude and annoying clones Batch 7 and the childish third queen Abissus who believes Wisper wants to kill her. But after an accident with Sparrow she herself starts to have visions of a terrible truth which may tear up her relationship with her family and her beloved little sister Misophie who us clearly hiding something.
Meanwhile, the accident Sparrow was involved in is making him start to see glimpes of his own forgotten past.
But now Sparrow has to make sense of his growing feelings for someone his best friend fancies.
And he has to ask himself this: Can you develop romantic feelings for someone when you were the one who ruined their life? And if so, could they love you back?
Part two and the sequal to the second book. View table of contents...


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We saw her there. She was on her knees with her back to us. Her long red hair was almost a metre behind her. She wore a ruffled white dress.

My darling love Kira and I feel pity on this woman but we've a problem as to why we feel pity on her.

'Please my niece,' she said. 'Forgive me. Forgive me.'

'What the hell is she talking about?' Kira asked.

I didn't reply to her. I had no clue what she was on about as well.

'Forgive me, please,' she said again. 'I beg of you.'

'Forgive me please.'

We turned to see a man with short red hair wearing a white suit. He was on his knees with his back turned to us.

'Forgive us for our sins,' they pleaded. 'Please forgive us.'

Kira was getting angry. 'Will you shut up already?' she cried.

They vanished and Freya appeared in front of us. Freya, one of the half-bloods and the eldest of the Nemec Argitakos clan. She wore the ruffled collar with a black rose that covered the puffy parts of her sleeves. She had a dark purple dress with a wrap top and long and puffy sleeves. The skirt was below the knee and she wore high dark purple laced-up boots.

'You really have forgotten them haven't you my imoutosan,' she said before giggling. 'But I shall never forget. Nor shall we ever forget what you two did to me in the Reath Revolution.'

I was the one that had tried to help Freya but her insanity, her pursing and her arrogance had gotten in the way.

'It won't be long now my imoutosan,' she mocked. 'Soon, it will be you two that will not have a body and I will have yours. I shall take your body and become the queen of vampires. All of the future you could have had will be mine!'


Truth be Told

The bus was slow through the towns. Sonya enjoyed having talks with everyone as they drove. The Katarina girls, Denial and Yoruba were given permission from Azul to play with his daughters, Chiwa and Eri. Fang lay in the back row seats.

'How long will it be til Fang wakes up?' asked Misericaudia. She had managed to talk her way into being allowed onto the bus even after her family had gone.

'Soon,' replied Atori. 'Why'd you insist on coming anyway? You're not exiled.'

'I am now,' she smiled. 'I told everyone I'm exiled and then I left.'

Vespick shook his head. 'Pitiful and typical of vampires,' he said coldly. 'It goes the same for humans.'

'Oniisan,' said Helena. 'Do you insist on acting so hostile to humans and vampires?'

'You should let people be who they are,' Alai pointed out. 'You can't change the way a person is if they don't want to. It just isn't right.'

Helena shook her head and walked to the other side of the bus. 'Coming Atori?' she asked.

Atori followed her. 'Where do you think my itoko is?'

Denial spoke up. 'I don't know her but from what Fang said,' she said. 'Wisper always tries to go somewhere she feels safe. And where would that safe place be?'

'Gum?' asked Moon.

'Buts Gum rights there,' said Karma pointing to her. 'She not here so where she goes next?'

'I'll check if she hasn't gone home yet,' said Gum placing both hands into her hair. She took them back out. 'Nope, can't find her in there.'

Azra appeared next to Gum and placed her hand into Gum's hair. She was instantly sucked into her hair.

'Well,' said Perceptionz. 'You don't see that every day.'

Rin Tin ran over to Gum. She picked her up by the ankles and started shaking her to let her out.

A wok fell out of her hair before a pillow, a cutlery set, a scythe, a bag full of jewellery and wallets and a suitcase. Gum remained still with her arms folded

'She's not going to come out until she leaves the front door,' Gum pointed out. 'Honestly, everyone insists on being too curious don't they?'

Rin Tin put her back on the ground. 'Sorry,' she said. 'Hey Trinity-chan, think you can help her find out?'

'I'll do it,' said Toshmiko turning herself into a dragonfly and flew into Gum's hair.

Nenene started to count down. 'Three - two - one.'

Toshmiko flew out of her hair slightly dazed. 'I thought that would have worked,' she said turning back into a human.

