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The Officer of My Heart

Novel By: Lady Wolf

I have all these fantasies in my head, and if I don't write them down I'm going to burst! This story is written for anyone who loves someone they shouldn't. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Sep 29, 2009    Reads: 173    Comments: 5    Likes: 3   

"I need you." He whispered lacing his fingers with mine. I closed my eyes and breathed in the scent of cinnamon and mint. How I wanted this, there was nothing I wanted more than to feel his body carassed sweetly against mine. I could feel the firm muscles of his arm as he gripped my waist gently. He stands roughly 6'2" so my head rests gently on his shoulder as I gasp lightly, "Anthony." He brought his soft lips down to my ear, "Wake up."

My eyes shot open to my room mate bouncing on my bed, "Yo, wake up sleeping beauty." I curl up in my army green sleeping bag, hiding from her voice in a desperate attempt to go back to the lovely dream. "Are you awake yet?" I let out a negative groan as she pulls off my blanket. Cringing, I hit her with the pillow, "Ok, ok! I'm up already!" She smiles a victorious grin and ruffles my hair that's sticking up in odd places, "What were you dreaming hun?" She askes, Texan accent thick. I sit up and reach for the brush on my night stand. A flash back of the amazing dream makes me smile as I shake my head, "Oh, nothing important." Lyn walks over and flips off her lap top, "Uh huh, then why were you saying the LT's name over and over again?"

I freeze. What could I say? How could I justify that the man I was dreaming about, the one that I've wanted since I first saw him in the desert, was my lieutenant? I'm proudly enlisted in the Air Force, spending my time in the sand box like so many of my brothers and sisters before me. There are so many rules in the military that I have no problem following, except one. One tiny, little article 134 that states enlisted personnel will not fratinize with officers. I didn't have any difficulty following that rule until three months ago.

"Well? What were you dreaming about?" She asks again as I stretch, "Nothing. I was dreaming that I was at work and trying to get his attention." This seemed to satisfy her as we laced up our boots and headed out the door. Lyn has been my room mate and best friend since home station, back in Janurary. We tell each other every thing, except this, I think even Lyn would be upset if she knew how I felt. Being with an officer can get both people kicked out of the military with a dishonorable discharge. I wouldn't be able to get a job anywhere, my career would be over, and he would most likely go to jail because of it. All of this was the reason why I could never say how I felt.

"See you after work sweetie pie, I'm going on a mission today." I waved as she loaded her gun onto a truck. I worked back office, while Lynis normally outside the wire. I used to go with them all the time until I got a back office job. My team and I had some of the best times of my life out there. Missions are scary, but they bring you so much closer to the people around youand they make you appriceate life all the more. I'm worried about her, but I know that our team leader will bring her back safe. He always does.

"Ok, be safe! I'll see you in a few days." I wave as my team leader pops his head out the back of the truck, "Wish you were coming Hoskins. It's not as fun without you." I smile as he strokes his leathery hand down my cheek, "We'll be back soon, be good ok?" That really wasn't very appropriate, but no one cared. Sergeant Shawn was like a father to all of us, he loved and protected everyone. Besides, most of my team had a habit of touching my face, or petting my hair. I was a daughter or a little sister to all of them. Being the youngest person on the team, it seemed like everyone had some level of protection over me.

"Yikes, I'm going to be late." I thought as I waved one last good-bye before entering my office. The two large flags snapped in the desert wind as the orange sun began to peek over the sandy cliffs. It was already 98 degrees outside, the normal start of another hot day. Pushing my way through the double doors, I'm greeted by the sound of typing and several voice mixing together in the symphony of white noise. It was always busy in the office and keeping up alone is a task. I love it! I love the stress, I love going to my desk, responding to emails and working on the reports left in a beautiful pile on my computer.

"Morning Hoskins!" Master Sergeant Jenkins comes over to my corner. He's an exceptionally kind man, but also an extremely busy one. I was hired as his assistant in an attempt to soothe some of the stress he has to endure. I respond with the typical greeting as he starts to give me the various projects of the day. It's not until the door opens that the world stops. He stands there, hat in hand, "Morning everyone." He yawns as he passes by me. The wave of cinnamon and mint, mixed with desert wind brushes by and the memories of last night's dream flash through my mind.

"Good morning Hoskins." He says perching on my desk for a moment. I look up at him and smile shyly as his chocolate eyes search my face. Does he know what he does to me? He must know. My heart is beating so loud, I'm positive everyone can hear it. My blue eyes flicker up to catch his as I smile, "Good morning sir. How are you today?" He closes those eyes and sighs, "Neck deep in reports. I swear, the world falls apart when I'm gone for a day." I smile, he hates reports. Thank God I had finished them last night. I wait expectantly as he flips through the files on his desk,

"What the heck? Where are my reports?!" He searches his desk frantically for them as I clear my throat and lift up a folder, "These reports?" He walks over and looks at the work that took me three hours to complete the night before. The smile that spreads across his face lifts my spirit as he looks at me amazed, "You finished all of these? By yourself? That must have taken you hours." I shrug and blush, "It wasn't hard, and you have a lot to do as it is. I just wanted to help a little." He puts down the folder and smiles, "You're amazing Amn Hoskins. I'd be lost without you."

He looks at me again with those eyes that resemble melted chocolate. It's in this time that everything has gone quiet; the noise of the office has disappeared and all that's left is the silence that almost feels like an embrace between the two of us. It's only a few seconds before he catches himself staring at me and he snaps out of it, "Well, thank you. I owe you one." He turns to walk to his desk as I retreat to the ladies room. Panting slightly, I splash some water on my face and look into the mirror,

"We're in trouble Summer." I say to the girl in the mirror. She has two drops of water hanging off her cheeks and her blue eyes are shining from excitment. Taking a breath, I return to the office and work on the colonel's presentation for this afternoon.


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