Perceptionz rolled her eyes and shoved her and Nenene's hands into Gum. They came back out with a shocked yet unharmed Azra.

'That felt like I'd just walked into Gum,' she said sitting down on an empty seat. 'It even had the trees outside.'

'I'm not a normal tree Azra,' said Gum. 'I am very similar to the Dragon's Child in a way. Oh shit.'

'What are you Gum?' Denial asked.

They all waited for an answer.

'I don't know,' Gum said finally. 'I was a seed created in Le-Shang before planted in the immortal dimension yet I got my first drink from waters in Reath.'

'So you're like the famous Rose Tree?' asked Jeremy.

She nodded. 'My twin,' she said.

'Does the Rose Tree do the same as you?' Sparrow asked.

'You don't know that much about Reath urban legends,' said Fury. 'The Rose Tree actually grows roses of every colour. It has no gender and its roses wilt when they're picked. It never pollenates but since it grows by a river, petals fall from it when a living thing is near.'

'It also has impenetrable bark and twigs,' continued Atori. 'The twigs and bark remains on the tree no matter what you do. However a hooded man with a red and purple eye emerged from the tree's core breaking a long thin twig off it.'

'Then the twig turned into the diamond spear when it touched the water. The hooded man took it to find it's the few things that can kill you in the immortal dimension.'

'What are the other things?' asked Yoruba.

'For Araxs there are Arax-Lords and Arax-Priests,' said Zada. 'But for the rest of us, Arax-Lord queens.'

'Least Wisper-chan won't hurt us when she's not Kira,' said Durie.

'True,' said Toshmiko.

'Hey guys,' said Sonya. 'I'm going to put this ting in auto driver. It gets jittery for a second but after that it'll be fine.'

'How that works?' asked Karma.

'Modified the bus,' said Trinity. 'This thing doesn't need fuel anymore and the bus is indestructible meaning nothing can wreck this thing.'

Sonya walked over to them. 'Do you guys feel like doing something for the next four hours?' she asked.

'Let's play truth or dare,' suggested Rin Tin.

'Sparrow,' said Mitsuri. 'What's that sign say?' She pointed to a sign at the front of the bus that said no smoking.

'Can't you see it very well?' Min asked.

'No I um,' Mitsuri went red. 'I can't read.'

'How can you not know how to read?' Sparrow asked. 'You are nine aren't you?'

'Fuji-niisan can't tie his shoes,' said Mitsuri. 'And I can write down the alphabet and my name and labels but anything else I can't spell.'

'So you can spell cat but nothing like "through" or "about"?' asked Min.

Mitsuri shook her head.

'Don't your parents help you with tying your shoes and reading and writing?' asked Sparrow.

'They don't know,' said Fujiwara sheepishly.

'I thought everyone could read at that age,' Sparrow said in a low voice. 'That's so terrible that they can't read.'

'Who can't do those things?' asked Rin Tin.

Misericaudia pointed to Fujiwara and Mitsuri.

'I look fifteen I'm six,' she said. 'But that's because only an Arax-Lord can be no younger than fifteen.'

'No one's perfect,' said Denial. 'I ran away from my parents and I'm probably the only person that can burn boiled eggs. Sparrow's an orphan and acts more like a girl than a boy.'

'Hey,' said Sparrow.

'Wells youse does,' said Karma. 'Kids, I is nots able to is talks rights.'

'Why don't we confess on things that our parents did?' suggested Sonya. 'I actually hated working at the Yummy Star when I was a teen.'

Trinity went next. 'I haven't read a fiction book since I was five since my parents were obsessed with making me study,' she said.

'Wow that's kind of sad,' said Azra.' Anyway, my parents are forcing me to waste the summer hols by playing sport.'

'Shit,' said Durie. 'My parents are always going to places without telling me so I'm alone a lot of the time.'

'I don't know what happened to my parents,' said Nenene. 'I was bought and taken away to be with Wisper.'

'Same goes for me,' said Perceptionz.

'Trees don't have parents,' said Gum.

'My parents don't even want me around,' said Moon.

'They didn't care I left them,' said Misericaudia.

'Mine are critical of me when we hang out because they think you're a bad influence,' said Toshmiko.

'My rents think I'm a dunce for some reason,' said Jeremy. 'Oh look a fly.'

'Where?' Moon asked. 'Ooh something shiny.'

'And they've a short attention span coz they're dumb,' said Denial to Fujiwara and Mitsuri.

'I too was exiled,' said Fury.

'I had no relationship with my children,' David said.

'And I was dumped on the streets,' Fang walked over to them wide awake. But during her sleep she had changed.

'Fang,' said Denial. 'You look different.'

'What's wrong?' she asked, her voice reminded them of a puppy's yap.

Fang's eyes were no longer hazel but instead crystal blue. Her hair had white streaks flowing through it. Her ears also moved to the side of her head and had white fur around the edges.

'You look like a grey wolf,' said Kai.

She ran towards the front window. 'Holy shit!' she cried making the bus swerve around. 'Me face! Me fucking face!'

'Guess you're not used to your telekinesis,' said Min. 'When you become an Arax-Priest, your appearance changes.'

'What changed about you?' Helena asked.

'I have gold eyes,' Min pointed out. 'Plus I'm now five foot two and my hair is dark purple.'

'Humans don't change very much,' David said. 'For Crows, it is an entire appearance change sometimes like for me.'

'Why doesn't Wisper-chan does that instead of turn people into Arax-Priests?' Sparrow asked.

'Priests have to serve their master,' David explained. 'Lords do not. That's why they're called Lords. The legends are true so you should listen to them.'

'Cut me friend some slack,' Fang said. ''e ain't get this sorta shit coz 'e ain't brought up right.'

'She's right,' Azul said, standing up. 'I was always away so I couldn't teach him how to live his life right. He was given so many tutors and became an intelligent boy but because of an extremely horrible memory, he never left the grounds of the Shio Manor so poor Sparrow doesn't understand the world. It makes it worse half of his memories are gone.'

'Which is why he's got depression,' Atori spoke up.

Fang turned to Sparrow. 'He ain't telling the truth is he?'

Sparrow rolled up his jacket sleeve to reveal he had so little skin on his bones and there was dried blood from constantly cutting his wrists.

'I have depression,' he said. 'I rarely eat. I cut my wrists. I'm always taking drug overdoses and think about suicide.'

Fang covered her hands with her mouth. Her eyes brimmed with tears before she slapped Sparrow.

Sparrow fell back in a chair before Fang picked him up and embraced him. He could hear her crying.

'Idiot,' she sobbed. 'Naïve fucking idiot. Ya thirty-two which is twice me age. I always 'ave ta look after ya but ya why ain't ya tell me sooner. 'e could have worked through it together. I wasn't going to be mad. Ya shoulda told me sooner. Ya ta be me otoutosan in a way. I only keep me real name from ya but apart from that I ain't ever keep anything from ya. Don't do it ta me, okay?'

'Alright Fang-chan,' Sparrow hugged her back.

'That is kinds of sweets,' Karma said. 'They is has good aura rounds them.'

'Why are you even called Karma?' asked Perceptionz coldly.

'I is say karma as first words,' she said. 'The places I created in says first words I says is names.'

'How'd you escape?' Kai asked.

'I is pretends dies,' Karma replied. 'They is kills every von in Batch Corpse but I is live when shot in heads. I is only lives coz I has more power than little siblings.'

'Gee,' said Perceptionz. 'Sad story. A tear just ran down my face.'

'Why don't you like Karma?' Zada asked.

'Me hate the clone?' Perceptionz asked. 'What nonsense. I've never heard anything so ridiculous.'

'Then why don't you say her name?'

Perceptionz glared at her. 'Karma,' she said icily.

'Okay,' said Nenene. 'Perceptionz, I think you two need to spend a whole day getting to know each other better.'

'I'll only do it for you Nenene,' she said sweetly.

Moon's stomach growled loudly. 'Sorry,' he said. 'I'm starving. It seems we're out of food.'

'I don't think hobo stomachs growl that loudly,' said Yoruba. 'Anyway, how far is it till we're back in Iwasaki?'

'Just give it ten minutes,' said Sonya. 'Then we're home.'

'Hey what are you kids going to do when they get home?' Misericaudia asked.

'Studying,' said Trinity.

'Exercise,' said Azra.

'Constructing,' said Durie.

'Weight training,' said Rin Tin.

'Bug catching,' said Toshmiko.

'I have cases to solve,' said Denial.

'Going to look for a job,' said Jeremy.

'Setting a place up with you Misericaudia,' said Fury.

Misericaudia's face went red. 'I'd just like to stay in a dorm near yours,' she said.

'Do you have a nickname Misericaudia?' asked Denial. 'You know like Misery?'

'Misericaudia,' she said stubbornly. 'Only my family and Fury can call me Misery. Moon-niisan - you don't count.'

'Isn't your relationship with Fury kind of incest?' asked Azra. 'You are related to each other aren't you?'

'We're like half-bloods and Crows,' said Fury. 'We're born from different cocoons, only the family the same sex of you is related by blood.'

'That's still incest,' said Durie.

'Is not,' said Misericaudia.

'Is so,' said Durie.



They continued arguing until they made it to Iwasaki. Sonya took over and dropped them off in front of their houses. The Black gates kids were dropped off at their school.

It was only the residents of Gum, Batch Corpse, Kai, David, Min and Sonya left on the bus.

'I hope we all get to do this some other time,' Sonya said to them.

'That'd be nice,' said Helena.

'Any of yo guys notice that when Sonya dropped off Denial and that,' Fang said. 'Sparrow and Moon face ain't 'ere.'

Fang was right.

'You don't think someone took them hostage do you?' Min asked.

'Well we gotta find Sparrow,' Fang said. ''e ain't able ta look after himself.'

'But why would they want them?' Atori asked.

Abissus flopped back on a stone pillar. She threw destroyed toys off the edge of it and sighed.

'I'm bored,' she said. 'I'm bored. I'm bored. I'm so bored. There's nothing to do when you're rich and famous is there?'

She stared at her latest playmate. Their body pieces and blood were all over the room.

'I think I change my mind about having sexy boy Arax-Lords as my playmates,' she said. 'They break as easily as Crows. In fact, that's all they are. Alright, seems like I'll have to find someone sexy and turn them into an Arax-Priest. Then they can play with me until I get bored with them.'

Matron walked into the room. 'Abissus,' she called.

Abissus looked down. She vanished from the pillar and was behind of Matron.

'What do you want?' she asked.

Matron turned to her only to have Abissus vanish over to a hedge with severed fingers in it.

'I want to ask you something,' said Matron.

'It'll cost you ufu fufu <3,' she said.

'Did you know only you and oneechan make that noise?' Matron asked. 'You two are the only ones that say fufu and ufu.'

'No we're not!' cried Abissus happily. 'You just said it <3!'

'Do you want me to kill you now or do you want me to tell you what I want?' she snarled losing her temper.

'I'll do whatever it is on one condition.'


'I get to find a sexy guy from the Dragon's Child family <3!' she cried happily.

'Is that all?' Matron demanded.

'Nope,' Abissus replied. 'I want to date Dragon's Child again. I haven't had so much fun in my life until I met her. She flirts in such a passionate way that I can't resist her. I think I have a crush on her ufu fufu <3.'

'I don't understand what happened earlier,' Matron said. 'I think she doesn't remember anything form sixteen years ago to thirty-two years ago for some reason.'

Abissus appeared next to a pool of blood and dipped her fingers into it. 'Not surprised. Mmm, yummy,' she said licking her fingers. 'I'm not surprised. She's lost all of them except a memory that comes to her once every in a nightmare. Now it is time to know what you wanted me to do.'

Matron smiled. 'Well,' she said.

Siesta opened her eyes. She had dried blood all over her dress and petals across her pillow.

She sat up. 'I feel so weird,' she said before seeing the message.

'Oh,' she thought when she finished reading it. 'Well I've never read something that original before. I guess she was in Kira mode when she did the blood transfusion.'

Siesta made the bed and went to the broken fridge to find something to eat then remembered something.

'That's right,' she said. 'When you become an Arax-Priest you can just eat the food you like but get nutrients from drinking blood and you sleep for an hour every day like Wisper-chan. Wait, that means I get the same powers as her too just not at her level which means…'

Getting on her hands and knees, Siesta grew beautiful blood red and snow white butterfly wings out of her back. The wings were twice her height and one wing was twice the size as her.

She climbed out the broken window and started to fly through Mineko.

'Oh this feels so good,' Siesta said laughing. 'I'm so free now I can do whatever I want. Oh thank you Wisper-chan I think I know what to do to return the favour.'

She rested on a skyscraper. 'I'll return your memories so you can remember me and your adopted sibling Gualtuf!' she cried.


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